How Carpet Cleaning Companies Can Use Social Media to Grow


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How Carpet Cleaning Companies can Increase Sales using Social Media

There's no denying the fact that social media websites like Facebook and Instagram have become ingrained in our culture. These are primary platforms for sharing information and connecting with others. For this reason, it's actually one of the most valuable marketing tools on the market today for any carpet cleaning firm.

If you've never used social media sites to successfully generate leads for your business, it's likely that you may be a bit skeptical. You may even want to discount the idea of marketing on these platforms altogether.

However, we encourage you to think about your competitors. It's highly likely that your competitors are leveraging social media platforms to get new customers. These are customers that your business is missing out on. If you want to stay competitive in your market, you need to be utilizing the same effective digital marketing strategies as your competitors.

Now, since we've got your interest piqued, it's time to learn about how social media sites are going to help boost your customer base and position your carpet cleaning company as an authority in your industry.

It All Starts With Optimization

It's logical to start by setting up social profiles on the most popular networking sites. These profiles need to be established in a manner where searchers will be able to easily get connected with your business. Setting up these social profiles in an optimized fashion is just as important as optimizing your website for the search engines.

When your social media profiles are well-optimized, they can provide many benefits for your carpet cleaning company. These include:

  • Enhancing your brand's industry authority
  • Boosting your online presence
  • Driving more traffic to your website
  • Upping the number of prospects you generate
  • Increasing your email subscribers and social media followers
  • Allowing your followers to share your content

These are some solid benefits that your carpet cleaning company can definitely enjoy when you spend the time optimizing your social media profiles. There are a few different ways that you can effectively optimize your social profiles to encourage more natural interaction with platform users. These include:

  • Using the same or similar usernames
  • Adding a link to your website
  • Incorporating CTAs throughout your profiles
  • Having your brand's logo in your profile pictures
  • Inputting up-to-date contact information
  • Utilizing keyword research in your posted content

The more of these optimization tactics that you use, the easier you're going to be able to successfully enhance your brand awareness and get more leads coming into your business.

Crafting Engaging and Personalized Content

Having optimized social media profiles is a great start. However, you need to keep your accounts active by posting content on a regular basis. This content should be both personalized and engaging. Your ultimate goal is to encourage your readers to contact your company for service.

Here are some helpful guidelines for producing engaging and unique content:

  • Use Your Own Imagery
    One of the most important guidelines to follow is to use your own imagery and not any stock images. You don't want to send customers the same photo that they already got from another company the day before. It comes across as making your business seem of lower quality. Always stick to taking your own photos and videos.
  • Always Focus on Relevance
    You want your social media followers to see you as an authority in the carpet cleaning industry. To do this, you'll need to constantly be outputting content that is relevant to your chosen industry. Resist the urge to put out information regarding other industries as it could drastically discount your authority in your reader's eyes.
  • Make it Shareable
    One of the best benefits of social media platforms is that they allow followers to share content that they like with other followers. This is free advertising for your business as your customers are unknowingly doing the advertising for you. Whenever you post new content, make sure that it's something that is shareable. Infographics are always a great choice as most people aren't into reading long articles. Rather, they enjoy photos with quick instructions.
  • Personalize it
    Personalization is the new key to a successful marketing campaign. Make your existing customers feel special by tagging them in your promo offers or sharing their testimonials on your social profiles.
  • Consistency is a Necessity
    Humans link reliability with consistency. When you're consistent about posting a new article every Monday about your industry, your followers subconsciously rely on that post. Whenever you miss a week, it can come across as making your business unreliable.

Tracking Your Audience With Targeted Ads

Another great way to use social media sites to expand your client base is to pay for social ad campaigns. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to set up advertising campaigns and direct them at your target market. Implementing this Social Media Marketing strategy can provide many advantages for your carpet cleaning business, including:

  • Boosting your social media presence
  • Speeding up your lead generation
  • Increasing the traffic to your website
  • Skyrocketing your conversion rates
  • Monitoring your ad analytics for success
  • Targeting both existing and new customers
  • Focusing on specific demographics like age or location

Using a great combination of engaging content posts and social media ads can allow your business to enjoy more leads than you ever thought possible!

Boosting Your Prospects With Triton Commerce

We know that managing your carpet cleaning company is a full-time job. You don't have excess hours in the day to learn about how to effectively market your business on social media platforms. Luckily, Triton Commerce does.

We are skilled in the art of effective social media marketing for carpet cleaning companies. We'll take care of curating, posting, and overseeing your social media ads. With our social media marketing tools, we're the company that you need to manage your online prospect generating strategy.

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