How Landscaping Companies Can Target Customers Seasonally


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How Landscapers Can Target Seasonal Customers

Many people underestimate the amount of business landscaping can bring in. But every summer, we all seem so surprised by the lovely lawns and parks landscapers work hard to spruce up.

The landscaping industry employs over 1 million workers while having a market size of $105 billion. Wherever your landscaping company is in the United States, you’ll be sure to find work out there.

But will it find you?

To generate any sort of business these days, a company must adhere to the internet’s all mighty and powerful grasp. If your landscaping company doesn’t appear on a search that reads, “landscaping services near me,” you could be hurting for business sooner than you think.

Not appearing on a local and relevant search about landscaping services can hurt your business, but there’s a way to combat this. A Digital Marketing strategy can be implemented on your company’s website for the purpose of accumulating traffic and growing your sales.

There are many ways for your business to rank at the top of Google’s relevant searches, but today we’re going to be looking at some tactics to target customers at the right time of year for your business.

Here’s how your landscaping company can target customers seasonally.

Retargeting Customers

During the winter months, most people almost completely forget about their once beautiful lawn as it is buried in a pile of frozen snow. Once the earth begins to thaw, though, they’ll be taking an aesthetic inventory around their property.

When they start thinking about the status of your yard is when your company should pop up right in their head without warning. This is done by a retargeting ad campaign.

These campaigns help you keep in the loop with previous customers and customers who may have backed out at the last minute. Having the right tracking codes on your website can help your ad appear on relevant searches through Google or Facebook.

Here are some key elements to have for your email marketing campaign:

  • Creative, helpful, and resourceful content with a call-to-action at the end
  • Personalized advertisements for certain products or local residents
  • Eye-catching titles and headlines to attract readers to your content
  • The use of multiple calls-to-action

The more you target and retarget previous and almost-customers with an optimized retargeting campaign, the more leads you will generate without coming off aggressive.

Email Marketing and Relating With Customers

You can probably name a time where you’ve opened your email to see an ad sitting right there at the top. You probably became annoyed by this pseudo-spam advertisement. On the flip side, you’ve more than likely opened up your email to see one from a company selling a product or service and thought, “You know, I actually need this right now, and it’s on sale!”

Email marketing campaigns are a great way for your landscaping company to keep in contact with previous customers. At the same time, these campaigns are great for anyone that hasn’t had your service but is thinking about it in the near future.

Your email database starts with your initial clients! Compile a list of clients you’ve serviced in the past, as this will become the base of operations for your campaign.

Here’s how to build upon your email list:

  • Promote email sign up through your social media accounts
  • Offer exclusive deals through emails
  • Collect addresses through Facebook or Google ads
  • Encourage subscribers to share your email ads
  • Add an email newsletter to your website
  • Require an email when a potential customer fills out a “contact us” form

Once you have accumulated a solid amount of emails for your database, you can implement target emails at certain times of the year. For instance, it’s almost the end of the bitter cold winter for your town, and it will start to thaw out. Residents will see a brown and messy yard, wanting desperately to clean it up.

Your email campaign circulating as the snow begins to recede may be timely in your favor as people will surely request a landscaping service soon!

GMB Optimization

To successfully target customers seasonally – and year-round for that matter – your landscaping business should seriously consider setting up and optimizing a Google My Business account. GMB accounts are free for businesses to set up.

Furthermore, a GMB account may already exist for your business – all you have to do is verify it! Once verified, you’ll gain access to the account for optimization.

To optimize, start by adding images of your service to the account. Images convey a message that text sometimes can not. Next, you will want to link your original website to your GMB account, creating a highway directly to your services.

Next, add important details like your service hours, location, and contact information. Completing these steps can help you significantly increase the traffic to your websites.

If you have a little extra cash to spend, it may be a good idea to invest in Paid Ads! Google ads will help you rank on searches not directly related to landscaping, which helps greatly in overall online presence.

Google paid ads are on a pay-per-click basis. This means that the success of the advertisement will be equal to what you pay. So if the ad does great and scores you clients, you’ll have to pay more, but if it doesn’t, you won’t have to pay an inflated price!

Implement a Call to Action for Your Customers

The hard truth is: some customers simply won’t reach out and contact your service if you don’t tell them to. A call to action is found on almost every piece of advertisement you can find.

CTAs are there to strongly suggest an action. If a reader doesn’t take action, then they will just be a reader and never a customer.

The encouragement of CTAs will show in its effectiveness as readers who read your content may be compelled to try your service.

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