Ace Auto - Web Design & SEO Case Study, Minneapolis, Mn

Ace Auto Parts

Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ace Auto Parts offers a full range of automotive services including sales of used parts and vehicles, repair services, and parts installation. We designed an all-new website for Ace Auto Parts that included an inbound marketing strategy tailored to their business’s needs. Their new website has increased the number of quote requests and phone calls they receive from customers.

Ace Auto Parts had its site launch in July of 2016. Since then, they have seen a massive influx of on-site traffic from both new and returning users. The metrics listed below are examples of the traction Ace Auto Parts has gained throughout its site’s lifetime:

  • 76.7% of the site’s traffic has came from unique users
  • Since launch, it has had over 109,000 unique users visit its site
  • New users increased by 1192.09% compared the the previous year
  • Over 68% of the unique users found the site organically

These numbers indicate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). Through SEO, we can drive new users to the site organically, resulting in more on-site traffic and leads. As a supplement to the website design and inbound marketing strategy, we also use pay-per-click advertising to help Ace Auto Parts reach even more customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Strategy


Web Design


Inbound Marketing

Pay Per


Review Management

Per Click

Through pay-per-click advertising on Google AdWords, Ace Auto Parts is able to reach potential customers at the moment when they are searching for their products. By bidding on relevant keywords, we have been able to improve Ace Auto Parts’ visibility in key search results and turn more clicks into customers.

The Goals

  • Create an effective customer acquisition system using search engine marketing
  • Encourage prospective customers to contact Ace Auto Parts through phone calls or filling out its online contact form
  • Reach customers searching for auto parts on mobile devices by creating a mobile-friendly experience

The Approach

  • Developed a search engine marketing strategy designed to reach more potential customers
  • Used call and location extensions for a more streamlined mobile experienc
  • Used display advertising to reconnect with website visitors and drive them back to the site to convert. Our display ad messaging varied depending on what specific product pages a visitor had previously viewed, creating a more tailored user experience

The Results

Over 1,900
of search ad clicks became leads
Over 14,000
clicks to site from pay-per-click advertising
Nearly 2,000
mobile clicks-to-call from pay-per-click advertising
of clicks on search ads become leads


Many people turn to online reviews when researching a company they are considering doing business with. Through online reviews, they can learn more about a business from the perspective of previous customers. Because reviews often influence the decision-making process, Ace Auto Parts wanted to strengthen its online presence by:

  • Increasing the total number of customer reviews for the business.
  • Increasing the overall rating of the business.

Through our reputation management services, we have been able to help Ace Auto Parts capture new customer reviews quickly and easily. Using our specialized software, Ace Auto Parts has the ability to share positive reviews with potential customers and address customer complaints before they become a major issue.

The Results

Increase in overall rating
Increase in total reviews

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