Do General Contractors Really Need to use Social Media?


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Does Your General Contracting Company Need Social Media

It's likely that you're thinking about how social media sites can help your general contracting business. While the initial benefits may not be overly clear to start out with, they will be in a minute.

There are tons of social media sites out there that people utilize, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. In fact, the recent numbers have been in the billions. That's a lot of people utilizing these networks on a regular basis.

Even more interesting is the fact that a recent study revealed that 54% of all social media users research the products and services that they purchase on these social media sites. Think a moment about all the people in your local community that utilize social media sites on a regular basis.

Now, consider half of those people becoming your prospects through social media sites. If you currently don't have a Social Media Marketing plan, you're letting all of these prospective clients go to your competitors who do. It's more important than ever before that you have this social media campaign to help grow your business.

Any effective social media marketing campaign can benefit your website in many different ways, including:

  • Connecting and growing your online following
  • Overseeing and managing your online reputation
  • Sending more traffic to your company’s website
  • Enhancing your brand awareness and making your business more searchable online

Still not sure that social media marketing is right for your business? Let's take a deeper look into how this marketing campaign can help benefit your company going into the future.

Growing Your Brand Awareness

The general contracting industry is a very competitive one, no matter where you live. It's vital that you establish an online reputation for reliability, credibility, and experience in your industry. But, how do you depict this sort of reputation?

Social media sites provide your company with the ability to distinguish itself from others in your industry. They allow you to help potential customers to understand your business better and grow your brand awareness.

Consistently staying active on your social media profiles can allow you to expand your brand awareness in many ways, including:

  • Communicating with customers through reviews, direct messaging, and feedback
  • Curating content to share among your followers and their followers
  • Allowing your customers to rank higher in the organic search results and be more searchable
  • Engaging with customers on a personal level by instantly responding to their comments, questions, and concerns

Staying consistent and active is a necessary part of effectively leveraging your social media channels to keep your followers engaged and interested in your company.

Targeting Your Ideal Customers

One of the most important reasons that your company should be utilizing social media sites is to instantly target your ideal customers. Sites like Facebook allow you to target specific demographics, interests, locations, and other characteristics of your ideal client base.

Apart from being able to connect directly with your specific target market, you can also utilize analytics from these social media sites to discover more about your customers. You can learn their expectations and needs so that you can better cater to them going into the future.

Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

Remember back to when we shared that over half of all social media site users actually research products and services on these sites before purchasing them? With social paid advertisements, you can easily connect with these individuals who are in need of the specific services that you provide.

From the moment that they login, you can have your specific paid advertisements showing on their social media accounts. This can help to solidify your brand in their mind and increase the odds that these users will contact you for the services that they need.

When you fully understand the ability of these social media sites and the paid advertising campaigns that you can create, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Investing in paid advertising on social media sites can help your social profiles in many different ways, including:

  • Boosting your website traffic and increasing your conversion rates
  • Spreading your exclusive deals and promotions
  • Expanding your online presence and social followers
  • Reconnecting with past social media and website visitors

It becomes so much easier to generate leads for your business when you can get the keen insight that social media analytics provide.

Online Review Capabilities

In the 21st century, the more online reviews that you have, the more credible your business is perceived as. In addition, the more likely your website is going to rank highly in the organic search engine results. Social media sites can provide an easy platform for your business to get more online reviews from your past customers.

Whenever you complete a job for a new client, you can send them a request to review your business. This allows them to review your business on their own time and can provide your business an additional review.

Professional media For Your Business

One of the best ways to gain credibility in your local community is to have references from other businesses. Whenever your general contracting company performs commercial services for another business in the area, that business can become your reference on LinkedIn.

When other businesses in your service area need to enlist the services that you offer, they'll likely look at LinkedIn to see who other businesses are recommending. When your business is recommended by many others in your local community, you're more likely to receive their business.

Managing Your Virtual Reputation

While you know that you're a trustworthy contractor, not everyone does. However, all it takes is one not-so-good review online to deter potential customers from contacting your company. Fortunately, when you actively work to manage your virtual reputation, you can help to minimize the impact of these unfortunate situations.

Social media sites are the key to help easily manage your online reputation as you can quickly:

  • Respond to positive and negative reviews
  • Resolves customer concerns
  • Leverage positive reviews
  • Utilize social listening tools to get real-time feedback of what your customers are saying about your business

It's crucial to remember that just because you don't judge other businesses based on their reviews, that doesn't mean that your potential customers aren't judging you based on them. In fact, most of them likely are!

General Contracting Social Media Solutions

As you learn more about how Social Media Marketing can grow your business, it can be exhilarating. However, when you sit down to determine exactly how to employ this strategy, exhilaration can turn into intimidation. This is when it's time to contact Triton Commerce.

We specialize in social media marketing for small businesses just like yours. We'll work to generate more leads for your business and expand your online presence. Let us handle your social media management, and you handle running your business. Contact us today to get the help that you need to dominate your industry!

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