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4 Ways To Outrank Your Cleaning Company Competition in Google

Marketing has been around since the first business existed. However, digital marketing for carpet cleaners is a different story. Though it’s relatively new, it’s becoming of the utmost importance for companies to generate business.

Since we find almost everything through the internet these days, creating organic online traffic is crucial for your carpet cleaning business – 97% of all online searches are for local businesses, while 46% of all Google searches show that same intent.

Trying to strike the first page on Google for a suggested search doesn’t take a mountain to climb – it’s all about a three-letter strategy: SEO (search engine optimization).

Let's say you have a middle-aged man who hasn’t taken care of his carpets in recent years but now notices it’s affecting more than just his floors. He would love to clean his carpets in his home but can’t find the time between work or family life. He can simply Google “carpet cleaning services near me.”

Will your company make it to the first page? The very first search? Will this middle-aged guy pick your service, or will he settle for another?

Improve your online presence to beat out competitors by practicing these four tips!

1. Keywords Are Powerful

Out of all the content on your websites, what will stand out the most is just a few words. The more terms and words that apply to your company on the website, the better off your relationship with the Google crawlers will be.

These keywords almost act like mini elevator pitches by creating selling points within a small phrase or a word. The more keywords implemented in your website’s content, the more relevant searches will favor your page.

There are three different types of keywords used for SEO practices:

  1. General keywords are the bread and butter for your website. These will be the most general searches potential customers will type, such as “carpet cleaning services Edina.”
  2. Specific keywords are a little more, well, specific! These searches might pertain to certain materials you use or standings with the Better Business Bureau. Think of searches like “carpet cleaners with A+ BBB rating.”
  3. Structured keywords fit in the middle of the two previous keyword archetypes. These searches may imply the type of service the customer is looking for. Searches like “commercial upholstery cleaning” or “residential upholstery cleaning” fit this category.

2. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Whether your website produces a lot of blogs, service pages, or both, making your websites as mobile friendly as possible is a necessity.

Just about everyone in the first world possesses a phone in this day and age – 60% of all online searches are now conducted through a mobile device. Staying ahead of the curve and keeping your websites as mobile friendly as possible will help your business dramatically.

Failing to could prove disastrous.

Let’s say a couple in their mid 50s just sent their last kid off to college. Now that they are empty-nesters, they decide to do a deep clean. They start to Google “carpet cleaning services near me,” and your website makes it to the first page of their search!

They click on your website only to have it load slow and improperly. This causes the couple to become frustrated as they lose their patience with improperly running the website. Now they begin to request services from your competitors, as they have a more efficient running website from a phone standpoint.

There are ways to make your website more mobile friendly. First, start by compressing the images on your pages. The next step is to start levering your cache and utilizing accelerated mobile pages for your website’s HTML.

3. Implement Link Building

You may see highlighted and underlined words or phrases throughout this article and others throughout the internet. This strategy is known as link building.

The number of links – along with the quality of those links – will play a critical role in your credibility with the Google algorithm.

There two types of links you will use throughout your content’s website:

  1. External links are outside sources you may find to reinforce the information you discuss on your blogs or other pages. Examples of these sources are other blogs, infographics, and case studies. It’s important to note that you should never link out to your competitors.
  2. Internal Links are links that go to your own website. The idea behind this method of link building is to create more pathways to multiple pages from one page of content. Internal links possibly increase the time a reader spends on your website, thus upping the chances that they’ll pick you for your services.

It’s important to note that you should always check your links regularly to make sure they’re up to date. Links that are expired or broken significantly decrease your search engine credibility.

4. Location Is a Priority

You may think that most internet searches are for faraway places never seen or studied by the searcher, but the opposite is true – 86% of all consumers rely on the internet for local business searches. With that percentage being so high, it’s imperative to utilize local search engine optimization.

Getting started optimizing your local search location for your carpet cleaning business requires just a few steps:

  • Create and verify a Google My Business listing
  • Create localized content like blogs and social media posts
  • Keep your website updated
  • Be sure to utilize local target keywords in your content

By adding location pages to your business’s website, you allow more location-specific searches to land on your website.

For example, if you make a location page with your selling points that target Coon Rapids, someone who Googles “carpet cleaning services Coon Rapids” has a higher chance of landing on your website.

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