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SEO Strategy for Electrical Contractors

Over the recent decades, search engines like Google have changed the way that people connect with the environment around them. Instead of spending minutes flipping through the Yellow Pages and contacting different contractors, many people prefer to perform a quick Google search to be instantly connected with a company that provides the services that they need.

In fact, everyday searchers performed over 3.5 billion searches on Google alone. As a business owner, it's important to realize that search engines are a large place where your potential clients are hanging out. An abundance of searches reported by Google have the phrase "near me" in them. This means that people are searching for the words like electrician near me or licensed electrician near me.

If you're like many other small business owners, you're aware that Google has the potential to increase your customer base. However, since you don't fully understand what Search Engine Optimization is, you may easily ignore it as a potential source of revenue growth for your business.

This is your wake-up call! You need to be incorporating online marketing strategies into your business to stay competitive in your industry. The longer you wait to incorporate these strategies, the more time you're giving your competitors to build up their client list. If you're ready to invest in these digital marketing strategies, let's start with the first step below.

Perform a Website Audit

It's likely that your business has a website developed to help inform customers about the products and services that you offer. In order to connect clients with your website, you need to have that website rank highly in the search engines for terms related to your industry. For example, when a searcher in your local area is looking for a residential electrician, you want your business's website to show up first.

A massive step in making sure that happens is completely optimizing your website to be what the search engine want to see. The best way to do this is to start by performing an audit of your current website. This process can help you in many ways, including:

  • Showing website internal 404 errors and dead links
  • Checking to see if your website is compliant with the current Google algorithm standards
  • Inspecting your website content to ensure it’s relevant and current
  • Check for target keywords in your headings, meta descriptions, and title tags
  • Identifying identical content and “empty” content

The easiest way to perform an audit of your existing website is to use a website crawl. This specific method utilizes a digital bot that crawls your website and analyzes the content on it in a way similar to the way search engine bots do. You'll be able to see which of your optimization strategies are currently working and which of them are falling short of the mark.

Researching Target Keywords

The specific phrases that searchers enter into the search box on Google are referred to as keywords. Google will connect users with websites that have keywords that are relevant to what the searcher is looking for. This means that you need to know what these target keywords are and utilize them throughout your website in a natural-looking manner to inform Google that your website has what users are looking for.

You can start your research for target keywords by using online resources like the Keyword Planner or Google Search Console. Both of these will provide you with different traffic data for various keywords related to your industry. With these awesome tools, you can figure out exactly what searchers are looking for so that you can include those keywords on your website.

Incorporating these keywords into your website is fairly simple to do. Below are some examples of implementing keywords relevant to the electrician industry in website page titles.

  • Minneapolis 24 Hour Electrician Service
  • Professional Electrical Outlet Wiring in St. Cloud, MN
  • St. Paul Electrical Wiring Expert
  • Electrical Contractors in the Twin Cities

As you can see, all these page titles have keywords that are relevant to the industry that you want Google to connect your website with. Including target keywords is an absolute must to ensure that Google understands what your business is all about.

Write Original, Shareable, and Relevant Content

While adding target keywords is a necessity for ranking highly in the search engines, it's not the only necessary trait that your website needs. You also want to be putting out original and relevant content that builds up your credibility with search engines like Google. You want to avoid generic and duplicate content on your site as this could decrease your credibility and make it impossible to rank highly in the search engines.

It's best to start by determining the tone, message, information, and personality that you want your readers to perceive about your business. This can allow you a clear perspective that will make it much easier to start producing content for your site. When doing so, it's best to think about your website as a book. Your target keywords should be your chapters that outline what your business does. Then, the actual page content should elaborate on those chapters.

Don’t Forget Off-Page Optimization

To achieve high rankings in the search engines, you'll have to do more than just appropriately optimize your website. You'll need to perform off-page optimization tactics. There are four main ones that you'll want to concern yourself with, including:

  • Google My Business
    Creating a Google My Business Profile can allow you to provide accurate contact information for users looking to connect with your business. This profile also permits clients to leave online reviews, which can help boost your credibility with prospective customers.
  • Citations
    Whenever your business name and contact information are listed on local websites and directories, search engines give your business more credibility. The more credible search engines perceive your business, the higher your rankings are going to be.
  • Google My Business
    Creating a Google My Business Profile can allow you to provide accurate contact information for users looking to connect with your business. This profile also permits clients to leave online reviews, which can help boost your credibility with prospective clients.
  • Backlinking
    Backlinking is simply the practice of other credible websites placing a hyperlink to your business's website on their own website. The more hyperlinks that you get from websites that search engines deem credible, the higher your rankings are going to be.
  • Linking Internally
    It's vital that you create links on your website to other internal pages on your site. This helps users to easily navigate your website and enhances their overall experience.

When you utilize all four off-page strategies above, you can create a well-rounded optimization strategy to build your business's online presence.

SEO Experts For Electricians

While optimization may seem like a great way to take your business to the next level, the thought of implementing this overall strategy can be daunting, to say the least. If you're like most small business owners, you're too busy running your own business to handle your online marketing strategy as well.

This is where Triton Commerce comes to the rescue. We have experienced staff with the right tools to provide your business with custom search engine optimization solutions. You'll discover high search engine rankings and more clients calling your phone when you rely on us. Contact us today to get a free copy of our Digital Marketing Plan.

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