When Is the Best Time to Redesign Your Website?


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When Is the Best Time to Redesign Your Website?

We’ve all clicked on one… A dated, slow, uninspiring website that makes us truly question:

“Does this business know how bad their website is??”

There are a wide variety of factors that play pivotal roles on whether your website needs a new design, and some are certainly more evident than others. But perhaps the biggest question every business owner should ask themselves is this:

“Does my website truly reflect the mission, values, and identity of my business?”

You don’t have to be a professional web designer to know when it’s time to finally give your website an official redesign. There are plenty of signs that indicate when the writing's on the wall and your website is in significant need of a design overhaul.

In our latest episode of “Near Me”, our Triton Team breaks down some of the more pressing reasons that will determine when it’s time to officially redesign your website!

Diminishing Returns

Perhaps the most clear-cut sign that you need to redesign your website is noticing diminishing returns on your current website. This is where monitoring performance analytics and reporting is crucial, giving you instant access as to how many leads your website is generating, as well as interpreting the behavior of your website visitors in coordination with how your website performs functionally.

Here are a few questions you need to answer when evaluating whether a website redesign is necessary:

  • Has your bounce rate been steadily increasing or decreasing over the past year?

  • Have you noticed a recent downfall in your website traffic and lead generation numbers?

  • Has your overall search engine rankings begun to dip over the past six months?

  • Are you satisfied with your overall ROI?

Performance analytics are objective forms of data you can trust to tell you whether or not a redesign is in your best interest.

Shoddy Performance

Sometimes all it takes to know your website needs a redesign is spending a few minutes clicking and perusing through it, while comparing its look and feel with your competitors’ websites. Does your website look and feel modern? Is it taking a noticeable amount of time to load each web page? These are relevant web design questions that can help you realize how crucial a website redesign might be for your brand.

You should also be looking at the backend components of your website to assess how dated or lacking they are. How are the modules and plug-ins running? Does your current website compare to current design trends? Browsers and search engines are constantly changing and updating their expectations for web design, and if your website is at least three or four years old, you could be slipping in SEO rankings due to design problems and dated site architecture.

Lack of Authentic Representation

Sometimes a website redesign has nothing to do with its functionality or performance and everything to do with your overall brand. This is why it’s so important every so often to look at your current website and ask yourself: “Does this website best represent my overall business?”

Things can quickly change over the years. Sometimes you might add or remove certain services due to a variety of factors, but those changes need to be reflected into the services and offers your website is projecting. Bottom line: You need to ensure whether your website is on par with your current operations and truly represents “who you are” as a company.

Operational Downtime

More often than not, the best time to redesign your website is when you have nothing going on at all! If your business is seasonal, then utilizing that downtime to focus on upgrading your website design is always in your best interest.

This is when you can spend more time focusing on what specific improvements you want to make, which can be implemented just before your busy season picks back up and all your customers can get acquainted with your brand new website!

Redesign Your Website With Web Design Professionals!

It’s easy to put off a website redesign when you simply don’t have the time to devote to redesigning it. That’s why hiring digital marketing professionals to handle all of your redesign needs certainly comes in handy!

At Triton Commerce, we work directly with businesses of all sizes and industries to ensure that their website truly reflects their brand and goals, giving them the results they need to digitally thrive and flourish. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our web design team, and stay tuned to all our “Near Me” podcast episodes for more essential digital marketing tips and knowledge!

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