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Do Moving Companies Need SEO?

As a moving company, you wouldn't leave half of your client's valuables in their old home. No customer is going to pay you to do half of your job.

So, why are you still settling for having half of a successful digital marketing strategy?

It's 2023 and having professional Search Engine Optimization is a must-have for your business's future. If you're like most business owners, you've heard the term search engine optimization, or SEO, before. However, maybe you're not too sure what this digital marketing tactic includes and it's causing you to hesitate to invest in it.

The sad truth is that this hesitation is allowing you to lose an abundance of potential new clients. A well-formulated SEO strategy can provide many advantages for your moving company. These include:

  • More quality leads from organic search results
  • Higher rate of lead conversion
  • Enhanced website rankings in search results
  • Great long-term ROI
  • Instant brand awareness and industry credibility

The simple truth is that search engine optimization strategies work to get your moving company's website to the first page of Google search results for terms related to professional moving services. Users searching for "moving company near me" or "professional moving" can easily be connected with your business's website when you employ this much-needed digital marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, the longer you hesitate to hire a professional to employ these strategies, the longer your competitors are growing their businesses with the Google leads that you should be getting. It's time to rise above your competitors' rankings before they run you out of business.

Top Of Results Page = The Most Qualified Leads

When you think about the type of lead that provides the most quality to your business, it's the customer who is ready to hire a moving company. While people who are thinking about moving may turn into clients later on, they're not as good of a lead.

You want hot leads, and having a top position in the search results will give them to you!

Whenever Google users are searching for a moving company in your area, you want your business's website to be the first thing that they see. Searches like "top moving company in [your town]" and "movers near me" are money in the bank when you can be the first company to connect with these searchers.

Many business owners do not realize the significance of being in that top position for various Google searches related to their industry. However, once you reach for the statistics below, it becomes overly clear just how vital it is to have that top spot.

  • More than 99 percent of Google users don’t look past the first page
  • The average click-thru rate for the top result is 31 percent
  • Moving up one spot in the search engine results translates to an average of over a 30 percent increase in your click-thru rate

The most alarming statistic of the three is the fact that almost all searchers won't connect with your business if it's not on that first page of the Google search results. If your business's website is currently not on the first page, it can be heart-wrenching to think of all the hot leads that you're letting your competitors have.

Quality Leads That Convert

One of the biggest struggles that any business owner has is converting the leads that they get into clients. There's nothing worse than investing in marketing strategies to bring in new leads and having none of those leads convert into customers. It can feel like you're bashing your head against the wall trying to find a way to actively bring in more customers for your moving company.

Fortunately, being at the top of the search engine results can provide you with a constant stream of hot leads that will convert into clients for your moving services. When people are searching for terms related to movers, they're typically ready to hire a moving company to do the job!

When you can get your business right in front of those people who are actively searching for the moving services that you offer, you're more likely to convert those website visitors into customers. Finally, you'll have a consistent way to bring in qualified leads to your business that you can rely well into the future.

Higher Rankings With Enhanced User Experience

Getting searchers from Google to your moving company’s website is only half of the battle. Having a site that is specifically designed for an optimal user experience is the key to converting all those leads into new clients for your business.

There are many different aspects of your website that can alter your user's experience. Some of these include the navigation setup, the load times, the quality of your content, and the general functionality of your entire site. You want to be able to create an environment that retains visitors' attention and ultimately steers them into contacting your business to hire your moving services.

Fortunately, search engines like Google are also concerned with users' experiences with your website. When searchers come to their search engine, they expect to be provided with high-quality search results that meet what they were looking for. When searchers can be connected with quality websites that have great user experiences, they continue to come back to Google for all their searches.

However, if the user is provided with organic search results that do not provide a great user experience, users are not likely to reuse that same search engine. Rather, they'll move on to using another search engine. For this reason, it is imperative that search engines like Google only rank websites with a great user experience high up in their search engine results.

Unbeatable Long-Term ROI

A great benefit of investing in search engine optimization tactics is that all of your investments continue to compound into greater growth in the future. Not only will you get to enjoy the results right now, but you also get to enjoy having more quality leads coming into your business well into the future.

One of the best aspects of inbound marketing strategies is that you actually get to see how many new customers different strategies are bringing in. In fact, you're capable of seeing real-time analytics regarding your website interactions on performance reports.

You'll be able to see where leads are coming to your website from. You'll even get to see the specific search terms from the search engines that are coming in. This could allow you to enhance your efforts and bring in more customers for those particular services related to those terms.

There's nothing worse than investing money in traditional marketing and advertising and not really being able to pinpoint how much it's affecting your business. For example, you could put out a TV ad about your moving services but it’ll be next to impossible to get an exact number of how many customers are coming in from that commercial.

Inbound marketing tactics allow you to see down to the nitty-gritty of what is bringing in new customers and what isn't. This allows you to make more informed decisions about where to invest your marketing budget to continue to grow your moving business.

Instant Brand Awareness And Credibility

Traditionally, you had to spend a great deal of time building up your brand awareness and establishing your credibility as a leader in your industry. Now, with online search engine results, you can gain instant brand awareness and credibility for your moving company.

Many Google searchers perceive a high ranking in the search results as an indication that your business is quality, credible, and knowledgeable in your industry. Conversely, businesses that show up at the bottom of the first page of results are not perceived as trustworthy as those at the top of page results.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies to get up to that top page of search results is a necessity to create that trust in potential customers. Essentially, the higher your website ranking, the more reputable you are to the searcher.

Unique SEO Solutions For Your Moving Company

In 2022 you can no longer sit by and contemplate whether or not you want to invest in search engine optimization tactics. You need to act fast to get your business's website to the top of the search engine results page for the terms related to moving in your area.

Every day that you wait to invest in these types of services, you're allowing your competitors to grow their businesses with hot leads from the search engines. So quit letting your rivals thrive while you try to survive.

Triton Commerce has the knowledge, experience, team, and resources to provide your business with unique search engine optimized strategies to enhance your online presence and website ranking. Simply get in touch with us today to receive a free copy of our Digital Marketing Plan that will teach you all about the strategies that we guarantee will provide you with top-page results.

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