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5 Things Every Electrician's Website Needs.

Our world today would look a whole lot different without electricity. Without Benjamin Franklin opening the door with the discovery of electricity’s power, our world would be darker, less comfortable, and vastly less connected.

Electricity and lighting started becoming commonplace in 1891 when it was officially installed in the White House during Benjamin Harrison’s presidency. With the use of electricity, humans have advanced technology drastically in the last 130 years.

However, electricity’s power being 131 years old still makes it a relatively new profession in comparison to human history. Your electrician outfit is at the most modern time for the profession. Every facet of the electric and lighting industry is handled by your outfit with dependability and precision, but that doesn’t mean your service area knows of it.

Ads for all sorts of contractors used to riddle the classifieds in local newspapers. Small ads up to 25-words were usually the go-to for home service businesses like yours, but in the modern era, this type of advertisement is obsolete.

In today’s advertising world, digital marketing is king. For any business to earn success, you must have a fully optimized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing website to offer up to the internet’s almighty power. If your electrician website fails to stand out amongst the rest, you’re going to be looking at a slow season for all seasons.

Don’t fret just yet! Optimizing your website to help increase the amount of traffic so your business can grow sales isn’t as daunting as it may seem. There are some practices you can start right now to get the ball rolling.

Here are five tips and practices to implement on your electrician website to get the ball rolling!

1. Distinctive Web Design

No matter what anybody says, every human judges. Judgment is a necessary instinct for our species to ensure we make the right decision to avoid danger or wrongdoings. The same can be said when it comes to a business website.

It takes web surfers an average of 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website. That’s not a lot of time to make an impression. What’s even more eye-opening is that 40% of people stop engaging with a website if they find the Web Design unattractive or clunky.

Appearance is everything, especially when it comes to your website, so let’s look at some ways to make it stand out above the rest:

  • Cohesive Branding: To separate yourself from the rest of the electrician contractors, you must keep your logo, mission state, and tone clear and apparent.
  • Reactive & Flexible: You’re a professional, so is your website! Or at least it should be. Be sure to make your website functional for all devices and platforms, especially mobile devices!
  • Conversion Optimized: What’s a business website without its ability to make potential customers engage? Your website should encourage customers to take the final step and contact you.
  • Unique Composition: To make your website stand out above the rest, its appearance needs to be on another level. Be sure to choose an original website template!
  • Certifications & Credentials: Incorporate any credentials like a five-star Google rating or an A+ rating with the BBB on your website!

These simple steps are a great start in the right direction for your website!

2. Engaging Content

The content on your website is one of the most important components of it. Content that’s knowledgeable, engaging, and neighborly will establish a strong trust between your electrician business and a potential customer. It can also greatly improve your website’s relationship with Google’s algorithm!

Let’s take a look at the finer details of what makes engaging content.

Conversational Tone

The content on your website should mirror a real-life conversation. Authenticity is important for internet users trying to find a reliable business. When you help a customer learn about your trade without sounding too overconfident, they will put you on the top of their list for contractors to call!

Define & Persuade Your Demographics

To make sure your company lands the highest percentage of clients, you must narrow down your demographic and tailor your content to them.

Visually Accessible Layout

Keep your content neat and easy to read. Remember, you’re not writing a novel – you’re trying to entice customers to choose your service!

Calls to Action

Unique value propositions are your internet elevator pitch. Having what your company does best easily visible will help tremendously. CTAs are calls to action. They’re the final push many customers need to contact your service. Be sure to implement them wherever possible.

3. SEO Web Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main way a company website helps dominate Google’s front page.

SEO isn’t successful overnight – you must care for it and nurture it to grow. Once you do, it will bear ripe fruit.

Here are some elements to implement to starting growing your SEO:

  • Link Building
  • Meta Description & Title Tags
  • Local Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Heading (H Tags)
  • Directory & Review Management

These elements are only a start for great SEO, but these elements will certainly get the ball rolling!

4. Reviews & Testimonials

Word of mouth has been the key ingredient for every business since the start of business. Nothing saying top-notch electrical service is better than a customer who has experienced it!

User generated content, like reviews and testimonials, helps gain trust and establish confidence in a reader’s potential choice to choose your service. So, when you satisfy all the customer’s needs, be sure to encourage them to leave a review online!

5. Professional Video & Photography

Sometimes people don’t believe anything unless they see it with their own eyes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what dozens of pictures detailing your craftsmanship will do for you!

Videos and photos that showcase engaging visuals will be rock-solid proof that your electrician outfit is the best around. Original, professional, and well-photographed images are the key ingredients in helping customers and Google’s algorithm gain trust in your website and your service.

Improve Your Electrician Website With Triton Commerce

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