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Lead Generation Strategies for Carpet Cleaners

Your dream team and their next-level skills are locked and loaded. Your industry-grade truck-mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning system is purring and ready to go. You’re itching to let the world know that your carpet cleaning services are the best in the business. Now, if only you could just get some leads!

In this golden age of competition, the carpet cleaning business can feel like a Roomba eat Roomba world. It’s even hard for consumers to find the right provider to meet their needs. In a lot of cases, carpet cleaning contractors who have a strong internet presence end up earning more leads overall than providers who grow their local reputation primarily via personal recommendations and the often-unreliable grapevine of satisfied customers.

The reality is that the time, effort and resources you invest into strategically marketing your business online directly affect how many hundreds of leads land in your lap on a yearly basis compared to how many pass you by. If you maintain a robust digital presence complete with a user-friendly carpet cleaning website optimized by professionals, you’ll find it a lot easier to drum up loads of leads ready to be converted into sales month after month.

Let’s go on a tour of a few of our most effective tactics for generating leads. These ideas can give your carpet cleaning team the boost it needs to spread the word to consumers who would never have known you existed if you hadn’t invested in online marketing that really works.

Refresh Your Carpet Cleaning Website

Trying to build a successful carpet cleaning business without a professional website is like trying to get a coffee stain out of a carpet using a dry rag. You should look at your carpet cleaning website as your company’s online ambassador. You want your prospective clients to be as impressed by it as if they'd just seen a freshly steam-cleaned rug for the first time.

Another important part of maximizing the leads you generate and the ROI you get from your advertising budget is making sure to keep your site conversion optimized. By ‘conversion optimized,’ we mean that you need to use all the latest tools in your web design toolbox in order to compel as many as possible of your website’s visitors to actually take action and sign up for your carpet cleaning services.

Don’t miss out on a potential torrential downpour of leads by neglecting to use these web design tools that can turn your carpet cleaning website into a conversion-optimized sensation:

  • Web Design That Adapts
    Your carpet cleaning website needs to work just as beautifully on the small screens of smartphones and tablets as on the bigger screens of desktop or laptop devices.
  • Integrated SEO
    The SEO you use on your carpet cleaning website needs to be efficient and feel organic in order to get the attention of the search engines, increase your site’s ranking and broaden your online footprint.
  • Calls To Action
    You should plaster plenty of calls-to-action on unmistakable buttons and prompts in conspicuous locations all over your carpet cleaning website to get as many leads and sales conversions as possible out of your visitors.
  • Active Website Upkeep
    From new SEO strategies to fresh marketing responses based on the latest analytical data, the online world is constantly changing. Your carpet cleaning website needs to receive regular updates to reflect those changes.

If you want to maximize your lead generation, your carpet cleaning website needs to incorporate these tools as well as the many others in our essential web design toolbox.

Effective Paid Advertising Campaigns Are Money in the Bank

If you have to share the local carpet cleaning business with a number of competitors, you’ll need to think out of the box to get ahead. A targeted Google Ads or pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can help you do just that.

The beauty of this kind of paid marketing is that it can bump the link to your carpet cleaning website to the top of Google’s results pages when people search for relevant terms. Your business can be the first one people notice when they Google carpet cleaning companies or search for terms like “carpet cleaning providers close to me.”

You can use these paid advertising campaigns to increase the leads your website generates for you. Here are a few advantages you’ll get:

  • Immediate boosts in your website’s search engine ranking and traffic
  • Only display ads to the target demographic most likely to need carpet cleaning services
  • Track and evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness with analytic results in real time
  • Great ROI because you’ll only pay when an ad results in a lead or traffic to your website
  • If a lead visits your site and leaves without deciding, you get the opportunity to retarget them later

Your website and your paid advertising campaigns are two sides of the lead generation coin. An impressive conversion-optimized website is the best way to harvest long-term leads, while your ad campaigns work to channel leads to you immediately.

Use Retargeting Strategies to Gently Remind Your Leads

It might be difficult to locate and convince people who have physically visited the offices of your carpet cleaning company but left without hiring you. It’s a little easier with your online visitors.

Give people who have dropped by your site a second chance to hire your carpet cleaning services by using a retargeting advertising campaign to “follow” them with your ads. You can set up your carpet cleaning website to track these people anonymously with Javascript code based on cookie technology. Social media sites and even Google search results can use cookies to tell if someone has visited your site and then display your ads to them as a gentle reminder.

Many online shoppers are reluctant to buy products or hire services on their first visit to any website. You can remind leads about the best carpet cleaners in town with a retargeted advertising campaign that encourages them to go back and hire you when they’re ready.

Connect With Old and New Clients via Email Marketing

Finding a way to connect directly on a regular basis with your long-term and new clients is a crucial part of any successful strategy for generating leads. It’s also a great way to reel in potential leads who may have seen your website in passing but left without being fully convinced.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to do this. Look at it as an exclusive opportunity to talk to your customers and leads so you can tell them about your latest deals and promotions or any other messages you’d like to convey to them. These smaller-scale communiques can be a compelling way to convert new leads into customers and keep older customers coming back for more.

Here in the U.S., almost 80% of us are addicted to checking our email every day. The vast majority of those use their email accounts for commercial purposes. That means they interact with the companies they already work with and ask questions of the businesses they’re thinking of hiring.

You can strengthen your relationships with your clients by using an email marketing campaign to:

  • Send them a personalized note or offer directly
  • Familiarize them with your brand, which can help increase their loyalty to you
  • Update them weekly with your latest news or exclusive deals
  • Keep an eye on the results of your marketing to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Get more visitors to your website and more leads for your business

Try to encourage as many as possible of your existing customers and casual website visitors to opt in to receiving your online newsletters. It will help you create stronger connections and longer-term business relationships.

Grow Your Online Footprint

When all is said and done, how trustworthy you are in the eyes of your potential clients has a massive influence on whether or not they choose to hire your carpet cleaning services. The more ubiquitous your carpet cleaning business’ online presence is, the more credible you’ll appear and the more your relevant prospects will trust you.

Online reviews are some of the first things consumers will research when they want to know more about a company. If you use a professional review management service, you can get a head start over your competitors both in how many people visit your site and how many see you as a business they can trust.

A review management service can also increase your ranking on Google’s My Business platform to further expand your digital reach. Google Maps results are responsible for 25% of traffic to business websites in the U.S., and 16% of companies in the U.S. say their listing on Google’s My Business has gotten them over 100 phone calls from leads and new clients.

You Still Need Physical Branding

Even if you get on board with a comprehensive online marketing strategy, it’s still wise to continue to keep up with your real-world branding. This includes things like asking satisfied customers if you can put up a sticker with your contact information after a successful carpet cleaning, displaying a giant glossy decal of your carpet cleaning logo on your truck or even just having lots of business cards handy.

Blending your online marketing with real-world branding can help people see you wherever they go, whether surfing the internet’s multiple universes or just driving down the street. It creates more possibilities to attract new leads across many different platforms.

More Leads and More Sales Conversions With Triton Commerce

You’ve given your carpet cleaning business your very best since the beginning. You’re dedicated to doing everything in your power, whether online or off, to bring in more business opportunities.

Here at Triton Commerce, we’re dedicated to helping carpet cleaning companies bring in more leads. We have the answers you need to get more potential customers on the hook right away through our synergistic online marketing tactics that actually work.

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