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Website Tips to Convert More Home Remodeling Leads

Think about your home remodeling website and what it looks like to a new visitor.

How does the site perform? Does it create ease as you navigate the pages? Does it answer the frequently asked questions you get from potential customers?

Does your site feel and look accessible? And is there a simple method to contact your company through a CTA button?

If you believe that there are no issues, you are free to return to what you were doing because your website seems perfect and does not need any improvement.

If you found some areas that need improvement, that could be negatively affecting your company’s bottom line, and you may want to continue reading.

With today’s advanced technology, the performance, design, and quality of your home remodeling website can help you boost brand awareness, drive leads, and increase conversions – or keep you from generating leads and send customers running to your competitors.

Here are some stats highlighting why having a visually appealing and functional website is a must to create more leads:

  • 48% of consumers say the design determines credibility
  • 38% will leave the site if it is unappealing
  • 89% will go to a competitor site if they have a poor experience
  • 88% are less likely to return if they have poor usability on the website

If these numbers are an indicator of anything, you need to ensure that your website is running efficiently to avoid losing potential clients and leads.

If you want your home remodeling company to get more leads and grow in sales? Start with the following!

Invest in Professional Web Design

Your website creates a first impression with every visitor. If they can’t navigate it with ease, it can make or break whether they do business with your home remodeling company.

Once you make it past the first click with a lead, multiple factors go into helping you build trust, maintain interest, and make a conversion, and it all goes back to how your website looks and performs. For starters, there are specific elements that every web design should contain, from custom branding to contact buttons.

Custom Branding

Branding helps separate you from the rest of the other home remodeling companies in your service area, so customers identify quality when they see it! From the colors and fonts you use to your logo and tagline, the little details help create a brand identity.

User Friendly Design

The highest converting web designs are clear, concise, and consistent without being overbearing with colors and images. Focus on creating an intuitive and pleasant user experience.

Mobile Responsive

Ensure that the site is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and has proficient loading times, meaning more ease for the consumer.

Compelling Content

Make sure that what you are providing is intriguing and will compel the reader to take action. Include value propositions unique to your brand followed up by clear calls to action, such as “Get a free quote now.”

Easy to Contact

Your call to action buttons and prompts should be encouraging and easily accessible to the user.

Implement SEO Strategies

Once you have created a streamlined website, you want to start utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). SEO works to increase your presence online and your ranking in Google searches, thus increasing leads and conversions.

There are several strategies you can implement to your home remodeling website to gain more organic traffic, from using the right keywords to optimizing your Google My Business listing.

Keyword Research

Finding relevant words and phrases that customers use when searching for home remodeling services in your area is step one. Using the right keywords throughout your web copy will help guide more qualified leads to your site.

On-Site Optimization

Your website's content is a primary factor in keeping the consumer's attention, and there are countless elements that keep them on the page – or send them bouncing. Start by optimizing title tags and meta descriptions and creating engaging content that answers potential customers’ frequently asked questions.

Local SEO Strategies

Review sites like Google Maps and Google My Business can help increase the presence of your home remodeling company, but only if they have accurate and updated information! Optimizing and monitoring these profiles is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility on a regional level.

Link Building

Adding internal links to other pages of your website and external links to related information impresses Google and website visitors alike.

Internal links guide visitors from page to page, keeping them on your site longer. External links show thought leadership and help establish credibility and connections within your industry.

Custom Landing Pages

Each page of your website should have a specific message, because if the content doesn’t match what a user expects to see when they click on it, it doesn’t provide a good experience. For example, if a customer clicks on a Kitchen Remodeling page that talks about bathrooms, they’re going to get frustrated or confused and leave.

Custom landing pages for all of your services and ad campaigns require significant planning and execution, but the long-term strategy will pay off big time, over time when you have optimized content that generates leads indefinitely!

Focus on Conversion Rates

Once you have gone through and created a professional looking website and included the SEO strategies, you can begin to learn to convert the leads into sales!

The conversion rate means the total number of consumers who have been to your home remodeling website compared to the amount of them taking action to receive your products. When your website is set up to convert visitors into customers, the rate will increase over the years.

If you want to increase the rate, you will need to have the following strategies:

  • Call to action prompts through buttons, animations, in links that are compelling and accessible
  • Content flow that will help bridge a gap between a first visit and a sale
  • An intuitive and friendly user experience
  • Specialized reporting that gives you access to information, so you know what strategies are working

Creating a website is more than just adding pictures and words to a page for online visitors to look at; It requires a foundation and thoughtful placement of compelling content, SEO that grows your rankings, and quality visuals that keep the visitors engaged.

Creating a user-friendly experience where the visitor can contact your company, fill out a form for a free quote, or even utilize your home remodeling services will boost your leads and help convert them to sales.

Triton Commerce: Custom Inbound Strategies for More Leads

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