How a Carpet Cleaning Company Can Dominate the First Page of Google


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Increase your Carpet Cleaning Company Rank in Google

Google has been a dominant force in our society since it first started back at us in 1996. It’s gotten a 25-year run as the most popular search engine on the planet. Some of us may remember life without Google around, but with each passing year, that percentage dwindles.

Our children have never existed in a world that didn’t have Google in it. And, for you, it’s hard not to traverse this world without using it.

To get the gist of how dominant Google really is, let’s look at some statistics:

  • Google Accounts for 70% of all desktop traffic globally
  • Google processes over 70,000 search inquire a second
  • Google accounted for $335 BILLION in economic activity in the U.S. in 2018
  • The first three websites on a search inquiry get over half of all clicks
  • 46% of all searches are for local goods and services
  • A person, on average, will search for something on the internet three to four times a day

These numbers are shocking yet unsurprising. You probably already know the strength and power of Google.

We use Google to find where we’re going and the entire history of that place. We ask Google questions that are right off the top of our head, and it’ll finish your question before you get done typing in the search bar. We search Google to find our exact preference for our goods and services.

As consumers, we rely on Google to find us these goods and services. On the flip side, however, we as merchants also rely on Google now more than ever to connect us with those consumers. Marketing for Carpet cleaning businesses are no different.

Digital marketing is a necessary tool for businesses to survive nowadays. Having your company miss the first page of a relevant search on Google can be detrimental.

There are ways to combat this, though.

It’s weird to say that every business has a relationship with Google, but it’s true. Refining and molding this relationship will benefit your business substantially.

That goes without saying – Google is a dominant beast, so let’s learn how to dominate it.

Growing Organic SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In short, SEO means getting the most out of your internet presence.

The term “growing” is suitable alongside SEO. Growth requires time and effort, which is exactly what SEO practices are. You can’t start with an excerpt of results within one business day – growing your relationship with the Google crawlers will take you some time to achieve.

But the longevity of that success is far-reaching.

Research what potential customers search for is the very first place to start. Seeing what customers Google when they want information on cleaner carpets should tell you on certain words to focus on.

Target keywords are a few out of the thousands of words that will call the pages on your website home. These few keywords can be a deciding factor in a relevant Google search by a potential customer.

You see, most people don’t pay attention to the entire ad, but those keywords sitting in the right spot will ring a sweet sound of clicks.

If your carpet cleaning service has several different services, using the words of those services will increase your chances of a top-ranking search.

A couple of services someone will probably search related to carpet cleaning would be:

  • “Water damage restoration”
  • “Fire damage restoration”
  • “Mold removal”

If one of these is the bread and butter of your business, really drive that point home. Pound it into the massive brain of Google that this business is good at X.

But target keywords are only the beginning when growing your online search presence.

There are six components of SEO practices to follow:

  1. Mobile Responsiveness
  2. Web Page Structure
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Link Building
  5. Reviews
  6. Paid Google Ads


Now, this is all but important in present times. Back in the 1990s and 2000s, it seemed like every household came into possession of a desktop computer.

However, in the past decade, replace household with individual and desktop with pocket.

Smartphones are glued to just about every one of us in the first world. It’s difficult to navigate day to day without one. We use it for phone calls, texting, social media, paying bills, and searching for information.

Does this stat seem right to you?

  • 55% of all search engine inquiries are conducted through a mobile device.

If you think yes, then you are correct! Over half of all searches come from a mobile device. That means one thing, your website should become mobile-friendly!

Unfortunately, regular-old websites are not optimal for mobile devices. This can cause even the best business to lose out on potential clientele.

Potential customers may stumble across your website in a related search, but as they do, they will find that your website takes forever to load, even with the best service. When it does load, your website looks clunky, and the text is almost unreadable.

All these faults will more than likely drive that potential customer to your competitor out of frustration, which can kill a business.

There are ways to optimize this, and it only requires a few steps:

  • Levy your website’s cache
  • Compress all images on your website properly
  • Try using Accelerated Mobile Pages as your HTML

Web Page Structure

This component is closely related to the last. The structure of your website plays a large role in where it ranks on Google search inquiries.

However, it’s not your entire web page that gets judged – every individual page you have published on that website does. Each page can rank higher or lower than the other. The quality of each page is important to your overall visibility on search engines. Just one high-ranking page from your website can introduce an abundance of searchers to your website and its many services. Keep in mind that this high-ranking page should be loaded with internal links, but we’ll get to that soon.

