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Do Cleaning Companies Need SEO?

When you're hired to clean a client's carpets, you don't just settle on doing half of the job. No customer wants half of a clean rug coupled with a half dirty one. When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you don't want to leave any stone unturned. You want to have complete professional SEO strategies that cover all of the different streams to get customers calling your business all day long.

While many businesses are focused on their social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising, these are only a couple of essential components to an overall digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization marketing is one of those strategies that many people tend to overlook, as a lot of professional marketing blogs make it seem overly complicated and expensive for any business to employ. The reality is that search engine optimization is a big component that sets carpet cleaning companies apart.

When you employ SEO into your cleaning companies marketing strategy, you get to enjoy a lot of different benefits, which include:

  • Fiery hot leads through organic carpet cleaning searches
  • Higher website position in organic search results
  • Provides a long-term ROI for your investment funds
  • More valuable leads
  • Established brand presence and credibility to consumers

When you implement the proper SEO strategy for your carpet cleaning business, you can expect to have highly valuable leads consistently coming in well into the future. Every investment that you make in your search engine optimization digital marketing strategy goes towards enhancing your brand's reputation and your future revenue streams.

While you may have been hesitant about implementing search engine optimization in your marketing tactics, it's time to get over it. The reality is that your competitors are most likely using their own search engine optimization marketing strategy to enjoy countless qualified leads from the organic search results. These are leads that your business could be getting with your own search engine optimization strategy instead of letting all your qualified leads go to competing carpet cleaning companies.

If you continue to skip over search engine optimization marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, you're consistently falling further and further behind your competitors. Before you know it, your competitors will be growing exponentially while your business struggles to bring in new clients on a regular basis.

Top Page Result = More Valuable Leads

It's very common knowledge that when customers need help with a service, they search online to find a company. No longer do people pull out a phone book or take the time to ask other people about recommendations. Instead, they're hopping on their phones and typing in a search for the type of services that they need in their area.

For example, clients in need of carpet cleaning in your local market are going to type in searches like 'carpet cleaning company near me'. If your company's website is not showing up at the top of those search results, these leads are going to your competitors. Most searchers won't look beyond the top three results to find a company to call.

In fact, most won't even look beyond the first website result that comes up for their desired search. This means that if you're not in the top three results, these potential clients are not even going to know that your company exists.

When it comes to understanding the importance of having a search engine optimization strategy for your business, one of the best things that you can look at is statistics:

  • Less than one percent of searchers using the Google platform will click through to the second page of organic search results.
  • Jumping up just one spot in the organic search results translates to at least a 30% increase in your click-through rate.
  • The number one ranking website for an organic search result on Google has an average click-through rate of over 31 percent.

After taking a look at these statistics, it becomes extremely clear why showing up first in the search engine results is extremely imperative for your business's future. Not showing up on that first page of results will drastically minimize your business's chance of getting any customers through organic search results.

It also showcases the importance of showing up at the top of the organic search engine results. The statistics show that the further down the results page you are, the lower your click-thru rate will be. It should be more clear than ever before just how big of a difference having a search engine optimization marketing strategy can be for your business.

SEO: The Key To More Qualified Leads

When you invest money in various marketing strategies, you're not always sure that you'll receive qualified leads. In fact, many marketing outlets present your business to a broad audience. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, presents your business to customers who are ready to purchase the services that you offer.

Qualified leads are hard to come by with many other types of advertising. As search engine optimization is performed on your website, it will appear at the top of the organic search results for queries that involve carpet cleaning services. Stop wasting your money marketing to the broad masses.

Instead, doesn't it make sense to use search engine optimization for marketing your business to select qualified leads that are actually searching for the services that you offer? Qualified leads are the key to high conversion rates, and a new inbound marketing strategy utilizing search engine optimization is the answer to getting those qualified leads.

Enhancing User Experience

When you invest in search engine optimization to get qualified leads to your website, you can easily control their experience. When potential customers have a good interaction with your site, they'll be more likely to contact you for carpet cleaning services as you've instilled a level of trust, legitimacy, and credibility for your business.

There are so many aspects of your user's experience that you can perfect. Some of the most common include load times, navigation, contact capabilities, and overall readability. You don't have to simply put up with using another marketing medium's cookie-cutter structure. Rather, you can enjoy tweaking your own website to make it the perfect experience for all of your visitors.

Trackable and Visible ROI

One of the biggest struggles that business owners face is determining which marketing strategies are providing them with the best ROI. Many broad marketing channels don't provide you with any sort of data about how many new customers they bring you. When you're running multiple marketing campaigns at once, it becomes unclear which ones are working and which ones are underperforming.

Fortunately, inbound marketing with search engine optimization provides feasible analytics about how your strategy is affecting your customers. You can see how many visitors are entering your website from places like Google. You can see how these users moved through your website and if any reverted back to their entry site.

This data is priceless in the fact that it reveals exactly what your customers are doing. You can easily discover which marketing methods are bringing you in the most amount of clients. And, you can see how many of those clients are converting into customers. Finally, search engine optimization is providing business owners with feasible ROI analytics that they can utilize to hone in their overall marketing strategies.

Brand Awareness & Credibility

As you enlist our help to enhance your digital marketing efforts with search engine optimization, it will allow your brand to show up when customers are looking for a carpet cleaning company. The more your brand shows up when people are searching for your services, the more authoritative you look in your industry.

When you have more credibility amongst prospective clients, they're more likely to trust your company with their needs. Users perceive the top results in search engines as being authoritative in nature. Having your business's website show up first in the organic search results for terms related to carpet cleaning means that your business looks highly credible compared to other businesses that are lower down on the organic results page.

Custom SEO Solutions for Your Carpet Cleaning Company

Search engine optimization is no longer a marketing strategy that your business can do without. In fact, it should be the backbone of your advertising strategy to constantly keep new customers calling for service. Now is the time to invest in custom search engine optimization solutions for your business.

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