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Lead Generation Strategies for Landscapers

Your truck, customized with your logo on the side, is loaded with your landscape equipment and ready for your team of expert outdoor architects to hop in and spread the news that no company in the area takes as much pride in their landscaping services as you. Now you just need a few leads!

The competition is getting hotter by the minute, and it seems like garden-variety landscaping contractors are sprouting out of every crack in the sidewalk. Even consumers have a hard time picking which one will best fit their needs. Where traditional businesses rely on personal recommendations to build their local credibility, landscaping contractors with a strong, persistent digital presence often end up with more leads.

The bottom line is that your landscaping team will miss out on hundreds of potential leads year after year if you don’t invest effort, money and time into a Digital Marketing strategy that works. If your goal is to keep your hands full each month with leads you can convert into loyal clients, it will be a lot easier if you have a landscaping website and overall internet presence that is maintained, optimized and updated by professionals.

Come with us on a deep dive into a few of the most proficient strategies for lead generation. These tips and tactics of powerful internet marketing can help more customers find your landscaping services than would have ever been possible offline.

Care and Feeding of Your Landscaping Website

Every successful landscape company needs a compelling website, just like every yard needs to be fertilized, watered and mowed. People looking to hire a landscaper should be swept off their feet by your website as much as by your work because your landscaping website is the virtual representation of your landscaping work.

Your site should also be conversion optimized if you want to get your money’s worth out of your marketing budget and generate more leads. When we talk about keeping your landscaping website ‘conversion optimized,’ we mean that you can convince a higher percentage of your website visitors to ultimately sign up and hire your landscaping services if you use all the web design tools available to you.

If your landscaping website doesn’t use all of these conversion-optimized web design components, you might be missing out on a considerable number of leads:

  • Flexible Web Design
    The design of your landscaping website needs to work for customers using desktop computers and laptops as well as ones using smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • SEO That Feels Natural
    Search engine optimization can enhance your digital reach and boost your search ranking, but only if it’s efficient and doesn’t feel out of place.
  • Direct Appeals
    Increase the percentage of casual site browsers you convert into potential leads and concrete sales by including lots of buttons with convincing calls-to-action.
  • Responsive Website Maintenance
    Your landscaping website needs to be continually updated to make sure it works efficiently and reflects the latest analytical reports and SEO tactics.

With these essential web design elements and just a few more, your landscaping website can finally reach its full potential for generating leads.

Capitalize on Quality Paid Advertising Campaigns

Investing in a pay-per-click ad campaign or using Google Ads can help your business separate itself from the other options in your area. This can be especially helpful in areas where the landscape is thick with landscaping businesses.

If you want your company to stand out above the rest when users Google landscaping services, you can use Paid Ads campaigns to put your landscaping website on top of the other relevant search results. That way, when anyone in your area Googles “local professional landscaping,” for instance, your site will be the first thing they notice.

This kind of lead generation strategy can do miracles for your marketing. These are just a few of the advantages a quality paid ad campaign can bring you:

  • More website visitors and an overnight higher ranking in search engine results
  • Message the most relevant demographics interested in landscaping services
  • Gauge how well your marketing is working with immediate analytic results
  • High ROI because you only pay when you get leads and clicks to your website
  • If a website visitor doesn’t contact you right away, you get the opportunity to retarget them later

There are two sides to every good lead generation strategy. A website with a beautiful look and an optimized design acts as the long-term side of the strategy, and paid advertising campaigns start working right off the bat to get you more immediate leads.

Reel in Potential Clients With Retargeting Campaigns

If you want to track down and convince a flesh and blood customer who has visited and left your brick and mortar office without deciding to hire you, you may have an impossible task on your hands. Tracking down an online visitor, though, isn’t so impossible.

Retargeting advertising campaigns let you basically “follow” those online visitors and magnanimously extend them a second opportunity to use your landscaping services. With a retargeting campaign, you can activate a cookie-based Javascript code to anonymously track people who have visited your landscaping website. As they continue browsing the web, your advertisements will pop up in their social media feeds and their other Google searches to keep them thinking about you.

Online shoppers are generally hesitant about committing to a company or a purchase the first time they stumble onto any commercial website. You can patiently turn them into leads whenever they’re ready with this kind of retargeting advertising campaign that keeps your company fresh in their memory banks.

Marketing to Customers New and Old via Email

Another way you can communicate with potential leads who may have seen your website but not contracted your services yet, as well as customers who’ve been working with you for years, is with a direct communication strategy.

One of the most useful ways to communicate directly with both leads and customers is Email Marketing. Email marketing gives you more opportunities to convince people to hire your landscaping services. You can send out your latest deals, exclusive promotions and any important messages you want to convey.

Out of the 80% of American citizens who use their email at least once a day, over half also interact in some way via email with companies they want to hire. More people than you’d think are using email to ask business questions and communicate commercially.

With an effective email marketing campaign, you can connect directly with your customers by:

  • Using personalized content in your emails
  • Keeping them on familiar terms with your brand to inspire loyalty
  • Updating customers weekly with your latest promotions and news
  • Measuring your results to track the efficiency of your marketing
  • Increasing your opportunities to generate leads and up your website traffic

If you get as many website visitors and customers as possible to say yes to receiving the exclusive offers in your email newsletters, you’ll create a deeper connection and a stronger business relationship with them.

Amplify Your Presence Online

All things considered, your credibility is one of the best ways to influence potential customers who are thinking about using your landscaping services. You can become more credible in your prospects’ eyes and work toward gaining their trust by expanding and enhancing the overall internet presence of your landscaping company.

Let’s start with online reviews. Reviews are an essential element of the way consumers directly research the companies they want to employ. The way you’re portrayed in the online reviews of your landscaping company affects how your potential clients see you. You can use review management services to amplify your presence online, massively increase your website traffic and help your landscaping company develop more trust with consumers than the competition.

Another crucial component of amplifying your presence online is your ranking on Google’s My Business. Review management can also help here. More than a quarter of website traffic to American businesses comes directly from Google Maps results. According to 16% of companies in the U.S., Google’s My Business listings are responsible for sending them over 100 direct calls from new leads and potential customers.

Traditional Branding Still Counts

While it’s our job to help you focus on upping your internet marketing game, we don’t want you to forget about your landscaping company’s real-world branding! Physical branding is a vital marketing tactic that helps make your business more ubiquitous in the eyes of the general public. It includes simple things like keeping a stack of beautiful business cards handy as well as more elaborate ideas like leaving yard signs with your logo and information in bold every time you finish a landscaping project or using a vehicle wrap graphic to display your landscaping company’s name on your truck.

Physical and digital branding together can make a healthy marketing blend that uses every possible angle to expand your company. It can open up your possibilities for generating leads from more sources, ranging from consumers who prefer searching for businesses on Google to people in the area commuting to work in their vehicle.

Get More Leads With Triton Commerce and Turn Them Into Sales

You’ve moved heaven and earth to get your landscaping business started, so it makes sense to continue to incorporate new marketing tactics that can bring fresh opportunities to your company.

Our business at Triton Commerce is moving heaven and earth to help bring more leads to landscaping companies. Our internet marketing strategies are effective and intricate solutions that can provide you with everything you need to get immediate results in lead generation!

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