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4 Ways To Outrank Your Landscape Competition in Google

No matter what goods or services you provide, digital marketing is here to stay. We find out most of the information we know from the internet, including local businesses.

This means creating organic traffic to your online presence is crucial for businesses nowadays. Keeping a steady flow of customers and consumers requesting your service and landscaping companies is no different – 97% of all searches on the internet are for local business, with 46% of all Google searches having the same intent.

With so much searching online for local business, it’s easy to lose out on business if you’re not well equipped. SEO (search engine optimization) is the name of the game that companies must now play.

For a customer to find what they need, all they have to do is type “landscaping company near me,” and they’ll get a comprehensive list of all the possible landscaping companies.

But does your business make the list?

You already are a step above your competitors, but by not optimizing your presence on the internet, there’s no telling how much potential business you’re missing out on.

We know as a small business owner, your number one goal is to give your customers the best possible service you can perform. The last thing you may be worried about is creating good content so your website stays relevant. However, you don’t need to be a skilled writer to optimize your search presence.

Here are four SEO tips to outrank competing landscaping companies.

Location Is Extremely Important

With almost everyone using search engines to find what they need (86% of all consumers rely on the internet to find local businesses), it’s imperative to build your local search engine optimization.

To snag that customer who’s itching for a fresh new view on their property requires a set of simple steps:

  • Set up and verify a “My Business” listing on Google
  • Produce content that pertains to your local areas, like blogs and social media
  • Keep your website updated
  • Be sure to implement local target keywords in your content

Adding location pages to your website will also help it grow. Location pages are essentially exit ramps for your business on the highway of the internet.

Having these location pages host your business’s unique value propositions (UVPs) alongside the target location creates a recipe of search results with your name on it.

Know Your Keywords

Out of all the content you publish on your company's landscaping website, a set amount of keywords can make a huge difference. When you have more applicable landscaping terms on your website, the more your business will show up on search results.

Think of keywords as mini elevator pitches that you sprinkle within your content. It may not be noticed by the average person, but Google crawlers sure will, and they will start to favor your website for relevant searches.

There are three types of keywords you should familiarize yourself with:

  1. General keywords are the foundation of your website. Whenever someone searches for landscaping services, these keywords will always be found within those searches. A basic example would be “landscaping services Minneapolis.”
  2. Specific keywords are more of a detailed search that may go beyond just general landscaping searches. Say a customer is looking for a patio design. Implementing keywords such as “patio/terrace design Minneapolis” in your website will better your chances of landing your customer.
  3. Structured keywords are basically the first two types of keywords intermixed. These keywords focus on the services your landscaping business has to offer, such as “garden installation Minneapolis” or “outdoor kitchen design Blaine.”

Be Mobile Friendly

Smartphones have become an everyday facet of all of our lives. These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a phone. In fact, 60% of all online searches are from a mobile device.

It goes without saying that if your website doesn’t have a mobile friendly design, you will lose potential business. It is essentially a coin flip whether or not customers will go to competitors if your website is outdated or slow.

To avoid your potential customers heading to their competitors on their smartphones, you must make your website mobile friendly. Compressing your images on your website is a great way to start.

Leveraging your caching and utilizing accelerated mobile pages for your site’s HTML framework are also prudent routes to take in optimizing your mobile friendly approach.

Build Your Links

The way you build your links on your website will prove beneficial to your credibility of the Google algorithm. Link building has to do with the quality and the quantity of the links on the content of your website.

For blogs, using credible sources to backup the information you present will increase your credibility, thus improving your search quality for your potential customers. Research topics, study guides, or clear infographics are great examples of sources to use for your blogs. Other blogs may be cited as well, but it’s important to know that you should never link to your competitors.

Internal links are equally important for your website’s traffic intake. Planting links to certain parts of your website throughout your location pages through blog posts and location pages gives the reader more chances to do further searching on your website. The more a reader searches on your website, the increased chances they will stay long enough to request your services.

On a final note, make sure your links are updated and still running. If a link leads to a website that does not exist, it will negatively impact your credibility.

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