Improve UX with Your Next Website Redesign


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Improve UX with Your Next Website Redesign

Nothing impresses quite like a modern, sleek website design. But as great as it feels to redesign your website and be proud of your new online reputation, the success of any website redesign weighs heavily on how you’ve improved the overall user experience.

Let’s take a second to imagine your website as a fancy fast-food restaurant. You walk in and admire the sophisticated decor, lavish surroundings, and striking atmosphere. However, confusion soon begins to settle in…

Where do I place my order? How do I know what they’re trying to sell? Where can I receive customer assistance? CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?!

Appearance doesn’t always equal satisfaction, and that’s the mentality you need to implement into your website redesign. Positive user experience weighs on a variety of functionality factors that range from consistent branding, to site navigation, to accessible contact options, and many more virtual accommodations.

At Team Triton, we take an assortment of UX factors into consideration when approaching any website redesign. So for this episode of “Near Me”, we’ll explore how you can improve user experience while redesigning your website.

Establish Branding Consistency

Every business has a multitude of marketing investments that are all intended to increase brand awareness. In addition to a thoroughdigital marketing strategy, businesses of all industries incorporate other marketing tactics into their operations, ranging from billboards, to lawn signs, to car wraps, etc.

The more marketing ventures you have, the more consistent your branding needs to be, and this especially rings true for your website redesign. Colors, logos, slogans, imagery, accolades; if any of these branding elements aren’t the same all across the board, it can lead to your website visitors feeling confused upon visiting your website, especially if they already have their own presumptions of your brand. Establishing branding consistency is an often overlooked component of improving user experience with any website redesign.

Let Your Web Design Breathe

Photo galleries, banner videos, logos, certificates, bullet points; if your website is cramming all of these design elements into every web page, you can rest assured that your visitors will feel bombarded with imagery and content.

Whenever approaching a website redesign, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to let your web design breathe a little, so you’re not overwhelming your readers. In fact, too many images, videos, or graphics will ultimately slow down your page speeds and load times, which will not only downgrade user experience but potentially hurt your SEO rankings as well.

White space on your web page isn’t something to fear; it’s a design aesthetic to embrace! Instead of burying content between graphics and imagery, let your UVPs pop out and be the center of attention of your web page, so users don’t have to scan too hard to learn what your company is all about.

Modernize Your Redesign

At the root of every website redesign is the assurance that your new website looks, feels, functions, and performs like a modern website should. This means putting in some time to research what exactly a modern website looks, feels, functions, and performs like!

Here are a few statistics that emphasize how important innovative web design is for contributing to the user experience:

  • 59% of people prefer to browse a ‘beautiful and well-designed’ website

  • 94% of website first impressions are related to overall web design

  • Nearly 50% of internet users say website design is a primary factor for formulating an opinion about a brand

  • It takes 0.05 seconds for online visitors to establish an opinion about your website

All of these statistics illustrate how critical modern web design is for your redesign. In addition to incorporating sleek design elements to appease new visitors, you’ll also want to consider all of the following design trends, functions, and features into your redesign:

  • Mobile-responsive design: mobile-friendly menu bars, navigation, content structure, images scaling, etc.

  • Quick page speeds and load times

  • Clear, accessible Call-to-Action buttons

  • Easy-to-use navigation bars or drop-down menus

  • Break up written content with occasional visual content, such as videos, custom imagery, website infographics, etc.

It cannot be stressed enough that your redesign needs to focus on creating a mobile-friendly user experience, as failing to do so will only result in higher bounce rates and reduced lead conversions.

Revolutionize Your Website Redesign With Team Triton!

Nailing your website redesign requires a collaborative digital marketing effort that incorporates everything from built-in SEO, to dazzling visual design, to custom photography and videography. At Triton Commerce, we work with businesses to create a well-rounded website redesign strategy that incorporates all of your digital marketing needs to help spread more brand awareness.

If you’re looking to redesign your website into something truly special that’s engineered to improve user experience, contact Triton Commerce today to schedule a consultation with our web design specialists. You can also tune into our “Near Me” podcast to stay on top of all the latest innovations in digital marketing.

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