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Targeting Customers After a Storm or Seasonally

Let’s be honest: Sometimes business is booming, other times you’re struggling to keep busy.

As an owner of an electrician service, you know how essential it is to safely install and repair an electrical system in our modern-day society. However, you can’t keep busy by just simply existing as an electrician – you have to put yourself out there online.

The industry you serve is in high demand, as it will see almost double the average growth at 8% in the next decade. But to stake your claim, you will need to create a digital marketing strategy, if you haven’t already.

Digital marketing is essential for businesses to simply survive in this day and age. If your electrician company fails to appear on relevant internet searches in your area, you will be missing out on a lot of potential business.

A company’s success is measured by its search engine dominance, followed by a strategic plan to target previous and potential customers alike. Let’s take a look at how you can get started!

GMB Optimization

For over 20 years, Google has dominated the internet. By 2010, Google had long become the proverbial gatekeeper of the internet. In the present, Google still shows no signs of slowing down.

To put this in perspective, Google receives over 13 billion searches per day. That’s the equivalent of every single person on Earth Googling something twice a day. Almost half of all those searches are for local businesses. With all the attention local business gets on search engines, Google made a way to streamline their exposure.

A Google My Business account is a free account for all businesses to create. Additionally, there may already be an account set up for your electrician company – all you have to do is verify it! Once you verify your account, it’s time for optimization.

Start by adding photos of your electric company’s work. If you provide custom lighting installs, adding before and after pictures is a great way to convey your craftsmanship. Next, add your company’s address along with your service hours and locations. Finally, and most importantly, provide your contact information!

Completing these steps is only the beginning but, once you start, you will see a strengthening relationship between your website and Google’s algorithm.

If you have some extra money in your budget, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a little online advertisement! Google ads are a great way to receive a spike in traffic to your website. These ads help your website appear on searches not directly related to electrical service.

For instance, let’s say someone asks Google “how to tell if my electrical system needs replacement.” They may not be looking for service directly, but are still trying to find an answer to whether or not they should replace their electrical system. If it turns out they do need to request a service, you may be the first on their list to contact.

These paid ads are low risk since they are pay-per-click (PPC.) This means that if the ad doesn’t prove successful, you won’t have to pay an inflated price. On the other hand, you’ll have to pay more if it is successful, but it won’t be such a big blow since you increased traffic to your website!

Retargeting Ad Campaign

Now that your GMB account is optimized and working towards your electric company’s search engine relevance, you will want to focus on keeping in contact with anyone who has visited your website. Retargeting ad campaigns use a tracking code from your website that will target any visitors.

When someone visits your website, these tracking codes will allow them to see a retargeted ad when they are scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. These ad campaigns are a subtle way to continuously promote your business throughout the seasons. They might not need a dependable electrician service right now but, when they do, your business will be the first one they think of.

Here are some essential facets to a successful retargeting campaign:

  • Persuasive calls to action (CTA)
  • Consistent content that is knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging
  • Eye-catching headlines to grab the reader’s attention
  • Personalized ads specific products or services

Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is another great way to consistently promote your business during a slow season. This kind of campaign works by compiling a list of past, present, and potential clients’ email addresses and strategically sending them advertisements.

Once you have a list of the clients you want to target, you should consider the timing of the advertisements and the content within them. For example, let’s say you want to promote half-priced electrical audits in the fall. Creating an email advertisement at the beginning of fall to your potential client database may entice some property owners to inspect their electrical usage.

Here are some ways to optimize your email marketing campaign:

  • Offer incentives for subscribers and newsletters
  • Require email signatures for estimate requests
  • Promote email sign-ups on social media
  • Collect email addresses through Google or Facebook ads
  • Add an email newsletter subscription service to your website
  • Offer special deals only available through email

Persuade Your Customers to Take Action

When you successfully target your potential customers, the final step is to encourage them to take action!

A call to action or CTA is key in increasing your electrician business’ conversion rate. Your advertisements may convince them your service stands above the rest, but that alone won’t compel them to contact you. The encouragement of CTA can be that subtle nudge for a potential customer to finally request that service their house desperately needs.

Here’s how to make your CTAs instantly effective:

  • Make your CTAs compelling and clear on your web pages and ads
  • Keep your Unique Value Propositions visible on your website
  • Be sure to make your contact info accessible
  • Implement a mobile-friendly website design

Target Your Clients Successfully With Triton

If your electrician company is looking to successfully target more customers and grow traffic to your website, look no further. Triton Commerce is at your service! Our team of marketing experts is passionate about assisting small businesses like yours with website design and SEO strategies.

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