Having images – especially high-quality and original images – helps a website’s credibility improve greatly.

Content Marketing

It’s safe to say that most everyone loves themselves some content! It’s worth noting that, no matter how niche your interests are, there’s a community of the same like-minded people on the internet who publish content on it!

With such an attraction to sweet, sweet content comes with strategies to sell your business within your content.

This comes with a simple formula:

  • Amount of content+quality of content = sustained SEO

From catchy titles to engaging and educational blog posts, content marketing is meant to draw searchers into your website and have them leave with all their questions answered and a number to dial for their upcoming upholstery cleaning.

And once your company starts dominating that first page of Google, content marketing is a great way to stay there.

Link Building

Now we get to an integral part of why potential customers will stay on your website for longer while constantly improving your credibility, and that is link building.

Link building creates a web of references both internally and externally.

Internal links head straight to other pages on your website. Many of your target keywords refer to certain parts of your services. More than likely, those services have their page on your website. Using internal links creates pathways to every corner of your website, potentially keeping the reader there longer.

External links are any outside sources you use to cite factual parts of your blogs, social media posts, or service pages. If you have a parent or sister company, linking out to them further increases your company's scope as a whole.

Some of the best external links are:

  • Other Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies

Never link out to a competitor, though. You will certainly lose business to them.

The more you know your keywords, the better you will be at identifying your strategy of building links to assure your credibility with search engines.


Who doesn’t love a good review? It lets us know, as consumers, that the thing we are interested in fits our needs and desires. Other people who have taken the leap of faith and tried something first come back from their journey and truthfully deliver their experience.

While having a good digital marketing strategy is important, word-of-mouth will always be the most powerful tool in generating business.

Reviews are marketing right from the horse’s mouth. They let other consumers know that your carpet cleaning services are legitimate.

The intent is what Google crawlers search for most. This coincides with the review’s intent of sharing an honest experience. Honest experiences generate the most credibility to your website.

This is also where the use of link building comes into play. Showing off reviews on your website is important as it directs it to the source of the original review. Wherever you can fit the keyword “review” onto your pages means more chances of a potential customer being persuaded by word-of-mouth.

A Review Management system can help you ask for and receive more positive reviews than any other method.

Google Paid Ads

Paid ads are the quickest way to the top of the page, albeit it comes at a cost. If your business has a bit of extra cash to spare, on the other hand, the cost is worth the outcome.

For instance, when someone in your services area Googles for “duct cleaning near me,” your business has an increased chance of making the first page of Google just by the paid ad alone!

If you think about it too, you could beat out cross-service competition. Let’s say a nearby HVAC company has a duct cleaning service. Your paid ad will have a higher chance of outranking that HVAC service, thus drawing potential customers to other parts of your website!

Choosing to do Google paid ads is also a low risk as follows the payment system of PPC or pay-per-click.

Essentially, this means you will only be charged by the number of clicks to your website that the ad generates. So if it doesn’t do much for your visibility, you won’t be paying a high price. On the other hand, if it does amount to increased clicks on your website, your profit margins won’t suffer as you’ll generate plenty of business.

Additionally, paid ads will help you land on searches that aren’t entirely related to carpet cleaning service, which gives you more chances of website visitors.

GMB Optimization

As mentioned before, SEO practices come with time, effort, and patience. However, there’s a quicker way to search engine optimization, and it’s probably already started for you!

Google My Business of GMB is your Google profile. I think you’ll be intrigued to know that it doesn’t cost a penny! Most businesses already have an account set up. All you have to do is go to the profile page and verify that it’s your business.

Linking out to your website, adding content, service hours, and images all play a key role in optimizing your GMB profile. Setting this up will assure peak localized search engine optimization. After all, 50% of all searches are for local goods and services!

Local Service Ad gives you a certification on Google’s searches. This comes in handy when you have a potential customer who treats recommendations from Google as gospel.

Google Ad Words simply takes your target keywords to another level. Google will make sure that, if someone searches for your target keywords, your website will nicely be at the top of the page results.

Go With The SEO Experts

You can either grow your carpet cleaning company’s ranking on google one of two ways: quickly and slowly. You need a little bit of both if you ever want to grow and sustain your clients.

Improving your business’s visibility online to generate a larger client base is a daunting task – it’s another job on top of the one you already have.

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