10 Web Design Stats to Know for 2023


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10 Web Design Stats to Know for 2023

Have you ever visited a website and

Have you ever visited a website and thought, “What the heck is going on here?”

Color schemes that make the text indecipherable, hundreds of pop-ups, or music playing from some mysterious spot on the homepage quickly become stimuli overload and altogether unhelpful. Or perhaps there was little information on the site, and you had no idea how to find the information you needed or who to contact.

Web design is more strategic than most people realize. Your site’s layout extends far beyond aesthetics – although that is important, too!

When was the last time you visited a website and were truly struck by the layout and design? Was it the color scheme and visual effects? Maybe the homepage was easy to navigate, and you found the information you needed right away.

You’re almost always going to choose the website that makes a great first impression, which is why investing in smart, professional website design is essential for your online presence. As technology continues to improve at astounding speeds, businesses must adapt digital marketing efforts to how their audience interacts with online sources.

Over the past few years, thousands of agencies have conducted studies to prove the ROI of various aspects of digital marketing solutions. Consider their findings as you work out the evolutions of your online selling strategies.

Here are 10 web design stats to know for 2023!

1. It takes 50 milliseconds for someone to make a judgment on your website.

Whether a website isn’t loading fast enough, the text is small, the layout is confusing, or the general aesthetic looks outdated, your target audience will notice within a second of being on your webpage, according to Google Research.

But with the proper tools and knowledge supporting your web design, you can attract and retain potential customers.

2. A one-second delay in site speed can result in up to 7% loss of conversions.

This stat comes from marketing influencer Neil Patel, who explains why now more than ever, website speed is paramount. If your pages take longer than two seconds to load, there’s a good chance that will dissuade people from pursuing your site.

PageSpeed Insights is a great tool that ranks your site speed and offers recommendations on how to improve it.

3. According to 84% of web designers, a crowded page design is a small business’s most common website mistake.

In some cases, it can be overwhelming what goes on the homepage of your website. According to 200+ global web design companies and freelancers that GoodFirms surveyed, it’s the most common mistake.

Every morsel of information may seem important for you and your business. Our experts at Triton Commerce help small business owners narrow down the essential information that needs to be on every web page, so your site is easy on the eyes.

4. After a site goes live, 77% of small businesses hope to spend $500 less monthly on its maintenance.

Websites operate much like a car or large appliance on its last legs. After a while, you’ll be much better off paying for a new website than spending money on maintenance bandaids for a site needing an overhaul.

Many business owners need to make an important decision: Keep paying for repairs or invest in something new.

UpCity’s finding on what other small businesses plan to budget for website services and maintenance after a site refresh offers a good benchmark to guide your own plans.

5. Roughly 75% of people judge your credibility from website design.

Much like in job interviews, people tend to judge your company’s credibility based on its aesthetic, WebFx says. If a person shows up to a management position interview dressed in open-toed sandals, ripped jeans, and a sweat-stained shirt, there’s a good chance they’re not getting hired.

Similarly, a site littered with clumsy design mistakes won’t convert well.

6. 61% of consumers have a higher opinion of brands and companies with mobile-friendly websites.

More often than not, it’s safe to assume that your target audience, regardless of your industry, relies heavily on their phones. And WebFx discovered just how much that impacts the user experience.

A mobile-friendly website shows potential customers you’re prepared and willing to cater to their needs.

7. 89% of visitors will choose a different website if yours isn’t user-friendly.

One of the best ways to keep your visitors interested and engaged is to invest in a user-friendly website. If it’s not, SERP Watch says only about 11% will choose your site.

If your website keeps crashing or takes longer than a few seconds to load, more often than not, people will return to search results to find a company with a less frustrating site.

8. 38% of new users to your site will look at your navigational links or layout.

How you structure your website is essential to how people navigate it, as Hubspot confirmed many new users consider your layout.

There needs to be a clear throughline of what your potential customers need to know and the best ways to contact you.

9. One of the biggest setbacks for digital marketing agencies when launching a new site is getting information from business owners.

This is another Hubspot finding, and it can be a tough one to swallow. Digital marketing experts know you’re busy – we all are.

Providing the information your marketing team needs to create detailed content in a timely manner will only expedite your website’s construction.

10. For every dollar invested in user experience, there’s a $100 ROI.

If you’re still not fully convinced, knowing that there’s a high ROI when you spend time and funds on ensuring an excellent user experience speaks volumes. WebFx shows it’s $100 for every dollar spent!

Companies like Triton Commerce help you perfect your online presence and user experience, ensuring that your target audience associates your brand with something positive.

Increase Your ROI With a New Website Design

When it comes to enhancing your digital marketing strategy, consider collaborating with companies like Triton Commerce. Our experienced professionals deliver well-made, aesthetically pleasing, and fast websites to all our clients.

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