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SEO Strategies for Plumbers

Can you imagine a world where you can't get instant answers to your questions by searching Google? So many people have developed a reliance on search engines to do many things. From learning how to replace asphalt shingles that blew off of your roof to getting connected with a local service professional for your plumbing issues, these search engines are essential to the everyday life of a large portion of the population.

It may come as a big surprise to learn that there are 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every single day of the year. One of the most common phrases included in various searches is "near me". For example, users are looking for "plumbers near me" and "toilet repair near me".

To help ensure that your business gets connected with these customers looking for your services, it's vital that you have a Search Engine Optimization strategy. Many small business owners are familiar with the term search engine optimization. However, not many of them include it as part of their digital marketing strategy for lack of understanding what it entails.

If you're really looking to get ahead of your competition and create a more trusted and reputable online brand, you need to assemble a great optimization strategy. We're going to reveal the ultimate strategy below so that you can start taking advantage of the digital marketing environment.

Undergo a Website Audit

The first step in our ultimate optimization strategy is to run your website through an audit. Most popularly known as a website crawl, this type of audit involves a digital bump that analyzes your website in a similar way that the search engines would. The audit will explain what components of your website are successfully optimized and which ones are not.

This gives you a very clear idea of what needs to be improved to enhance your ranking in the search engines and connect with more customers online. A website audit it can also provide you with many other benefits including:

  • Discover if your content is compliant with the current Google algorithm
  • Identify any duplicate or generic content
  • Ensure your meta descriptions, title tags, and headings include target keywords
  • Determine if your website has relevant and up-to-date content
  • Locate any website errors like broken links and 404 page errors

After performing a website audit, you can start to determine your goals for improvement. One of the most common areas that small business websites need to improve is keyword research.

Keyword Research

In order for search engines like Google to understand what your business does, you need to have various phrases throughout your website's content. These phrases, known commonly as keywords in the digital marketing environment, are tracked by search engines to determine what people are looking for most often.

Some common keywords may be "toilet repair" or "plumber near me". By utilizing keyword research tools like the Keyword Planner and Google Search Console, you can discover which keywords the majority of searchers are using in their queries. The more common industry keywords that you use on your website, the more likely Google is to position your website at the top of the search engine results page so that customers can find you.

To help you better understand how to include these target keywords in your website, let's take a look at some examples of page titles that you can utilize:

  • Professional Toilet Repair in St. Paul
  • Minneapolis Plumbing Company
  • Clogged Drain Service in the Twin Cities
  • Expert Sump Pump Installation in St. Cloud

While these are examples of using target keywords in page titles, these target keywords should be utilized throughout all of the content on your website, including meta descriptions, headings, and blog articles.

Engaging, Unique, and Relevant Content Writing

While incorporating target keywords into your website content is essential to be higher in the search engine results rankings, it's not the only attribute that you need to concern yourself with. You need to go into creating content with the idea that it needs to be unique, engaging, and relevant to your industry. Search engines like Google will not increase your website rankings if they determine that your website's content is full of generic or duplicate content.

It's easiest to consider creating content for your website as writing a book. The different pages of your website are going to be the chapters for your book. The content that you write on those pages should be relevant to the chapter that they're in. When your website comes together like a book, Google is more likely to boost your website ranking so that you can get more leads coming into your business.

It can be hard to actually sit down and create content for your website. By starting with determining what you want your content tone, message, information, and personality to be, you can help to get into a better state of mind when it comes to writing. Before you know it, you'll be able to produce engaging and shareable content in many different forms like infographics, video tutorials, and blog articles. The more content that you can produce, the more your business's online presence is going to expand.

Optimizing Off-Site Features

There's no denying the fact that your website is an absolute must to get connected with customers in a digital environment. However, just having an optimized website is not going to give you a complete edge over your competition. Rather, you need to worry about completing off-site optimization features that will help to boost your brand's online visibility. The more visibility that you get, the higher Google is going to rank your website.

Some of the most common off-page optimization features that you'll need to utilize include:

  • Backlinking
    When your website gains hyperlinks from credible and local websites, it makes you more reputable in the eyes of Google. The more credible links that you can get, the higher your website is likely to rank.
  • Internal Linking
    Apart from your main website design, you should include links to internal pages of your site. This not only helps users to better navigate your website, but it allows Google to see all of your content.
  • Citation Creation
    When local directories and websites mention your company's name and contact info, it creates credibility and visibility for your business in the online environment.
  • Google My Business
    Another key strategy is creating a Google My Business Profile. This allows you to keep up-to-date contact information and receive online reviews from past clients.

By utilizing all four of these off-page optimization tactics, you can help to ensure that search engines like Google don't overlook your website. Rather, they will see that you're a legitimate plumbing business and allow your website to show up at the top of their results pages for industry-related keywords.

SEO Strategy Experts For Plumbing Companies

As you've likely discovered, there's a lot of energy and work that goes into creating the best optimization strategy for your business. If you're already feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of implementing this strategy, you're not alone. Many businesses rely on the experts at Triton Commerce to handle their digital marketing strategies.

Our team of highly experienced optimization specialists has the custom solutions that your business needs to enhance its website ranking and generate more leads. Contact us today to get access to your free copy of our Digital Marketing Plan, where you can learn all about our strategies for enhancing your business's online reputation and expanding your client base.

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