5 Things Every General Contracting Company's Websites


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5 Things Every General Contracting Company's Website Needs

Houses and structures have been around for thousands of years. Humans need a roof over their heads to get away from the elements and keep warm on the coldest of days. The first official houses were said to be built around 800 B.C. during the Bronze Age.

Over the course of centuries, even millennia, houses and buildings have taken new forms and increased efficiency of their structure with each passing year. Without the help of general contractors, our homes would take on a less appealing timeline.

You own a general contracting business, so you do it all. From custom house remodels, to flooring, tiling, electrical and more. You have the means and the connections to get any housing project done. You wear many hats and have connections to several professions for assistance. You can make any homeowner’s dream remodel come true.

However, do you find your general contracting business to be slower recently? Is the busy season not as busy as it should be? You know the problem doesn’t lie with your craftsmanship or quality service – it’s your website.

When your website doesn’t stack up against your service areas competition, you could be missing out on a ton of work. Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Today, the main beast is digital marketing. We can receive information on just about everything within a few seconds on the internet.

With such speed and efficiency the internet offers, businesses are taking advantage of the new platform, and so should you. Making your website appealing and efficient will garner success in converting leads into sales. While this may seem like a tall task to climb, getting started isn’t as complex as you may think.

Here are five effective ways to upgrade your website!

1. Distinctive Web Design

First impressions can make or break any relationship. When it comes to making a good first impression on your website, time is of the essence. It takes the average internet searcher 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website. If your website is unattractive or hardly functions, an average of 40% of readers will stop engaging right away.

With so much weight and emphasis on making a good impression as soon as possible, web design is the ticket. To have a distinctive web design means your overall appearance online is clean, original, and functional.

Here are some ways to kickstart your general contracting website design:

  • Reactive & Flexible: When the first thing to keep in mind regarding your website is its functionality. Your website should perform its best on all platforms or devices.
  • Conversion Optimized: The main goal of your website is to persuade customers to engage with it and entice them to contact you about your service.
  • Apparent Branding: Your general contracting business stands out amongst the rest, so let it be known! Be sure to distinguish your company’s logo, mission statement, and the overall tone from your competitors.
  • Certification & Credentials: When you are an officially licensed contractor in the eyes of the state or have a five-star Google review rating or an A+ standing with the BBB, show that off on your website!
  • Unique Composition: One of the most important components of a good first impression is originality. Choose a website template that is different from your competition.

These elements of web design only scratch the surface, but will have you seeing an uptick in website traffic in no time!

2. Engaging Content

Content is a key ingredient for great website design. With there being such an abundance of content for any topic you can think of, you already know there is content on general contracting. The thing about content is, there can never be too much content. This means it’s time to get your website up to speed and create some general contracting content yourself!

Here are some useful elements of good content.

Conversational Conviction

You want your content’s tone to come off like a genuine conversation. A conversational tone helps the reader feel more comfortable on your website while teaching them the inner workings of your trade.

Define & Entice Your Demographics

To effectively target customers with content, you must narrow your demographic and tailor it to them!

Visually Accessible Layout

Americans read, on average, at an 8th-grade level. Keep that in mind when making your content. Avoid large text blocks and complex industry jargon. The best content for your website should be enriching and easily digestible!

Calls to Action

Clearly displayed value propositions are like an elevator pitch for your website. They outline what your business does and how well you do it. Essentially, these selling points are like a banner for your website that briefly explains why your service is a cut above the rest – you want them near the top.

Calls to action (CTAs) compel the reader to take the final step and contact your business. It may seem arbitrary to include in your content, but its effectiveness will show itself soon enough!

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key ingredient for a successful digital marketing strategy. SEO works by optimizing your content to establish a better relationship with Google’s algorithms. Once you start growing your SEO, you’re able to rank on the top pages of relevant Google search will drastically increase.

Here are some elements of great SEO:

  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Headings (H Tags)
  • Local Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Directory & Review Management
  • Meta Description & Title Tags

SEO won’t garner huge success overnight but, once you establish the relationship with Google algorithms, your website will be dominating relevant searches for years to come.

4. Reviews & Testimonials

One thing that hasn’t changed about marketing for over millennia is word of mouth. Even in today’s digital era, user-generated content is the quickest way to earn a potential customer’s trust. Nothing says “great service” better than someone who has experienced it first hand.

When you go above and beyond and a customer shows great appreciation, encourage them to leave a positive review on your website!

5. Professional Video & Photography

The internet craves original content. What the internet craves even more is original content in the form of video and photography. Professionally created videos can give website visitors a glimpse of your everyday operations. Clear and compelling photos can offer a window into your superior craftsmanship and dedication to customer service.

Not only will it help sway customers, but it will also let the Google algorithm know of your business’s legitimacy and commitment to legendary quality.

Remember, original photos and video work best. Try to avoid stock images and videos as much as possible!

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