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How Your Moving Company Can Target Customers Seasonally

Your business is doing good, but it can always be doing better. Being the head of a moving company, you know your peak work season is from late spring through fall. During that time, it’s hard for you to schedule new customers. This is a great problem to have, but the inverse isn’t so welcome.

When your business begins to slow down, it can generate a great amount of worry. Your moving trucks are just sitting outside the shop collecting dust, losing money by the minute. If this may be the outlook for the upcoming slow season, you will want to take a detailed look at your marketing strategy.

You may have the most reliable moving company around, but that doesn’t mean you will generate the business you deserve. To ensure maximum exposure and sales consistently through all seasons, you need to turn to the internet in this day and age.

And when it comes to selling your business online, a Digital Marketing for Moving Companies strategy is the proper game plan!

If your moving company doesn’t show up on relevant internet searches like “moving services near me,” you could be missing out on a great deal of business. More and more people are buying and selling houses these days, which means moving companies are in demand. So much so that the industry is expected to see a 3% growth in the next decade.

The opportunities are there, but to take advantage, you must know when and how to target customers to generate an uptick in sales.

Here’s how to do it!

GMB Optimization

For over 20 years, Google has become a household name. When you think of the internet, the name Google follows closely behind it. It’s to no one’s surprise that the Oxford dictionary added the word “Google” as a verb in 2006. By the early 2010s, Google has become the world’s most powerful and reliable search engine. To this day, Google shows no signs of slowing down its dominance.

Google receives over 13 billion searches a day, while almost half of those are intended to find more information on a local business. With over 7 billion searches for a local business every day around the world, your moving company should consider taking advantage of the services Google has to offer.

A Google My Business account is a free account for businesses to set up. A GMB account establishes a legitimate relationship between your company’s website and Google’s algorithm. Furthermore, a GMB account may already be set up for your moving company – all you have to do is verify!

Once verified, it’s time to optimize your account! To start this process, add photos of your moving company's services. Images are a great way to show potential customers that no house is too big to move. Next, add your business’ address and service areas so potential customers know that you service their area. After that, you will want to add your service hours to your account.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure to backlink to your original website and clearly provide your contact information!

Now, let’s say your business had a very busy summer, but you’re worried about what the winter months may bring. By taking some of that extra cash and investing in Google Ads, you may worry less about drumming up business in the winter months!

These Paid Ads work by helping your website appear on searches not directly related to moving services. For instance, when someone asks Google about the most popular places people are moving to in 2021, your moving company may appear as an ad if your city is on that list!

Investing in paid ads like this is low risk as they are pay-per-click ads. This means if the ad does well, you’ll pay more for it. However, that just means the ad is doing its job and generating plenty of business. If it doesn’t do as well as expected, though, you won’t have to pay an inflated price for it!

Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Your GMB account is set up and working to help your website establish relevant search dominance. Now it’s time to search for clients yourself! Anybody that visits your website, even if they didn’t request service, is probably considering hiring a moving company soon. To keep these potential customers thinking about your service, you must implement a retargeting ad campaign!

These campaigns are an effective way to continuously promote your business through the seasons. A retargeting ad campaign uses a tracking code on your website and picks up information on any visitor. This allows those visitors to see your retargeted ads when they scroll through Facebook or Google.

Retargeting ad campaigns are a subtle way to promote your business to customers who may be moving soon and need your assistance.

Here’s how to get maximum efficiency for your retargeting ad campaign:

  • Eye-catching headlines to draw readers in
  • Persuasive calls to action (CTA)
  • Consistent content that is enriching, engaging, and knowledgeable
  • Personalized ads on specific goods or service

Email Marketing Campaign

You may generate some leads from retargeting ad campaigns, but there’s another way to target potential customers year-round. Email marketing campaigns are a way to create a solid clientele list with emails.

The first thing you want to do is compile a list of emails from previous, current, and potential customers alike. After you have to build up a solid list of emails, it’s time to produce advertisement content.

Here are some components of an effective email marketing campaign:

  • Collect emails through Facebook or Google ads
  • Require email signatures for estimate requests
  • Offer incentives for subscribers to share newsletters and email ads
  • Offer special deals only through email
  • Promote email sign-ups through social media

Implement an Effective Call to Action

Everything is in place to target customers during any season, except one thing: your call to action! You can gain the trust of a customer, but that may do little in convincing them to request service. Encouraging a customer to contact you will surely drive up the number of people who do!

Here’s how to produce efficient calls to action:

  • Implement a mobile-friendly web design
  • Keep your unique value propositions visible on your website
  • Make your contact information readily accessible
  • Clear and compelling CTAs

Target Your Clientele Base Successfully With Triton

When you need assistance targeting customers and growing sales during the slow season, call on Triton Commerce! We are passionate about helping moving companies like yours with website design and SEO strategies.

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