4 SEO Tips for Your A/V Company to Outrank Competitors


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SEO Tips for A/V & Security Companies to Outrank Your Competitors

The internet is a vast, expansive universe. Think of anything, type it into the search bar, and you’re bound to get hundreds of thousands of pages to click from. The internet is the new window pane of the 21st century since most people look through their monitors most days.

These days, the average person spends roughly two and a half hours a day online. Around a third of people have desk jobs, so if you factor in an eight-hour workday, some people can average a whopping 10 hours of screen time per day!

There’s no going back to the pre-internet era, so most things have adapted to coexist online, especially businesses. Digital marketing is the strategy used by businesses to represent themselves and their product online.

Marketing your business successfully on the internet can help you land new clients and keep your A/V and security company busy. Not doing so can have you in the shop twiddling your thumbs.

Digital marketing is so important because most people use a search engine like Google every single day. Google receives 13 BILLION inquiries per day, while 46% of those searches are of local intent, meaning almost half the time, someone is looking for a service or a store near them.

Before you start your digital marketing journey, it’s worthy to note that it may be a highly competitive race to jump into. Internet searchers who use Google’s search engine won’t be taking allotted time for research – they want the answer to their solution right now.

The average Google search time is under a minute. Within that minute, 75% of users will never venture past the first page of the search results, while 55% of all searchers won’t even click past the third link! However, there’s always a way to strategize and outrank the stiff competition, and to do that you’ll need to master a technique called search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO is a great strategy for growing your brand’s search engine relevance naturally. “Naturally” means organic growth of your search result relevance by the work you put in to establish a relationship with the Google algorithm.

It’s a bit of a process, but once you establish yourself with Google’s search engines, you’ll be landing leads and booking work consistently.

Here are four SEO tips to help your business outrank A/V and security competitors online!

Location Is Everything

Where your business is located and where your service areas reach are imperative to achieving a relevant search result for your business. Letting the Google algorithm know where to find you will play into local searches for A/V and security services. As mentioned before, almost half of the internet searchers are of local intent.

Local search engine optimization is the strategy used to amplify your location to Google’s algorithm. The best way to let Google know the location of your business is to set up a GMB or “Google My Business” account.

This account is free to access. Better yet, there may already be an account set up for you! All you have to do is verify the account to get started.

Once verified, you just have to make it look pretty! Add pictures of your business and your service to start. Next, add other details such as service locations, hours of service, links to your website, and subsequent pages.

Setting up your GMB account is a great first step in culminating a successful SEO practice.

Keywords are Key

When you actually pay attention (even partly) to an advertisement, chances are you’ll barely pick up the entire message. However, the few words you do hear are meant to be picked up by design. These words are called keywords, and they are an essential facet of your digital marketing presence.

Keywords are the words that describe your business and the quality of service you provide. Within just a few words, you can sum up what you do and how well you do it.

There are three types of keywords you can use.

General keywords are the base. These words will appear in almost all of your website content, whether it’s blogs or service pages. If your A/V and security services are one of the few services that offer residential services, a great keyword phrase would be “residential security installation.”

Specific keywords get into more of a niche area when it comes to your services. If your business offers a service that is not generally round in other A/V and security businesses, these keywords will subtly shine a light on them. Let’s say your business offers home automation along with your other plumbing services. A great keyword search would be “home automation services.”

Structured keywords are a grouping of both general and specific keywords. These hybrid keywords give the Google algorithm a larger net to cast over your website, making it more accessible in relevant searches.

Build Those Links

If you’ve read this far, chances are you’ve seen highlighted or underlined words peppered throughout this article. This process is called link building, and it proves beneficial to both the reader and the content’s creator.

Linking building is a way to cite your sources and amplify your keywords even further. With two types of links, you can add the credibility of your content and keep a reader on your website for longer.

The two types of links are external and internal.

Internal links bring the reader to different corners of your website, these pair best with keywords. External links are any other sources you may want to cite if you received information for it. Great examples of external links are infographics, case studies, and blogs.

Take note: Do not link out to a competitor!

Become Mobile Friendly

Along with the internet, phones are growing into a tool we’ve become dependent on. Our phones have become an extension of us, and it shows: 60% of all internet searches are done through a mobile device. This number is expected to increase to over 70% by the year 2025.

With searches ever-increasing on mobile devices, it’s only right to make your website compatible! Start by compressing the images on your website. Doing so will take less data for mobile devices to load.

Next, levy cache and try using accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

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