4 Ways Your A/V Website Can Build Trust and Grow Sales


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4 Ways Your A/V & Security Website Can Build Trust and Grow Sales

Trust is essential to everyday life. It’s been a necessary component of any relationship since the beginning of time. Whether it’s between two people, a person and an animal, or a person and a business, trust plays a key role in determining the health and legitimacy of any relationship.

Your A/V and security company is no different. Let’s face it: The competition out there is stiff. Plenty of other businesses like yours are trying to increase their sales too, but the quality of work you put into every client stands out above the rest.

How do you get that message across to a potential customer, though? More importantly, who do you get that customer to trust that message?

In this day and age, your biggest storefront is your website. Sure, other advertisements such as radio and TV get your message out there, but don’t reach close to the audience the internet brings in.

To put into perspective, Google receives 13 billion inquiries per day. With nearly everyone Googling something every day, digital marketing has now become king. Optimizing your website both aesthetically and functionally is crucial towards spreading your message and amplifying your top-quality craftsmanship.

If you own and operate an A/V and security business and would like to learn more about growing your sales through your website, then check out these four tips!

1. Web Design

Your website is the virtual window for potential customers to view your service for the first time. Making a good first impression is crucial as 94% of all first impressions stem from web design. You want your website not only to look appealing but professional as well.

First, you want to take into consideration the aesthetic of your website. What do you want the style of your web pages to say? The very first impressions our brains pick up lies within our subconscious. The color of the pages and the font style of your text will be the first thing visitors to your website will pick up on.

Anything to note is how easily digestible your text is on your website. Having your writing spaced out will benefit the reader by helping them absorb the information more efficiently.

Making your website as mobile friendly as possible is a step in the right direction when it comes to functionality. More and more internet searchers use their phones to gather information, and that number is only going to rise by the end of the decade.

Start by compressing the images on your website. This helps mobile devices use less data when loading your web page. Next, levy your website’s cache and consider using accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

When it comes to functionality, the menu bar of your main web page takes precedent. Your menu bar should make a clear path to any and all of the services you provide. Be sure to properly upkeep the links you have on every page as broken or old ones slow down the functionality of a website.

Lastly, always have your contact information showing. Your phone number and a link to contact your business on every page of your website will make it much easier for any visitor to reach out and request your service.

2. Create Original Content

The internet and all of its users crave content. With the rise of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and many other social media sights comes a different way to get a message across. Since anyone can make viral content just by having a phone, there’s plenty of authenticity on the internet, positive or not. The keyword here is authenticity.

When someone shows their true authentic self, it strengthens the trust between the viewer and the content creator. In the realm of your AV & Security business, content writing is the greatest way to show your authentic self while selling your unique value propositions (UVPs.)

Creating monthly or weekly content in the form of blogs, infographics, or videos will immensely benefit your website. The more content you have makes for a better credibility score with Google’s algorithm. When you have an established relationship with Google, you’re more apt to appear on relevant searches for A/V and security services.

Blogs that are knowledgeable and enriching to industry topics help the reader better understand what your service is and how it can be beneficial to them. This can embolden their confidence in choosing your service for their security camera install!

Having an “About Us” section on your website is a great way to let customers get an inside look at your business before members of your staff do work on their homes. The “About Us” section is also a great way to show off any awards or credentials you or your staff may have.

3. User-Generated Content

Businesses wouldn’t exist without word-of-mouth. Sure, you can plaster all over your website how trustworthy and dependable you are, but that only goes so far.

To truly gain the trust of a potential customer, it’s important to let your previous customers do the talking for you.

Online reviews and testimonials are a great way to improve your credibility with search engines and, more importantly, with potential customers. There’s no more honest word than a satisfied customer, and if they leave enough good reviews about your business, more business will come in!

4. Customer Engagement

As you know by now, running a business isn’t a passive act – it requires a heavy amount of activity. Of course, you keep active with the jobs you have, but the other half of keeping your business active is engaging with the customers and following up with previous jobs.

By reaching out to your customers, you let them know your commitment to great customer service and quality craftsmanship.

Some techniques for great customer engagement include:

  • Implement an email marketing campaign
  • Consistently maintain, post, and engage with users on all of your social media accounts
  • Produce monthly/weekly blogs that are genuine, resourceful, and helpful
  • Utilize analytical reporting to see which engagements do and don’t work

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