The Ultimate SEO Strategy for A/V & Security Companies


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The Ultimate SEO Strategy for A/V & Security Companies

Just years ago, people had to spend hours reading a book to learn how to perform DIY home repairs. When people needed help with their home security, they had to go through the many Yellow Pages to find an actual phone number for a security company in their area.

Nowadays, people are able to instantly get access to the information they need thanks to search engines like Google. Now, when a person needs help finding a local company, they can simply search for one by adding "near me" to the end of their search term.

It can be surprising to find out that 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google during an average day. This number has steadily increased over the past years. And it's expected to continue going into the future. As a business owner, this means that your company needs to be Google's answer to inquiries about services in your local area.

To be Google's top answer, you need to utilize the tool of search engine optimization. This is a digital marketing strategy that allows your website to rank higher in the organic search results for terms relevant to the A/V & security industry. If you're ready to discover what SEO has to offer your business, continue reading our helpful guide below.

Undergo a Website Audit

Since your website is the main portal through which prospective clients will be connecting with your business, it pays to get it right up to the tippy top of the search engine results page. Before you can do so, you need to know where you stand.

An audit of your website can reveal many factors about your website, including the following:

  • Broken links and internal 404 errors
  • Check to see if your website is compliant with current Google standards
  • Determine if you're using target keywords in your headings, titles, and content
  • Identify if your website is current and industry relevant
  • Reveal any duplicate content

One of the best ways to perform a website audit is through a website crawl. This is a quick process where a bot analyzes your website. It will look for elements that the search engine bots use to determine if your website has them or not. This website crawl can give you a clear understanding of what your website has optimized and what it's missing.

Researching Target Keywords For Your Industry

The next step to ensuring your best chance of getting your website at the top of the organic search results is to include target keywords in your website content. These are the most common search phrases that Google users employ to find the services that your A/V & Security company offers.

To find these industry-relevant keywords, you'll need the help of digital tools like the Keyword Planner and Google Search Console. These sites will reveal analytical metrics and traffic data about the most commonly used keywords in your industry. When you know what terms searchers are using to find your services, you can easily include those keywords throughout your blog articles, meta descriptions, title tags, and headings.

Some great examples of proficient keyword implementation in page titles include:

  • Video Surveillance Installer in St. Paul
  • Minneapolis Facial Recognition Security Company
  • Audio Security Company in Edina, MN
  • Twin Cities Security Company

As you include these industry-relevant keywords throughout the content on your website, Google can better understand what your business offers and connect you with more prospects that are looking for your specific services.

Write Engaging, Authentic, and Industry Relevant Content

After understanding the top keywords that need to be utilized throughout your website content, it's time to start developing that content. Your website can release information in a variety of ways, including blog articles, video tutorials, testimonials, and even infographics.

When you're scribing this content, it's best to stick to a similar tone, message, and personality. You want your entire website to be like a book. Your main target keywords are going to be the chapters in your book. All the content that you produce should align with your chapters and flow the way a regular book does.

Optimizing Your Ranking Off-Site

While your website is an absolute necessity for your business to get new clients routinely, it won't get you straight to the top of the search results on your own. Rather, you'll need to include some off-page optimization tactics to show Google that you're a credible business.

There are a few different ways to optimize your online presence in an off-site manner. These include the following:

  • Backlinking
    Getting links from other credible sites to your website helps to boost your credibility with search engines.
  • Google My Business
    You should have a Google My Business profile set up so that customers have up-to-date contact information for your business. This also gives you the opportunity to collect reviews from your existing and past clients.
  • Interlinking
    You'll want to create links on your website that go to other internal pages on your site. This helps to enhance the experience of your website visitors and allows Google to analyze all of your website pages.
  • Citations
    Whenever local directory sites mention your business name and contact information, it helps to grow your credibility in the eyes of the search engines like Google.

Any well-rounded optimization strategy should include both on and off-page optimization tactics.

Search Engine Optimization Experts For A/V & Security Companies

Learning just how to get your company's website to the top of the search engine results page is exciting. However, the idea of implementing all of these strategies can be daunting when you have a business to run. Let us help!

Triton Commerce has the experienced staff and ideal equipment to develop the ultimate optimization solutions for your business. With our help, your website will increase in the organic search engine results, and you'll get more customers coming into your business. Contact us today to get a copy of our free Digital Marketing Plan to learn how we'll expand your business going into the future.

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