How A/V Companies Can Use Social Media to Attract New Leads


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How A/V & Security Companies Can Use Social Media to Attract New Leads

It doesn't matter if you're a huge fan of social media or you've never used it before. It's an undeniable fact that social media has become so embedded into our culture as a way to communicate with others. Some of the most popular social media sites include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

While the sites are commonly used for sharing content, connecting with others, and expressing your opinions, they can also be a valuable part of your lead generation strategy. In fact, it's likely that many of your competitors are using the power of social media to grow their businesses.

If you don't integrate social media marketing into the digital marketing strategy you’re executing for your A/V & security company, you're letting all these valuable customers go straight to your competitors. It's time to learn how social media marketing can help to introduce new customers to your business and position you as an authority in your industry.

Start With Optimizing Your Social Networking Profiles

It's crucial that you look at your social media profiles as similar to your website. They both need to be highly optimized to help the general public connect with your business via search engines. Having a well-optimized social media profile will enhance your lead generation strategy by helping to promote your brand. It promotes your brand in many different ways, including:

  • Driving more traffic to your website
  • Increasing in the number of email subscribers and social media followers that you have
  • Boosting your online presence and strengthening your overall brand
  • Giving your followers the ability to share your content with others

One very important rule of thumb to remember is that all of your social media profiles should be constantly updated with accurate information. Even having one outdated phone number or hyperlink on these profiles can give prospects the impression that your business is no longer in operation.

While there are many different ways that you can fully optimize your social media profiles, we're going to share some of the most influential below:

  • Utilizing keyword research when writing content for your profiles
  • Having any traceable hyperlink to your A/V & security company website
  • Using the same account handles and usernames on all social platforms
  • Providing up-to-date contact information on all profiles
  • Using call to action buttons throughout your profiles
  • Having profile and banner pics with your logo in them to enhance brand recognition

When you utilize these strategies to more effectively optimize your social media profiles, users will be better able to connect with your company. You'll quickly start to notice that your brand awareness online increases, and so does your lead generation.

Publishing Engaging Content

Once all of your social media profiles are established, you'll need to start producing engaging content. Don't make the mistakes of many businesses and simply set up your profiles without regularly posting content. The whole idea behind this type of marketing is that you're consistently posting content to these profiles to connect with your followers. They should be getting into the routine of receiving regular information from your business so that you're always at the forefront of their minds.

Here are a few great tips that you should be following when you're writing content for your social media profiles:

  • It Must Be Shareable
    The goal of writing any content for your social media profiles is to be sure that it is engaging for the reader. The contents should be so good that your readers are going to naturally share that information with their followers. When they do, this expands the number of customers that you get as your followers become your free marketing agents.
  • Make It Relevant
    When your business starts posting content onto your social media profiles, your followers are going to see you as an authority in the A/V & security industry. Every bit of content that you release to your social profiles should be about your specific industry. Avoid trying to post information about other industries as people won't see you as an expert in those other industries.
  • Use Unique Imagery
    Using imagery is one of the best ways to help engage followers to read your content. In fact, using tactics like an infographic can be a great way to get people to quickly read through your content and even share it. However, the main rule that you need to follow when it comes to imagery for your content is it has to be unique. Don't ever utilize stock photographs or videos that were taken by somebody else. All of your imagery should be taken by your company. This way, you can ensure it will always be unique as you're the first one that will be putting it on the internet.
  • Make It Personal
    This is the day and age that people like to be recognized as unique individuals and not just one of the crowd. You need to do your best to try to personalize your content for your customers and your followers. When it becomes personal, they're more likely to be engaged in the content and feel more loyalty to your company. Making it personal can be as easy as tagging some of your customers in your recent post or sharing some of your customers' personal testimonials in your posts.
  • Work With Consistency
    People rely on businesses to always be on time and honor their promises. You need to keep this in mind when you're making content for your social media profiles. If you announce that you'll be putting out new articles every Tuesday and Thursday, you need to stick to that schedule. Make sure that you're only committing to a schedule that you can definitely keep up with for the many years ahead.

Using Paid Advertisements on Social Networking Sites

The actual acts of setting up social media profiles and posting content to them is completely free to do for any business. However, there is another way that you can market on these social media sites, and that is through paid advertisements.

While this is a fairly newer form of digital marketing that has evolved over the last couple of decades, it has grown into a very valuable source of leads. In fact, U.S. businesses are expected to spend just under $48 billion in 2021 on paid advertisements on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you make a decision to invest in paid advertisements on social media sites, it can bring many different benefits for your business. These include:

  • Being able to actively target existing and new customers
  • Focusing your ads on specific demographics such as a particular location or age
  • Rapidly boosting your social media presence and increasing the number of leads that you get
  • Boosting website traffic and increasing conversion rates
  • Real-time tracking of the success of your ads so that you can discover what's working and what's not

When your business chooses to post original and engaging content and supplement that with paid advertising campaigns on social media sites, you can all but guarantee that you'll be getting more customers into your business.

Boosting Your Lead Generation With Triton Commerce

By now, you're likely convinced that social media advertising and content posting is a necessity for your digital marketing strategy. However, just the sheer thought of trying to create original content and post it on a consistent basis while establishing paid advertisements can be overwhelming. In fact, you may be trying to discount the idea already as you just don't have the time to do it right now.

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