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Effective SEO Strategy for Carpet Cleaning Companies

Decades ago, people had to read books to get knowledge on how to perform tasks and flip through the Yellow Pages to find a carpet cleaning company to contact. However, with the introduction of search engines like Google, the way people interact with their environment has changed immensely.

Now, one can watch a video on YouTube to learn how to perform a skill. They can search Google to find a company that provides the services that they need. But, what does any of this have to do with you and your business?

The reality is that connecting with prospective customers looking for your services requires your business to have an online presence, which can be established through the process of optimizing for the search engines. With over 3.5 billion Google searches happening every single day, you can no longer put SEO on the backburner.

Many small business owners are aware of the term "search engine optimization". However, they don't consider it an essential tactic for their digital marketing strategy. This is mainly due to the fact that they simply don't understand just how prosperous this long-term marketing approach really is.

Gaining a thorough understanding of how to utilize the process of search engine optimization to enhance your online presence and grow your client base is an absolute necessity to maintain a competitive carpet cleaning business going into the future.

Get a Website Audit

As with anything, you need to first understand where you stand before you can change it. Conducting an audit of your website will give you the necessary insight into what optimization tactics are working great and which ones could use some improvement.

There are many different reasons that you'll want to complete an audit of your website, including:

  • Checking to see if your content is compliant with Google's current algorithm standards
  • Reviewing your headings, meta descriptions, and title tags to ensure they're using your target keywords
  • Finding internal 404s and other website errors
  • Looking for any duplicate content
  • Making sure your website has up-to-date and relevant content

One of the best methods to perform a website audit is through website crawling. This is a digital process where a bot service will evaluate your website like a search engine bot does. This will show what optimization strategies are lacking and which ones are working great.

Perform Keyword Research

Knowing which keywords to include in your website's content to rank highly in the search engines doesn't have to be a guessing game. Rather, keyword research tools like the Keyword Planner and Google Search Console can allow you to easily see traffic data and analytical metrics for the most relevant keywords in your industry.

Once you know which keywords are receiving the most traffic, you'll know what to start implementing into your website's copy. You can utilize these keywords throughout your meta descriptions, page titles, blog articles, and headings.

We've provided some great keyword implementation in action below to help you better grasp just how easy it is to include relevant keywords in your website's page titles.

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning in St. Cloud
  • Minneapolis Pet Odor Cleaning Experts
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in the Twin Cities
  • St. Paul Luxury Steam Carpet Cleaning Pros
  • Affordable Upholstery Cleaning in Edina, MN

When you include these target keywords naturally throughout your website content, it signals to search engines like Google that you're a legitimate carpet cleaning company. You'll notice that your website will start to rise to the top of the search results for the specific keywords that you utilized throughout your website copy.

Write Engaging, Industry Relevant, and Original Content

While incorporating target keywords into your website's content is a must, it's only one of many strategies that you'll need to use. Your content will need to be written in an engaging fashion and must remain relevant to the carpet cleaning industry. You don't want your content to be copied or seen as "empty:, as this won't help your rankings.

Think of approaching the idea of writing website content as writing a book. Your target keywords are going to be your main chapters. Then, your content is going to go in-depth to explain the target keywords.

Before writing any content, it's a great strategy to determine how you're going to portray your message. What do your want your business's personality to come across as for your website visitors? What tone would you like to use? And, what type of information do you want to share with your visitors?

When you have a clear structure in mind of how and what you're going to write, it becomes easy to churn out content that is both engaging and shareable. From blog articles to video tutorials, it will be a breeze to intrigue visitors and expand your online presence.

Optimize Off-Page Aspects

While there's no denying the fact that optimizing your website is a must-do to rank highly in the search engines, it's not the only strategy you'll need to implement. Off-page optimization is becoming more and more important as a factor that search engines utilize for choosing their ranking order of website results for various search terms.

Some great proactive off-page optimization strategies include:

  • Creating Citations
    Any time that your company is mentioned on local directories and websites, Google notices. In fact, the more citations that your business gets, the more credible it is in the eyes of Google and the more visibility you'll receive in the search engines.
  • Backlinking
    Getting other websites to hyperlink to your business's website also helps to establish credibility. Links created on local and industry-specific websites hold the most clout.
  • Internal Linking
    Creating links on your website that go to other pages on your site not only helps user navigation, but it can help your rankings too. Consider adding internal links for landing pages, services pages, and even blog articles.
  • Establishing a Google My Business Profile
    Many online searchers utilize Google My Business profiles to get necessary information about potential businesses that they're going to contact. Filling out your profile with accurate contact information makes it easier for searchers to connect with your business when they're searching for relevant carpet cleaning services.

When you cover all four of these off-site tactics, you can round out your entire optimization strategy to secure top-page rankings in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Experts For Carpet Cleaning Firms

The online world of Search Engine Optimizationtactics is vast. Trying to figure out how to implement the strategies above and still run your carpet cleaning business can be overwhelming, to say the least. Fortunately, Triton Commerce can help.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who can handle all of your on and off-site optimization needs. Let us implement our time-tested solutions to enhance your online presence and get more leads through your door. Contact us today to get a free copy of our Digital Marketing Plan.

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