4 Ways Landscaper Websites Can Build Trust and Grow Sales


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4 Ways a Landscapers Website can Grow Sales.

Whatever kind of relationship you can mention, trust is the common denominator to its success. Without trust, a relationship is just an empty, superficial husk of promises that don’t benefit anybody.

Trust is found in every healthy relationship, whether it’s your spouse knowing they can rely on you to watch the kids for an important event or your teammates counting on you to stick to your assignment and get it done to celebrate a big W.

Your landscaping company is no different. If you know you have the best landscaping service around, but your sales numbers aren’t showing it, it’s time to take a look at why. When it comes to providing a service, customers want to know they can trust you before they contact you. A potential customer can be investing in a good amount of money to make their property beautiful.

When it comes to gaining trust from potential customers and growing sales, your website is the focal point of this success. Having a slow, clunky, unappealing website without any Digital Marketing strategies will leave your landscaping company kicking rocks at the shop more often than working on a customer’s property.

If you’re the proud owner of the best landscaping company in town and want to grow trust in your customers and work under your belt, follow along with these four tips to make your website shine and ooze reliability!

1.Web Design

Would you believe 94% of all first impressions are influenced by web design? A helpful, clean, up-to-date website shows commitment and attention to detail. Even though you love making landscapes beautiful, making the landscape of your web pages will show that to every visitor!

To make your website’s design optimized, look at the style of the website. What do you want the colors to say and the font of your text to convey? The general layout of your website is the basis of how potential customers will feel upon visiting your website.

Make sure to include plenty of images of your services and other hallmarks of your brand, such as photos of your team members. Before and after photos of a satisfied customer’s yard would also be beneficial since customers can truly see results from start to finish. Images are powerful on websites, especially if you took them yourself. So be sure to document your work and show it off on the website!

The next thing to keep in mind is the functionality of your website. You want customers to visit your website and know where they want to go in the first few seconds. The menu bar of the different services you provide, along with an easy way to contact you, should be at the forefront of the main page.

Finally, make sure you keep clean, compelling writing on your web pages and keep all of your links up to date!

2. It’s All About Original Content

Content is everything nowadays. Everywhere you look you can find content about any niche subject. There is so much knowledge on the internet that it’s become an integral part of having a successful website.

Content writing is the method of keeping consistent, compelling, and engaging content circulating on your website. This helps with Google’s algorithm as keeping up this consistency allows more trust, thus improving the relationship Google has with you.

Keeping original content on your website can prove to be helpful with potential customers. Maybe they’re on the fence about getting a new patio installed in their backyard. If you have content on “Benefits of Building a Patio Area” or “10 Best New Patio Styles for 2021,” you’ll give a potential customer some insight without them having to reach out yet.

Content writing lets you show off your experience in the landscaping industry. If you have an “About Us” section, you can let customers get to know your staff which adds a sense of personability to your business.

Additionally, content writing lets you share what kind of quality materials you use for the job and any awards or certifications you or your team may have!

3. User-Generated Content

You can say, write, and post all you want on your website, but that’s only half the battle! Word of mouth has always been an integral part of gaining trust and growing sales for any business.

Giving your customers a voice is, in many ways, more powerful than anything you could say on your website. This is because people have a good reason not to always trust what a business says on their own platform. Many times companies have done this and only delivered empty promises.

However, showing off the great things your customers have to say by way of online reviews will help make your content trustworthy. It can also help boost your rankings on relevant search results.

Anything positives like reviews and testimonials will assure potential customers they will get a top-quality landscaping service with the money they pay for.

4. Customer Engagement

You don’t draw in customers by being an introvert waiting around for the phone to ring – you have to put your business out there!

A big part of growing sales is engaging with customers of all types. Whether it’s a repeat customer, one that got away, or a newly curious reader, follow up with them regularly! By consistently following up, you keep your business in their thoughts when they think of landscaping services.

There are a few ways to keep up with customer engagement:

  • Regularly maintain and be active on your social media accounts
  • Develop an email marketing campaign
  • Produce consistent content such as weekly/monthly blogs for your website
  • Make use of analytical reporting

Following up an engagement with customers is crucial as it shows commitment to selling your hard-working service 24/7.

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