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Know Your ROI With

Performance Reporting

We show you exactly how we are delivering with reports featuring metrics that actually matter.

At Triton Commerce, our focus is on providing value to small businesses through digital marketing that not only meets -- but exceeds -- your goals! With our custom Performance Reports, we are able to show you the return on that investment.

Each month, you'll receive a performance report that provides your business with the metrics needed to judge our team's effectiveness and determine if any adjustments should be made to your strategy.

  • See the ROI of your marketing dollars
  • Determine where your marketing budget should be allocated for additional growth
  • Have access to your Account Manager at all times for questions, concerns, and adjustments

What You Get With Our Reporting

Your designated Account Manager will prepare and send you monthly reports detailing the performance of your Managed Marketing Platform.

Accessible Account Manager

Some of our clients hate emailed reports. We get it! So your Account Manager is available whenever you want to discuss performance.

Key Performance Indicators

Words you'll never hear us say: "But look at all the impressions we got you." At Triton Commerce, we only focus on the metrics that matter!

Double Down On What Works

Understanding what's working allows you to allocate more budget to the areas driving growth.

Customizable to Your Needs

Have something specific that your company wants to track? We'll make sure it's included, just ask!

What We Provide

We're on your team! How we spend your marketing dollars is never hidden from you, neither are the results you're getting! When you work with us, we'll provide you with:

Real-Time Website Analytics

A website is an investment in your business. We want you to see exactly what the return on that investment is, which is why we provide you with real-time analytics that allow you to track your website’s performance. We can also create custom reports that measure the results that matter most to you.

Paid Ad Campaign Reports

Your paid advertising campaigns were designed to generate specific results for your business. Each month, we'll provide you with a custom report that shows you the exact results of each of your paid ads currently running.

Social Media Reports

Social media marketing has become incredibly sophisticated, producing measurable results. We'll provide you with social media reports that allow you to see the impact your business is making on each social platform. Our reports include the metrics that you care about, such as web traffic driven through your social posts, new fans and followers, conversions from social ads, and total impressions.

SEO Reports & Tracking

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process; think of it as a marathon versus a race. Our team works continuously to maintain your site’s SEO while also reviewing your results against your approved strategy each month. We also share these results with you so you can track your progress.

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