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Do A/V & Security Companies Need SEO

As a professional A/V and surveillance technician, you wouldn’t leave any aspect of an installation unfinished, would you? You wouldn't shrug off a monitor feed that won’t come through or skip out on training your client on how to manage all the controls when they can just read through some directions, right?

Absolutely not!

You’re arguably the most reputable A/V & Security company in town, right? Your reputation was built on bringing quality products and service to every installation you’re hired to complete. You don’t leave until the training is complete and you’re confident that the customer is satisfied, correct?

The same assurance and certainty can be said when it comes to whether your A/V and Security company’s website should use professional SEO strategies in 2022. Although there’s been more discussion about the validity of optimizing your website for search engines, the fact remains that Search Engine Optimization is still a vital component of any company’s digital marketing strategy, and the need for proficient inbound marketing tactics in 2022 may be stronger than ever.

As a quick refresher on what Search Engine Optimization strategies can offer A/V & Security Companies, here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of implementing a Search Engine Optimization campaign.

  • Organic searches generate more qualified leads
  • Your website’s rankings will improve via in organic search results
  • Provides exceptional long-term ROI
  • Traffic generated through targeted search engine traffic results in higher lead conversion rates
  • Your online presences enhances brand awareness and establishes credibility

There’s no doubt that proper digital marketing strategies help your website rise to, and stay on, the first page of Google’s search results when anyone searches for “A/V & Security Companies near me”.

If you’re not currently implementing search engine optimization strategies on your website, understand that your competitors are and those competitors are grabbing all of those leads that could have been yours.

Still need more convincing that your A/V and Security company needs a website that’s optimized for searches? Let’s dive a little deeper into why SEO is more important than ever for small businesses in 2022.

First Page Results Are Your Top Priority

As an example, let’s say your company is based in the Twin Cities. If you type “A/V and Security companies Twin Cities” in Google’s search bar right now and your website isn’t listed on the first page, not only are you missing out on leads, you’re also in real need of professional Search Engine Optimization services.

These three statistics highlight how important it is to show up on the first page of a relevant Google search:

  • The number one result on any organic Google search result has an average click through rate (CTR) of over 31%.
  • Less than 1% of Google users click to see results on the second page (and beyond).
  • Moving up one spot in organic search results translates to an over 30% average increase in CTR.

Of course, we can quote statistics all day that will prove to you how important it is to boost your A/V and Security company’s website for optimal organic and local search engine results. The bottom line is most prospects and potential leads are using Google to find the Audio/Visual & Security company they need. It’s a rare day when anyone, present company included, will click the arrow at the bottom of Google’s search results’ page to look at any company listed on the second page.

Your online credibility, and the trust of a high ranking, can't be bought with a few ads in the sidebar or at the top of Google's search engine. People are smart enough to know who is paying for those ads and many will scroll right past them selecting one of the first organic listings on the page.

Get More Qualified Leads

Besides raising your visibility in search engines and enhancing your online presence, it’s also important to recognize that a SEO strategy can be a major factor in generating an overwhelming number of qualified leads for your A/V and security website.

Most people who are searching for A/V and security installation services aren’t planning for a “just in case” scenario. They’re searching these services because they need an installation done as soon as possible or they needed a surveillance system yesterday. There’s an immediacy to their search and getting in front of their eyes the exact moment they’re performing a search is imperative.

Earlier, we shared that the higher a website ranks, the more success it realizes at getting clicks. The more optimized your A/V and Security website is for high results in the search engines, the higher your websites’ visibility will be to potential customers who are actively searching for A/V & Security services

In 2022, most consumers make their buying decisions based on their own online research. If they can’t find your website in the search results, they’ll simply consider hiring any of the other Audio/Visual & Security Companies that do show up online.

Enhance Your User’s Experience

There are many factors that Google considers when ranking any website. User Experience (UX) is a factor that’s received a ton of attention in recent years. SEO is also focused on many factors that contribute to a visitor’s experience onsite, such as content quality, page loading time, navigation, and optimization for mobile devices. What pleases the visitor, pleases the search engines and these factors improve your website’s organic search rankings.

As part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization helps your visitors find and access your A/V & Security company’s website. It’s also what keeps visitors engaged and interested. The more time they spend on your site, the better your website will rank in the search engines.

When your website is optimized for the visitor’s experience, a cycle of growth starts by bringing in more targeted visitors. Your site keeps them engaged, and the trust built by these positive experiences translates into more qualified leads and a higher conversion rate.

Impeccable ROI

Another beneficial factor optimizing for search engines can provide your company is a comprehensive amount of real-time analytics and data. Evaluation of this data can give you an accurate account of your return on investment (ROI) and rewarding feedback on your marketing efforts.

Coming out of the pandemic, businesses both large and small are, by necessity, more cautious about their bottom line than ever before. SEO is a long-term strategy that pays dividends over time, but its tracking and analytics capabilities provide real-time feedback. Website traffic growth and conversion numbers can easily validate strategies and provide insights on future growth patterns.

Establish Trust & Credibility

There’s no denying it, inbound marketing strategies are key to legitimizing your A/V and Security company’s online presence. In the eyes of consumers who are actively searching for companies like yours to meet their immediate needs, higher-ranking websites appear more reputable and trustworthy than websites that are ranked lower.

Every digital marketing strategy should gain credibility and establish trust with both consumers and search engines alike. This translates into more qualified leads and the opportunity for an increase in sales.

Custom Optimization Solutions for Your A/V and Security Company

The landscape has certainly changed in 2022. Search Engine Optimization isn't a digital scam that may get you more leads and extra traffic. It's a critical component to every business’ inbound marketing strategy; a necessary piece of the puzzle for any business trying to gain an edge on their competitors and generate warm leads to convert into sales.

Every day that your company doesn’t use professional SEO services means one more day that your website can’t reach the eyes of active prospects you can convert into satisfied customers.

When you need a custom Digital Marketing Strategy catered to your A/V & Security company's specific needs, Triton Commerce has the team, resources, and experience necessary to enhance your online presence and boost your rankings in relevant search results!

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