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Email Marketing Guide for Landscapers.

Just as having a blueprint is an essential component of ensuring that your landscape job turns out amazing for your customers, having analytics for your Email Marketing campaign is a necessity for your own success. You don't just want to plant random flowers and trees without some sort of landscape design in mind. The same goes for marketing with email. You don't want to just send out random messages without having a design plan in mind.

When you utilize the new analytical data that is available for all of your email campaigns, you can learn about your consumer's instincts, needs, and behaviors. The more you learn about your customers and their behavior, the more you can hone your marketing strategy for your landscape company to create a higher success rate.

What Is An Email Marketing Strategy?

Many business owners are familiar with marketing tactics like radio and television advertising. However, many have failed to include an Email Marketing strategy into their overall digital marketing plans. Marketing through email is simply a digital method of communication between you and your past and potential customers.

Instead of calling up consumers, you can send them a convenient email. This type of marketing continues to have one of the largest ROI rates in the digital marketing realm. This is due to its data-driven analytical reporting that allows landscapers to better leverage their email campaigns to convert readers into paying customers.

An Email Marketing Strategy Driven By Real-Time Data

Many times, when you spend your money on advertising, you have to wait weeks or even months to see how successful the campaign was. With email marketing, you can get immediate results. This instant feedback allows you to alter your marketing strategy to enhance the success rate of your campaign quickly.

When you send emails through a campaign for your landscaping company, you receive real-time advanced data metrics. These allow you to monitor the health of your campaign and make adjustments as needed. When looking over your analytical data from your marketing campaign with email, you can answer many key questions, including:

  • How many subscribers are opening your emails?
  • What's the click-through rate?
  • What time of day and day of the week have the highest response rates?
  • What's the typical ROI for a particular email campaign?
  • How many leads and sales is your strategy producing?

When you have the capability to answer these questions regarding your emailing strategy, you can better determine how to cater to your customer's needs. It becomes much easier to determine what parts of your email strategy are working and which ones aren't.

Real-Time Tracking Means Easy Testing

It becomes much easier to create successful email campaigns when you're getting real-time feedback from your past and potential customers. Thanks to analytics and performance reports, you can test out various different aspects of your email campaign to determine which ones are successful and which ones need to be changed.

There are many different elements that you can alter and include in your email campaigns, including:

  • Headings and subject lines
  • Deals and offers
  • Videos, images, visuals
  • Calls to action, contact forms, links
  • Formatting, design elements, layout

One of the best ways to quickly determine what strategy works best is to test out different variations of an element. You can utilize smaller groups of your email subscribers, known as focus groups, during testing. For example, you can break down your email subscribers into five different focus groups.

When you send out your email message, you can utilize a different subject line for each group. One may be "Don't have time to mow your lawn this summer?", while another may be "Top lawn care tips for the summertime". You can see which focus group has the largest open rate to determine the type of subject line format you should utilize going into the future.

You can discover many different types of analytical data via the tracking capabilities of marketing through email. Some of the most valuable data that you'll discover includes:

  • Open rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Website traffic
  • Click-through rate
  • Forwarding rate
  • Social media shares
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Etc.

When you have easy access to all of this valuable data for all the email campaigns that you send out, you can be sure to easily identify the tactics that are working. Over time, you can adapt your email campaigns to be constructed of successful elements that will have high conversion rates.

Understanding Contact Segmentation

There's no denying the fact that it's easier to sell to a consumer who you know a lot about as to one that you don't know much about. As you formulate your email campaigns, you can start to learn more information about the individual subscribers that you're sending messages to.

Once you know more about your subscribers, you can group them into various groups based on their demographics. This process is called contact segmentation and it can allow you to easily fine-tune your email content to meet the needs of specific groups. Some example groups may include:

  • Existing customers
  • Recent customers
  • Mowing vs. landscape design customers
  • New homeowners vs old homeowners
  • Geographical regions
  • Family vs. single person households
  • Commercial vs. residential
  • Referrals

As you can likely discern, customizing content becomes so much easier when you simplify your email subscribers into focus groups. You may want to introduce annual mowing contracts and their benefits to new homeowners. However, with older homeowners, you may just want to send out a reminder to renew their contract.

Email Advertising Solutions for Your Landscaping Company

It can be exciting to realize the endless potential that email advertising can offer your landscaping business. However, you may be overwhelmed at just how enormous this job is to comb through the analytics and create successful focus groups.

At Triton Commerce, we're here to handle your email campaigns for you. With our customer email advertising strategies and real-time analytics reporting solutions, we can generate more leads for your business while enhancing your brand's online presence.

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