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Does Your Moving Company Need Social Media?

While at first, social media marketing may not seem to make sense for your moving company to invest in, you need to think again. Currently, there are billions of people using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

Not only are these users connecting with others on the social media sites, but they're also researching potential businesses that they need services from. One study revealed that 54% of users of social media sites actually research the services and products on social media sites before making their purchase.

If you don't have your business active on these social media sites, the people using them are never going to know about your moving company. You're completely going to discount yourself right from the start, and they're going to go to your competitors who are active on these social media sites.

It has become more important than ever before for all businesses to utilize Social Media Marketing to connect with prospective clients who are looking for their products and services. Having an effective social media management plan can help to:

  • Grow and engage your online following
  • Manage and monitor your online reputation
  • Bring more traffic to your moving company's website
  • Enhance your brand awareness and become more searchable online

Still not sure that social media sites are the right investment for your moving company today? Continue reading to learn about all the benefits that your business can gain from this type of marketing investment.

Spreading Brand Awareness

When you think about all the people in your target area that utilize social media on a regular basis, it can be astonishing to think that half of those people may be able to connect with your business via these platforms. Growing your brand awareness is an absolute necessity so that these customers know about the moving services that you offer.

We know that the moving industry can be a very competitive one. Having the ability to stand out against your industry competitors is a necessity to establish credibility for your business on a virtual level. However, how do you create a great reputation online?

The simple answer is that social media sites provide the perfect opportunity for your brand to establish its online reputation to set itself apart from competitors in your industry. When you stay up-to-date and active on your social profiles, you can work to expand your brand awareness by:

  • Engaging with clients via direct messaging, feedback, reviews, etc.
  • Curating content that you share with your followers and more
  • Establishing your company to be more searchable and rank higher in the organic search engine results
  • Communicating with customers on a more personal level by instantly responding to questions and comments

Generally, the more consistent and active you are with your social media profiles, the more people you'll get to be interested, aware, and engaged with your company.

Targeting Your Customer Base

One amazing benefit that you may not be aware of that social media sites offer is the ability to target a specific customer base. Many of these social media sites have direct analytics that can provide you with insight into what your consumers need and expect of your business. With advanced and specific targeting options, you can focus your advertising efforts on specific locations, interests, demographics, and other characteristics of users.

Paid Social Advertising

The ability of social media sites to get more customers to your moving company's website goes beyond just regular posting and updating your contact info. Rather, social paid advertising is a great way to inform social media users about the services that your business offers.

Think about this for a moment. You can specifically target customers in your area with ads the second that they login to their social media sites. The more advertisements that they see for your business, the more your business is going to become ingrained in her minds and connected with moving. Whenever they need services for moving, they're most likely going to think of your brand first because they've been exposed to it so much.

When you really understand the features of what these social sites have to offer your business, you can easily increase your click-through rate tremendously. In fact, it's extremely exciting to think about the countless activities that your business can have when it comes to employing social media marketing campaigns.

These paid ads can do wonders for your social media profiles by:

  • Reconnecting with your past website and social profile visitors
  • Boosting your website traffic and conversion rates
  • Expanding information about your promotions and exclusive deals
  • Growing your online presence and followers list

When you're able to specifically target the people you want to, you can generate leads for your business very quickly.

Online Review Capabilities

It's a general rule of thumb these days that having online reviews for your business is a necessity to create credibility and rank higher in the search engines. With special digital marketing strategies like social media marketing, you can work to get more reviews for your business.

One very convenient feature of social media sites is that they allow you to send requests for people to review your business. As soon as you're finished with the service, you can send a request for your customers to provide feedback in the form of online reviews for your company.

Networking Professionally

Growing a successful business requires you to be able to network on a professional level. The more companies in your area that know about your services and enjoy them can translate to more recommendations for your business.

For example, LinkedIn offers the ability for other businesses in your area to become your reference. Whenever any business is looking for moving services, they can check LinkedIn to see what moving companies have references from other companies in the area. When you have multiple references from other businesses in your area, your business has more credibility than others and is more likely to get the job.

Managing Your Online Reputation

You know that your business is trustworthy. However, it's necessary to be able to prove that fact to prospective clients. Unfortunately, many of them judge your business based on the online reviews that you have. If you have a negative online review, that bad publicity can actually destroy your reputation and send those prospects to other companies.

With Social Media Marketing, you can easily manage your online reputation so that you can:

  • Settle customer complaints quickly
  • Leverage all the positive reviews that you receive
  • Quickly respond to both positive and negative reviews
  • Utilize real-time social listening tools to know what people are saying about your business

While you may not judge other businesses based solely on their online reviews, that doesn't mean that prospective customers don't. You need to do everything possible to ensure that your online reputation is a credible one so that you can bring in as many prospective clients as possible.

Social Media Solutions For Your Moving Business

You've likely learned the importance of social media marketing. However, if you're not overly familiar with these social sites, it can be very intimidating to think about how you're going to establish using them to enhance your customer base. That's where we can help!

Triton Commerce is highly experienced in providing social media management services for small businesses. We'll help to expand your online presence and get more leads coming into your moving company on a regular basis. Simply contact us today if you want to start dominating your market!

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