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5 Things Every Moving Company's Website Needs

Moving. Everybody does it. Our society would look vastly different today if our ancestors didn’t have nomadic instincts. Humans have traveled to every corner of the world in search of something better, something new.

Even though we have touched every part of the globe, we still move from place to place in hopes of finding a better living situation. As long as modern society stays true, people from all around the world will move for jobs, school, and a myriad of other reasons.

Not many people like to leave precious belongings and furniture behind but, over time, they will likely accumulate a hefty amount of personal belongings staying at one place for too long. Moving one entire home can be a large project, and that’s where you come in.

Your moving company is the best in your area. Your commitment to customer service is a step above the rest, and your efficiency and speed are second to none. However, do you find your business not as busy as you would like to see? The problem doesn’t lie within your service but on your website.

If your website isn’t up to par with other moving company websites in your area, you could be missing out on a ton of leads.

To grow sales in this ever-growing digital age, a regular website won’t cut it – you need your website optimized and clean to garner a consistent uptick in traffic. This may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you acquire the knowledge to get the ball rolling, you will start to see results soon enough.

Here are five ways to help your website work for you!

1. Distinctive Web Design

First impressions are detrimental to a healthy relationship between your company, the consumers, and Google’s algorithm. First impressions can also happen as fast as they are important.

It takes the average internet surfer 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website. When a website isn’t aesthetically appealing or functional, 40% of users will stop engaging almost right away.

With so little to make a good first impression on your website, web design plays a pivotal role. To impress your customers and build a healthy relationship with Google’s algorithm, web design is the first step to success.

Here are some successful elements of great web design:

  • Unique Composition: When choosing a website template, you should consider an original and creative layout to stand above other moving company websites!
  • Reactive & Flexible: When a website is professionally designed, it will work well on all platforms and devices, especially mobile devices.
  • Conversion Optimized: The main goal of your website is to encourage engagement with its visitor and compel them to reach out for your service.
  • Certifications & Credentials: When you have credentials, like a five-star Google review average or an A+ standing with the BBB, make sure it’s visible on your web pages!
  • Cohesive Branding: To set your moving company above the rest, you must brand yourself accordingly. Distinguish your logo, mission statement, and overall tone from the competition!

Implementing these elements will help your website gain traffic and keep readers locked in on your content!

2. Engaging Content

Content is everywhere we look nowadays. You can search the internet and find content on just about any subject, topic, or product imaginable. With the world’s content at everybody’s fingertips, your website can cash in on content’s marketing advantages.

When you have genuine content on your moving company’s website, it will let customers see into your industry while telling the Google algorithms that your service is trustworthy and dependable.

What makes engaging content though? Let’s find out!

Conversational Tone

You want your content to mimic a real-life conversation. Content that is enriching, engaging, and neighborly will immediately gain trust with readers as teaching them something will let them grow respect for your craft.

Define & Persuade Your Demographics

Unfortunately, you can just define your demographics from ages 0-100. Narrow down what demographic best suits your business and tailor content to them!

Visually Accessible Layout

Large paragraph blocks and industry jargon can turn the average homeowner or renter away. Make your content both engaging and easily digestible.

Calls to Action

Unique value propositions outline what your company does and how well you do it. Showing your selling points clearly on your website will remind customers that your service is second to none.

Calls to action (CTAs) are a way to give a potential customer that final push to enlist your services. Include CTAs wherever you can in your content!

3. SEO Web Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the key contributors in the digital marketing realm. Implement an SEO strategy by optimizing your content to perform better and rank higher with Google’s algorithm. Doing so will have you dominating the first page of Google for searches like “moving companies near me.”

Here are some ways to start growing your SEO:

  • Keyword Research & optimization
  • Headings (H Tags)
  • Link Building
  • Meta Description & Title Tags
  • Local Optimization
  • Directory & Review Management

SEO doesn’t show results overnight but, once it does, you will be dominating the first page of Google for years to come.

4. Reviews & Testimonials

Word of mouth is the most powerful and long-lasting method of marketing for thousands of years. Nothing says superior service like a satisfied customer.

User generated content, like reviews and testimonials, will leave some of your marketing success in the hands of previous customers. Positive reviews will show a potential customer that your moving company won’t disappoint. It will also show Google’s algorithm that your quality customer service is legitimate.

When a customer is satisfied with your service, encourage them to leave a review on your website!

5. Professional Video & Photography

The internet and its users crave original content, especially video and photography. When you utilize professionally made videos about your work and your industry, this flashes a proverbial thumbs up to Google’s algorithm that your service is unmatched.

The same goes for original photos. Photos taken of your quality moving service will give potential customers a window to see you at work, which will assure they’re making the right decision in choosing your moving company!

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