4 SEO Tips for Moving Companies to Outrank Competitors


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SEO Tips for Home Moving Companies

Success! You’ve finally launched a website for your moving company! You’ve been helping people move their furniture and things from home to home professionally for years, and now you’re ready to make it in the big leagues with local and national moving companies. You have everything you need to get the ball rolling, except for one thing: Your website isn’t Optimized for Search Engines.

Now more than ever, the internet has just about all the information we could possibly need. Since Google came into existence over 20 years ago, it has grown alongside the internet to create an endless highway of information and content.

Almost everyone Googles something at least a couple of times a day, as the search engine receives over 13 billion search inquiries per day. Within this great number of inquiries, a heavy handful is for goods and services. This means to truly catch customers in need of moving assistance online, you must implement digital marketing.

Digital marketing is necessary to rank in search results for moving services. This necessity is unfortunately piggy-backed by its rigid competitiveness. Most Google searchers are not settling in for an hours-long research session – they need solutions right now.

In fact, 75% of all Google users never venture past the first page of results, while only 55% of all users don’t even bother clicking past the third link. So cultivating a successful digital marketing strategy plays a large role in the number of leads you gain from online searches.

The way of cultivating this success is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Although SEO won’t land you a booked schedule overnight, once you grow the relationship between your website and the Google algorithm and maintain it, your service book will start to fill up – and stay full!

The first step of implementing SEO is knowing the facets of the practice and how to implement them. Here are four SEO tips for your moving company to outrank the competition!

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Without mobile devices, these giants known as the internet and Google wouldn’t be as dominant as they are today; 60% of all internet searches are now conducted through a mobile device. This number will only increase and is expected to reach 70% by the year 2025.

With the ever-growing access and possession of mobile devices in our world, your moving company’s website should accommodate. Making your website mobile friendly will pay off right away while sustaining that net positive for the future.

Start by compressing the photos on your website. Doing so will help mobile devices free up space to load your website quicker and more efficiently. Next, levy your cache and consider using accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

These steps will produce immediate results for anyone that learns about your business through their mobile device!

Location Is Essential

One of the biggest components that pertain to the relationship between you and the Google algorithm is local search engine optimization. Optimizing your local search presence is rather simple and quick while being a highly effective tool for growing SEO.

46% of all Google searches are of local intent, meaning almost half of all Google searches are to find a location or service in their area, so this practice is vital in obtaining local leads.

The first step in this process is setting up a GMB or “Google My Business” account. The good news is this account is free to set up, and one might already exist for your business! All you have to do is verify that you are the owner of the business.

Once verified you will be able to optimize your listing. You can start by adding photos of your business and your services. Next, you will want to add your service hours, main address, and overall service areas. Finally, add links to your website to link the reader directly to your services and contact information.

Verifying and setting up your GMB account will play a huge role in ranking highly on relevant searches and keeping you there.

Link Building

Link building is a common practice to promote SEO growth. Linking out to your service pages and other content on the internet adds to the web of reliability the internet sometimes offers.

External links are any web pages outside of your website. Let’s say you write a blog on “10 Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Hiring.” If you find sources to back up the reasons why you chose these 10 questions, linking out to them will add to your credibility with the Google algorithm.

Common external links include infographics, case studies, and blogs. It is important to note that you should never link out to competitors as this will surely drive business to them.

Internal are links in your content that double back to your website and its subsequent services. These internal links are like exit ramps for each part of your website, keeping the reader there for longer. The longer someone stays on your website, the better chance they will contact you for service!


Last but not least, let’s talk about keywords! The cornerstone of every business, keywords are sometimes the only thing you retain from an advertisement. If you think about it, radio and television ads almost seem to go in one ear and out the other, except for those keywords.

Keywords essentially amplify what your business is and what kind of experience you provide. Think about what makes your service reliable, but different. What do you offer to potential customers that they will need for a successful move? More importantly, what does your business offer that other moving companies don’t?

Sorting out what keywords best describes your business will help potential and current customers know why your moving company is the best option around. Moreover, utilization of these keywords consistently will help forge a relationship between your website and Google’s algorithm.

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