What Is the Importance of Professional Web Design?


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What Is the Importance of Professional Web Design?

Okay, let’s imagine you’re a car salesperson, and you have to sell one more car on your lot to reach your quota and earn that big bonus. Three cars are left to sell on the lot: a brand new Ferrari, a Honda SUV and a ‘92 Oldsmobile with a cracked windshield. So.. which car are you going to sell?

The Ferrari obviously looks fantastic, but it’s quite expensive and probably doesn’t fit inside your average customer’s budget. The ‘92 Oldsmobile? That thing is probably scaring away everyone from entering your lot. But that Honda SUV? It’s modern, efficient, and suits all your customers’ needs for gas mileage, maintenance, durability, etc

You know, come to think of it, selling cars is a lot like showcasing your website. You need a model that passes the eye test with your target audience while still being applicable to their consumer needs. And that’s where professional web design comes into play. From appearances to functionality, professional web design is the root of your company’s online presence and reputation

There are many elements to how web design impacts lead generation. For example, a beautiful-looking website may capture attention and draw in some web traffic, but if that website isn’t proficiently optimized to close leads or takes a long time to load, that testing of patience will certainly cause many prospective clients to click elsewhere

Every business – no matter what size it is or the industry it operates within – will benefit from proper web design. Not sure how?

Here are a few reasons why professional web design is so important to your business and its overall digital marketing strategy

Establish and Evolve Your Online Presence

Whether you’re a roofing contractor or you sell customized refrigerator magnets, someone is currently searching online for the services or products you provide. Consumers utilize search engines for practically all aspects of their purchasing decisions. They scroll through the first page of their Google search, typing in things like “moving companies near me,” researching the websites that pop up, and basing their purchasing decisions on which websites truly stand out to them

A common misconception about professional web design is that it strictly adheres to the visual elements of a website. But a perfectly designed website is structured for so much more than elegant graphic designs. By implementing SEO strategies in your web design, your site can target and cater to your preferred customers – those actively searching for your products or services

The more you can establish and evolve your online presence, the higher SEO rankings your website will have, resulting in more clicks, leads, and sales

Generating More Leads

The point of a professionally designed website isn’t to simply pat yourself on the back at how amazing your new website looks and performs; It’s to drive in more business for your company. A sleek, modern appearance combined with optimal functionality, concise navigation, and high-powered performance will impress all who click upon it while vastly improving your lead generation numbers

Consumers develop a first impression within seconds of landing on your website. And if they don’t immediately like what they see, or the layout feels somewhat confusing to them, you can rest assured they’re going to look elsewhere to obtain the services or products they need

With professional web design, your website will be structured to capture more attention and draw in more web traffic while optimizing to convert more leads

Enhance Your Online Reputation

Perhaps the most overlooked component of professional web design is the trust factor. It’s amazing how much web design factors into how credible your business comes across to those who stumble upon it online.

Studies show that nearly 50% of online consumers consider web design to be the number one determining factor in assessing a company’s credibility. But it’s more than just the look and feel of your website that wins over the trust of your target audience

Smart web design will emphasize a variety of trust factors that will install more credibility and authority to your brand by incorporating features such as:

  • Company certifications or trust seals from third parties
  • A Testimonials page for previous customers to share their satisfaction
  • Web pages or a scroll bar that showcases online reviews
  • Custom photography of real faces (you, your team, etc.) in the imagery of your website
  • Prominently displayed contact information in headers, footers, or its own separate contact info page

The more polished, refined, and reassuring your web design comes across, the more confidence you’ll create and gain from your preferred customers

Spreading Brand Awareness

Nowadays, consumers don’t want to enlist a company’s services or buy their products and call it a day. They want to develop a long-lasting relationship with a brand they’re proud to partner with and support

And that’s the true power of Professional Web Design: providing prospective clients with an online pamphlet that visually, functionally, and instructively enlightens them about your brand. From the color coordination of your graphic design to the tone and message of your content, professional web design goes deeper to embed your brand within your website visitors

A professionally designed website strengthens your brand and makes quality and trust feel synonymous with your business

Take Your Web Design to the Next Level With Triton Commerce!

With so much already on your plate, the last thing you want to worry about is an underwhelming website that’s turning off customers one by one. At Triton Commerce, we make websites built to draw more attention to your brand and generate more leads in the process

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