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Lead Generation Strategies for General Contractors

You bring the necessary skills, tools, and expertise to provide quality contracting service. All you need is a consistent stream of quality leads that can bring your business to the next level.

With so much competition in the general contracting market, it can seem challenging at times to make your business stand out from the rest. This is where having an effective lead generation strategy comes into play. By growing your online presence and having the right digital marketing strategies, you can ensure a constant stream of new leads for your general contracting business.

If you're not currently investing your time, effort, and money in generating leads through digital marketing strategies, you'll never survive in the coming years. More consumers are relying on digital methods for finding businesses for the services that they need.

By understanding the proficient lead generation strategies that we offer, you can enhance your client base and grow your business over the coming years.

Website Optimization Is Key

If you want to bring in more clients to your contracting business, you need to optimize your website. This optimization works to enhance both your conversation ratio and your website's ranking in the organic search engine results. There are many different aspects of optimization that you'll need to take into account. Theses include:

  • Responsive Mobile Design
    Any website user can reveal that a business's website looks different when they visit it from a desktop computer and when they visit it from a mobile device. With more consumers than ever before utilizing a mobile device to access search engines, it's more important than ever before to have a responsive website. A responsive site is one that allows mobile users to adequately access a website. A non-responsive website is one that can only be accessed by a desktop computer.
  • Search Engine Optimized
    Your website needs to be optimized for search engines to show up higher in their organic search results. Without adequate optimization, your website won't show up on the first page of the organic search results for terms related to general contracting.
  • Effective CTAs
    Another aspect of your lead generation strategy needs to be having effective calls to action or CTAs on your website. These can come in the form of buttons and prompts that actively encourage your users to contact you for general contracting services. With effective calls to action, you should be able to convert more website visitors to actual paying clients for your business.
  • Flexible Website Maintenance
    Another essential component of optimal website design is flexible website maintenance. Your initial website design isn't going to be effective forever. You constantly need to be upgrading your business's website based on your real-time analytics results and ever-changing SEO tactics.

The above are just some of the many key components that web design needs to provide your business with an effective lead generation strategy.

Utilizing PPC Campaigns

If you're dealing with many other general contractors in your area, you need to be implementing PPC to generate more leads for your business. Also referred to as Google Ads and pay-per-click, this type of advertising can be very effective for showcasing your business at the top of the results page for searches related to general contracting in your service area.

When customers are searching for "general contracting companies near me" or "general contractor in [your town]", PPC helps to ensure that your business's website is displayed at the very top of the page. This can drive more traffic to your business's website.

The best part is that you only pay for the visitors that click through to your business's website. This can help to ensure that your business's return on investment for PPC advertising stays high. In fact, effective paid advertising campaigns can provide a number of benefits for your business, which include:

  • Reaching targeted demographics
  • Getting instant traffic to your business's website
  • Providing real-time analytics to measure your marketing effectiveness
  • Increasing your return on investment
  • Providing retargeting opportunities for past website visitors

While having an exquisite-looking website is a necessity in enhancing your conversation ratio, your PPC campaigns are essential in bringing quality leads to your business's website. With immediate results coming in from your PPC campaigns, you can start to grow your business today instead of waiting for other strategies to kick in.

Retargeting Opportunities For Past Website Visitors

When a visitor to your website decides to leave without contacting you, it may seem like you've lost them. The reality is that retargeting campaigns can allow you to position yourself as an authority in your industry.

By implementing some of these retargeting tactics like showing up on Google searches and having advertisements pop up on social media, you can regain the attention of these past website visitors. Ultimately, this can many times lead to converting them to a new customer for your business.

It's not uncommon for potential consumers to test out the waters per se. They will search for general contracting services in their area and check out multiple websites before deciding on what company to call. By taking the initiative and having your company's advertisements follow them around the web, you can convince more website visitors to choose your company over others that they've found.

Email Marketing For Past Website Visitors

When you get visitors to your website, it pays to get them on your weekly email newsletter. This gives you access to a direct line of communication that can get prospective customers to read your information and contact you for their general contracting needs.

With over 80 percent of all adults in the United States checking their email messages at least once a day, there's no denying the fact that Email Marketing is an essential digital marketing strategy for any business. With an effective email marketing campaign, you can easily:

  • Boost your website traffic
  • Discover measurable results for tracking your marketing efficiency
  • Give potential customers weekly updates about your business and potential service offers
  • Enhance your customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Send personalized content to prospective consumers

When you get visitors to your website to sign up for your email newsletter, you can work to convert more visitors into paying clients for your general contracting business.

Grow Your Online Presence

Growing your online presence is a surefire way to boost your company's credibility among clients. When prospective clients see your business as highly credible, they're more likely to contact you for general contracting services over other businesses. This means more trust built between you and the prospective client.

One extremely effective way to boost your online presence is to have a large number of positive online reviews. It's not uncommon for consumers to compare online reviews about various general contracting businesses. Many will pick the business that has the highest number of positive online reviews.

When you enlist the help of our review management service, you can grow the number of positive online reviews that your business gets. This can position you in a light of higher credibility over your competitors. This just gives you one more edge for getting more leads than them.

In fact, U.S. businesses report about 25 percent of their overall website visits are coming from Google Maps. When your business has a high Google My Business ranking, it can enjoy more qualified traffic that is in search of the services that they provide.

Brand Advertising Still Matters

One crucial aspect of generating quality leads for your business is physical advertising. Having clearly marked service vehicles, uniforms with your logo on them, and even professionally-designed business cards can help to enhance the number of clients that you gain each year.

Having a great mix of both physical and digital marketing strategies can help to boost your business's presence across all sectors. And will help to ensure that you bring in more leads for your general contracting business.

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Let us share our marketing tactics by requesting our free Digital Marketing Plan. Triton Commerce can work to provide you the leads that your general contracting company needs to grow over the coming years.

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