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4 Ways Your Electrical Website Can Build Trust and Grow Sales

Trust is one of the most important words in our dictionary. Whether it’s between two people, a person and an animal, or a person and a business, every relationship requires a strong standing of trust.

Without trust, relationships are a hollow form of what is right and what is fair. There’s no real benefit between the two parties. Even worse, one party might greatly benefit at the cost of ruining the other.

Trust is essential for positive relationships to exist, and your electrician company is no different.

Let’s face it: You work in a competitive business. More and more homes are being bought, flipped, and sold more than ever before. The need for a solid electrician company is at its highest demand and shows no signs of slowing down.

You may have the best service in the area, but that’s only half the battle when it comes to keeping busy. To stay in business, you have to put yourself out there with advertising and marketing. However, in this day and age, digital marketing is king. If your website is slow, clunky, and unappealing, it’s doing more harm than good.

To build trust within your potential clients, you must show a good product beforehand. Keeping your website updated, clean, functional, and easy to navigate will help tremendously with gaining leads and potential sales.

It’s not as easy as just making a website, though – it requires a few steps to get started. Here are four ways to improve your website while growing your sales!

1. Attractive Web Design

Your website is the virtual window to your business. Most of your future customers’ first interaction with you will be from your website so it should put on quite the first impression.

In fact, Web Design is the most important component of first impressions online, and websites account for 94% of digital first impressions.

The appearance is the first thing you should take into consideration for your website. What do you want your website to say without using words? Choosing the color scheme and the style of text on your website is crucial as our subconscious resonates with those subtle details first.

Consider making your website as mobile-friendly as possible. The use of mobile devices is at an all-time high, and that number is only going to increase this decade.

First, start by compressing the photos on your website. Doing so will allow mobile devices to load your website quicker and more efficiently. Next, levy your cache and implement accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

The next step in setting up your webpage is its accessibility. The menu bar should be one of the first things found when someone lands on your website. Having your subsequent web pages about your services tied in with the menu bar is a great way to help the reader navigate, leading them to their specific desired information.

Finally, make sure you have a way to contact your business on every page. Having a link to schedule a quote and your phone number visible and easy to find will prompt more readers to reach out to you.

2. Original Content

The internet craves authenticity. After the early 2000s era of people getting famous for being famous, the culture burnt out on the inflated content of that decade. Then the 2010s ushered in an era of newfound, individualistic type of fame with the rise of Youtube, Twitter, and the internet in general.

Being your authentic self on the internet became and still is the most desired way to consume content. People love to see the real you, whether you’re a person or a brand.

Content marketing is the one of most useful ways to share the authenticity of your electric company while lending a helping hand. Monthly or weekly blogs can teach the reader industry insights. This will not only encourage the reader in choosing who to work with, but it will ultimately lead them to choose your business more times than not.

Having an “About Us” section on your website is a great way to establish an initial relationship with the customers. Images and small bios of your staff members will let customers get to know your business. Plus, you can show off any special awards or certifications you or a staff member might have!

3. User-Generated Content

You can’t have a business without word of mouth. Satisfied customers have long sung an enchanting song of quality work that draws in their family, friends, and neighbors for the same good or service.

One of the most efficient ways to gain someone’s trust is by a third party. With your website, online reviews, and testimonials are a great way for your future customers what past customers think of your service.

If your service is the best around, you should have no trouble receiving plenty of great reviews. Let the customers do the talking for you!

4. Customer Engagement

As you may know, owning a business is not a passive act. You have to wake up every tendency to responsibilities with your clients while keeping your trusted teams of technicians happy and working. The essence of a business is its desire to stay active at all times.

The same can be said with the engagement you partake with your customers. Following up with a client after a project’s completion shows care in the work that you do.

If a customer ultimately didn’t decide on your service or chose to push back the rewiring in their bathroom remodel, following up with them at a later date keeps you fresh in their mind.

Here are a few ways to engage with your customers regularly:

  • Set up an Email Marketing campaign
  • Maintain your social media accounts and engage with customers regularly
  • Produce monthly/weekly blogs and other content that’s original, knowledgeable, and helpful
  • Utilize analytical reporting to find which engagements work and which ones don’t

Grow Your Sales With Triton

When it comes down to it, setting up your website is a full-time job within itself. You’re focused on giving your customers the best electrician service, so let Triton focus on your website!

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