Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Really Need Social Media?


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Do Carpet Cleaning Companies need Social Media?

We know what you're likely thinking. How in the world can Social Media Marketing help my carpet cleaning company grow? If you've ever spent time on these social media sites, you've likely discovered that they're a great place for sharing information and photos with others.

Combine this with the fact that social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn all have billions of visitors on a daily basis. With about 54 percent of those billions actively utilizing their social media sites for researching services and products, now it becomes overly clear just how valuable social media marketing can be for your business.

When you employ an effective marketing strategy on these social media sites, it can result in:

  • Engaging and growing your online followers
  • Managing and monitoring your online reputation successfully
  • Boosting your brand awareness and becoming more searchable online
  • Driving traffic to your carpet cleaning website

Are you still on the fence about whether or not marketing via social media sites is right for your business? Let's dive in a little deeper to social management and marketing tactics that will be sure to benefit your business.

Expanding Brand Presence

We don't need to explain to you just how competitive the carpet cleaning industry is. Having the ability to establish a virtual reputation of dependability and experience is a necessity to get more customers calling your phone. But, how do you create this virtual reputation?

Social media provides a great opportunity for getting your brand to stand out from others in your industry. When you stay active with your profiles, you can easily enhance your brand's awareness so that more prospective customers hear about your business. This works by:

  • Actively engaging your customers through direct messaging, reviews, feedback, etc.
  • Allowing your company to be more searchable online and rank much higher in the organic search results
  • Communicate with customers on a more personal level and instantly respond to their comments, questions, and concerns
  • Curating content and sharing it among your followers

All-in-all, when you stay active on social media sites, more prospects will become interested, aware, and engaged with your brand.

Targeting Your Ideal Customers

One of the best reasons that you should be utilizing social media is that it can instantly allow you to target your ideal customers. Facebook is a great example of this. It allows you to select specific and advanced targeting options. This allows you to easily focus your efforts on appealing to your target demographics.

In addition, you can utilize the real-time analytics of these social media sites to get valuable insight into what your target customers' needs and expectations are. When you know what your target demographics want, you can easily market your services to them.

Social Media Paid Advertisements

Remember when we shared that over half of all social media users specifically use these platforms to research businesses? This provides the perfect opportunity for you to utilize social media paid advertising to reach more potential customers.

The key is that these are customers who are actively looking for the carpet cleaning services that you offer. When you enter the virtual world of social media paid ads, you are provided with endless marketing possibilities. Suddenly, the thought of increasing your click-through rates tenfold becomes within reach.

These paid ads can easily allow you to target old and new customers. They can even assist your social media profiles to:

  • Grow your social media followers and online presence
  • Spread more exclusive deals and promos for your business
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Up your lead conversion rates
  • Reconnect with past website visitors to market your services

It's fairly easy to see just how easy it is to generate more leads for your carpet cleaning business when you have social media analytics that provide you with valuable information about the needs of your prospective customers.

Opportunities For Online Reviews

One rule of thumb that you need to know about customers who are searching for services online, is that they connect businesses with many positive online reviews as credible. The more reviews your business gets, the more credible you look to your potential customers.

Fortunately, social media sites allow you to enhance the number of online reviews that you get tremendously. It's an effective communication platform where you can ask your past customers to easily review your business on these sites for all of your potential visitors to see.

Networking On A Professional Level

While social media sites are a great way to expand the number of customers that you have, they can also be a great way to strengthen your professional network. You can even better establish your brand as an active member in your local community. Customers love to see businesses that are active participants in their local areas.

LinkedIn provides a very unique way for local businesses to demonstrate themselves as leaders in their industries. Other businesses who have received your services can be a reference on your company's LinkedIn account. This helps to establish your credibility and reputation throughout your local community.

Supervising Your Online Reputation

You know that your business is trustworthy and reliable. However, if anyone doubts that claim on public platforms, like social media, it can be challenging to restore your reputation.

Using social media platforms can allow your business to monitor and respond to any feedback, which gives you the ability to:

  • Instantly respond to both negative and positive reviews
  • Settle any customer complaints quickly
  • Employ real-time social listening tools to see what people are saying about your business
  • Leverage all of your positive reviews

From your perspective as a business owner, you likely know that it's not reasonable to judge another business based on their Google review rating. However, the many people utilizing social media may not have that perspective. Being able to monitor your online reviews can help to ensure that your business establishes a good rapport.

Social Networking Site Solutions For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

You've probably come to the conclusion that your carpet cleaning business could greatly benefit from using social media. However, the thought of coming up with a strategy and implementing it can be overwhelming. You might even be struggling with the idea of even finding the time.

Fortunately, Triton Commerce is here to help! We specialize in Social Media Marketing for carpet cleaning companies.

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