How A/V Companies Can Dominate the First Page of Google


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How Your A/V & Security Company Can Dominate the First Page of Google

Since the turn of the millennia, we have stepped into almost an entirely different world. Google’s rise to prominence was a swift and effective takeover. The website started in 1998 and never looked back.

It took less than 10 years for the word “Google” to be vetted by the Oxford dictionary as a verb, and it’s a verb we all use almost every day! With Google established as a dominant force in modern society, how can your A/V and security company dominate it?

Digital marketing is the name of the game when it comes to giving your business the exposure it needs. To fully thrive in the competitive realm of online commerce, you need an active digital presence. Of course, your brick-and-mortar business makes a difference in the real world by giving potential customers a physical way to reach you, but attracting today’s digital-savvy customers almost always starts with your website and digital marketing.

You shouldn’t just start producing online content without a plan though. Without learning the ins and outs of Google, your company’s web content might land far from the first page of search results, putting your business behind your competitors.

Let’s take a look at some statistics to really see the breadth of Google’s power:

  • The first three search results get over half the clicks
  • 86% of all consumers use search engines to find local business
  • 46% of all-time searches are local
  • Google receives over 13 BILLION daily inquires
  • Google accounts for 70% of all desktop search traffic globally

When you finally learn the inner workings of this massive search engine, your A/V and security company will be ready to reap the benefits of keeping busy with all of your new clients.

Here’s how you can DOMINATE Google’s search engines!

SEO Practices

Search engine optimization is an organic way to grow your search presence on related searches. The word organic, in this case, means the work you put in on your website to optimize its search relevance within Google’s algorithm – not via an advertising campaign.

SEO is relatively free, depending on if you want to do the work yourself or not. Additionally, it doesn’t grant you fully optimized search relevance off the bat – it takes time to cultivate and grow a relationship with Google’s search engines.

Once cultivated and growing, your SEO presence will help keep your site on top of relevant searches. To stay there long term requires participating in the upkeep by producing content relevant to your audience, industry, and products or services.

Before you start anything with SEO, you must nail down your target keywords. Let’s put it this way: Your keywords are the top words used to describe your business. As an A/V and security company, that might include keywords like “security systems” and “A/V installation.”

Form the beginning of your SEO strategy around the basic keywords related to your company’s A/V and security services, and you’re off to a great start. However, there’s still plenty more to do.

Here are six main components of SEO to practice:

  • Web Page Structure
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Reviews
  • Google Ads

Web Page Structure

Google’s algorithm doesn’t take an aggregated sum of all your web pages and throws them into one score; It ranks each one individually. Keep this in mind as you begin to grow each page by implementing your keywords on every page.

Be sure to align your keywords with subsequent web pages to take advantage of linking out your keywords to different parts of your website. This helps keep visitors clicking from page to page on your website for as long as possible, hopefully influencing a conversion in the process.

Whether you’re looking for potential customers to contact you or fill out a form, using the right keywords demonstrates that your website has the content they’re looking for. Once they get there, it’s up to your web page structure and content to guide them to a decision. Make sure to include strong calls to action!

Mobile Responsiveness

The use of mobile devices for web searches is at an all-time high: 55% of all internet searches are done through a mobile device. This number will only continue to increase, as 73% of all internet searches are predicted to be done on mobile devices by the year 2025.

In this day and age, for your A/V and security company to survive, you must have a mobile friendly website. Let us start you with a few tips. Start by compressing the photos to help phones use less data while loading your webpages. Next, levy your website’s cache and consider using accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

Link Building

The practice for creating a web of reliability in your website is called link building. There are two types of links: internal links and external links.

Internal links direct readers back to your website. Keywords and link building go hand in hand if you want readers to continue to stay on your website and learn more about your services.

External links are used for backing up statistics and facts, promoting partnerships, and more.

Three main external links are generally used:

  • Case studies
  • Other blogs
  • Infographics

Keep in mind, never link out to a potential competitor!

Content Marketing

Content makes up our entire modern world. Everywhere you look, you can find content about something. With having so much content to soak up and produce comes content marketing, which is basically the practice of promoting your business in plain sight.

Blogs, landing pages, case studies, and other content that teaches the reader something about your business helps gain the trust of potential customers and the Google algorithm alike. Think about the questions people ask you most frequently about your business and what you sell, and use your content as an opportunity to answer those questions. Then, when potential customers turn to Google to search for the answers, your website already contains the useful information they’re looking for!

Don’t forget to optimize every last blog, social post, and web page. By incorporating the right keywords, your content will have a better chance of being found.


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertisements for the business. Nothing says “great service” better than a satisfied customer!

Letting your previous customers leave a review about your company will embolden customers on the fence about your service to reach out. Reviews are also noticed by Google, giving your company another chance to appear on relevant searches.

Make sure to respond to reviews professionally, even the inevitable negative ones. Rather than trying to get negative Google reviews removed, which can be next to impossible, grab the chance to demonstrate your brand’s problem solving skills. You’d be surprised how many potential customers will convert when they see how graceful your business is under fire.

Google Ads

Paid ads are a great way to pump up your search relevance by placing you on sites not directly related to “A/V and security services.” They are what they sound like: online advertisements that you can have displayed in various placements across Google and other parts of the internet.

Paid ads are a low-risk, high-ceiling investment, as these ads are PPC or “pay per click.” The more the paid ad generates clicks, the more you’ll have to pay. However, if it doesn’t generate too many clicks, you won’t be left with a big bill. You only pay for actual clicks, which are hopefully mostly good leads. The better you tailor your campaign, the better quality leads you can expect to receive.

GMB Optimization

Google can also give you the tools to help appear on relevant searches all for free! With a Google My Business account, you’ll be able to set up an official relationship with the mega search engine to help your A/V and security company get to the top and stay there.

There may be an account already set up for your business – all you have to do is verify!

Next, it’s time for optimization:

  1. Add pictures of your business
  2. Link out your website and its subsequent pages
  3. Enable Google Reviews
  4. Add your business information (locations, service hours, phone number, etc.)

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