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Lead Generation Strategies for Electricians.

You have the experience, equipment, and knowledgeable staff to provide customers with the best electrical services in your area. Now, all you need is quality leads that you can convert to long-lasting customers.

With so many fellow electricians in your area, it can be difficult for consumers to choose you over others. Typically, whatever company has the best online presence is the one that receives the most amount of leads to grow their business. No longer are people relying on personal references and word-of-mouth to discover a great electrician. Rather, they rely on search engines like Google to determine who they call for the services that they need.

As an electrician, you need to be investing your money, time, and effort in implementing effective digital marketing strategies to bring in quality leads for your business. If you're not currently utilizing these strategies, it's likely that you're leaving a lot of leads out there for your competitors to take. When you have an optimized website, you can generate more leads for your business.

In fact, implementing some of the lead generation strategies that we're going to go over below can help your electrician business reach new customers. And ultimately grow your business as big as you've always dreamed about.

Optimizing Your Website

Your business's website should be your main source of quality leads. As more and more people take to the internet to find services in their area, it's more important than ever before to have an effective website that can convert visitors to new customers. Keep in mind that your website is most likely the first place that any potential customer is going to be coming into contact with your business.

Your website needs to be optimized as it is your main source of generating leads. When we refer to the term optimized, it simply means designing your website in a fashion that helps to increase the number of visitors to your website as well as the number of visitors that take action to contact your company. The best news is that you're in full control of your website and continually optimize it to better reach your lead generation strategy goals.

Understanding the specific strategies that make up a high converting website is the first step in making your website optimized for visitors.

  • Responsive Website
    It should come as no surprise that your website needs to be easily accessible from both a desktop and a smartphone device. When your website is not optimized to work on mobile devices, it can detract the number of visitors that are able to visit your site and convert to clients.
  • SEO
    There are many different aspects of search engine optimization that need to be built into your website in order for it to effectively rank in the organic search results.
  • CTAs
    Getting prospects to your website is only half of the battle. You need to be able to have effective and persuasive calls to action that get those prospects to actually convert into clients to enhance your sales.
  • Updated Maintenance
    As you pay attention to your analytical results regarding your visitors and stay up-to-date with the most common SEO tactics, you'll need to constantly update your website. No website design is going to be effective forever without having constant maintenance to update it.

As you've likely learned, all the above elements are absolutely essential to having an effective website design that helps to generate more leads for your electrician business.

Investing In PPC

Paying to get leads is nothing new. However, in the past, many of these leads were a long shot. Fortunately, with new strategies like pay-per-click advertising, you can invest your money and pay for only quality leads that provide a high level of conversion for your business.

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising helps to put your electrician website on the top of the Google search results for various electrician-related terms in your area. For example, if a prospective customer is searching for an "electrician near me" or "ceiling fan installation [your town]", you can pay to have your advertisement show up at the top of the search results. This way, customers see your business first.

Creating an effective paid advertising strategy can help to boost the number of leads that your website receives and provide many other benefits for your business, including:

  • Instant website traffic
  • Reach target demographics
  • Only paying for actual website visits
  • Retargeting opportunities
  • Real-time analytics to gauge your marketing strategies

Once you have your electrician website optimized, it's time to start bringing in more leads with paid advertising campaigns. These allow you to get immediate results to help grow your business while you enjoy the long-term strategy of getting more long-lasting customers for your business.

Reel Leads Back In With Retargeting

One fairly newer strategy that is bringing a lot of business to companies just like yours is retargeting campaigns. Whenever a prospective customer visits your website and leaves, they're not gone forever. With a retargeting campaign, you can work to have your ads follow these individuals.

Using a cookie-based technology that implements JavaScript code tracking, you can ensure that your advertisements pop up for these past visitors whenever they perform a Google search or are active on social media. The more these visitors are exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to revisit your website and contact you for your electrician services.

Marketing With Email

Email Marketing has been an ongoing strategy to help generate leads for all types of businesses. This is one direct line of communication that you can utilize to market exclusive discounts and other information about your business in a casual way.

With over 80% of American adults checking their email accounts every single day, you have a great opportunity to grab their attention and interact with them on a regular basis. When you have a great email marketing strategy for your business, you can do many different things with your customers, including:

  • Enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Advertise exclusive offers and updates about your company
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Track your marketing efficiency
  • Send personalized information

The more visitors that you can get to sign up for your email newsletters, the more you're going to be able to expose your business to these visitors. The more you can connect with visitors. The more comfortable they're going to feel around your business, and the more often they're going to call you for electrician-related services.

Your Online Presence Is Everything

If you still want your business to be around in the next 5 to 10 years, you need to develop an online presence. In this day and age, it's absolutely vital that you create credibility for your business in order to bring in a constant flow of customers. One of the easiest ways to enhance the credibility of your business is to develop a large online presence.

From having your website show up first in the search engine rankings for electrician-related terms to having stellar online reviews, there are many different components that can enhance your online presence. Having a reviews management service that will help to boost the number of online reviews that you get can help to establish your online presence and create more trust in potential customers.

If you don't have Google My Business set up just yet, you need to get it done. Our review management service can help to set up your profile on Google My Business so that you can start taking advantage of the various leads that it could provide you. In fact, Google Maps has been shown to provide businesses with up to 25 percent of their website visitors. If you don't currently have a profile set up, you could be missing out on growing your customer base by 25 percent right now.

Physical Branding Is A Must

While developing your digital marketing strategies is an absolute must to stay active in your industry in this day and age, physical branding still matters. Customers want to see a professional technician showing up in a vehicle that is wrapped in your company logo and wearing a uniform that matches. Having the basic essentials of business cards, company vehicles, and company uniforms will continue to stand the test of time when it comes to the vital marketing strategies that your business needs to have.

Triton Commerce Will Generate More Leads and Convert More Prospects

While you can use all this information above to help enhance the number of prospects that turn into clients for your business, you only have so much time in a day. Hiring Triton Commerce can help to outsource your lead generation strategy that is so vital to your overall digital marketing strategy.

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