How to Optimize Your Outdoor Service Company’s Website for Voice Search

How to Optimize Your Outdoor Service Company’s Website for Voice Search

Every day, voice search is becoming more and more popular. Read on to learn how to optimize your outdoor services website so it can be found in voice searches.

As technology and at-your-fingertip convenience continues to advance, more consumers than ever are using voice search technology to find what they are looking for, as opposed to typing a search into their phone or computer. These days, consumers are always on the move -- whether they are in a car, walking between work meetings, or dropping the kids off at school -- which is one of the main reasons many people take advantage of hands-free searching.

Depending on the settings of your smartphone or other device, activating the search function is as easy as saying a simple phrase, such as “Hey, Siri,” or “Okay, Google,”. Regardless of when or how you choose to use the voice search function, the reality is that it’s a convenient, safe, growing way for people constantly on the go to search for what they need at that moment.

However, voice search presents new challenges for companies who want their products or services to be easy to find online. If you want your outdoor service company to show up when someone does a voice search, you’ll need to start with optimizing your website’s SEO. By setting up your website so it’s compatible with a variety of different searching techniques, you’ll have a better chance of ranking among the top sites in various search engines and attracting traffic to your site.

1 Stats on Voice Searches

In the last few years, voice searches have skyrocketed. Introduced close to a decade ago, voice search started off slowly and took a few years to become a popular way to search for products and services. For awhile, it was just a fun way to ask the internet silly questions and see what it would say in response. But a few years ago, a study predicted that by 2020, almost one-third of all web searches would be voice searches. Another recent study shows that this prediction from the 2017 study has almost come true, just a few months into 2020.

One big reason? People aren’t using only their smartphones or computers for voice searches. They’re also using smart speakers, like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. One of many reasons consumers prefer using their smart speakers to search is because they’re less likely to get distracted by ads or sites that pop up. According to a recent study, more than 66 million Americans – over a quarter of the population – own smart speakers. Many use their speakers to listen to music, entertain, and order products conveniently without having to manually type on a screen.

If your outdoor services company or products rank among the top searches performed each day, voice search would absolutely be more likely to bring relevant traffic to your website, which can increase your business!

2 Directory Listings

Directory listings are critical to establishing your outdoor services company as a reputable and trust-worthy business in your market. While each directory has different criteria that determines whether your business can be listed on their site and for how long, there are a few directories that are well-known and will help establish you as a leading outdoor services provider. These directory listings include:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • These directories are known for helping small businesses get their names out to potential customers. Sometimes, directory listings can appear ahead of any of your web pages in both voice and traditional searches, so it’s important to have your business established on one or more of the directories listed above. To learn more about how directories can help your outdoor services company in voice searches, contact Triton Commerce today.

3 Online Reviews

Just as with traditional search engines, online reviews matter a lot when it comes to voice search. When a potential customer voice searches for your outdoor services company, chances are they’ll dive into what other customers had to say about your products and services. Studies show that up to 88% of consumers trust what others say in online reviews. If your outdoor services company has a plethora of poor reviews, potential customers could be deterred from visiting your site or doing business with you.

Even though, if poorly managed, online reviews can hurt your business you still should encourage customers to write them. Not only can reviews help establish you as a reputable outdoor service company in your area, they also help make your website readily available for customers to find, whether they’re using voice search or traditional search methods. By encouraging reviews and responding to those reviews left by your customers, you’ll establish your outdoor services company as experienced and credible.

4 Mobile-Friendly Site

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have a website; your outdoor service company’s site also has to be mobile-friendly. If not, it could look unfinished and confusing to anyone who tries to access it from their smartphone. Additionally, Google now ranks sites based not only on SEO, but also on whether or not they are responsive.

With a responsive website, the site adjusts to the user’s screen size, whether they’re using a phone, tablet, or computer. This allows potential customers to navigate your site easily, discover the outdoor products and services your business offers, and much more. To learn more about how a mobile-friendly site can help you rank on Google and attract customers, Contact Triton Commerce today.

5 Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are one of the most important things to consider when optimizing your outdoor services company’s website for voice search. People everywhere speak differently than they type, which means you’ll need to optimize your keywords in ways you never have before.

When you type a phrase, it’s typically in shorthand, as opposed to how you might speak in full sentences. By taking advantage of long-tail keywords, you can rank in searches that many others don’t, which will often put you ahead of the competition. By using more natural language instead of cut and dry keywords, your results can improve.

For instance, if a potential customer were to type “outdoor services company near me,” a plethora of outdoor services companies in the area would appear. However, if a customer is looking for an outdoor services company that provides a specific type of outdoor service and they voice search it by saying, “find me landscaping companies that are closest to my neighborhood in Apple Valley,” different search results will appear. By including long-tail keywords in the content of your website, in addition to short-tail keywords, you’ll appear in a variety of different searches. This can help bring in more traffic, increase your online conversion rate, and help you stay above your competition.

6 Google Local Services Ads

If you own an outdoor services business in the Twin Cities area, chances are you’re having a hard time getting your website to rank amongst the bigger, more well-known companies that offer similar products and services. Google local service ads could be a perfect solution for you!

Google local service ads allow you to appear higher in search results at no cost to your business until you get a lead. Plus, just one conversion and sale is typically enough to offset the cost of the ad. With your website optimized for both voice and traditional search, your Google local services ads will push your company’s listings above companies with bigger budgets for paid advertising, driving in more online traffic.

If you need help with digital marketing and optimizing your website for voice searches, contact Triton Commerce today! We’re happy to help create a custom strategy that fits your needs and your budget.

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