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SEO For Plumbers - Do you need it?

As a plumber, you wouldn't just run cold water lines throughout a home. Homeowners need both hot and cold water to enjoy their home to its fullest.

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, search engine optimization tactics are equivalent to adding those hot water lines. They help to complete a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that can solidify quality leads for your business for many years to come.

While you may have heard the term search engine optimization, or SEO before, you may not be overly familiar with it. In fact, most plumbers aren't, as search engine optimization is a fairly new online marketing tactic. As you learn more about it, you'll come to realize just how imperative it is for your business to partake in.

Search engine optimization provides so many benefits for business owners who utilize it correctly. These include:

  • Qualified leads through organic search results
  • Boosted website rankings in search results
  • Instant industry credibility and brand awareness
  • Higher lead conversation rates
  • Excellent long-term return on investment

The simple fact is that proper search engine optimization strategies can assist your plumbing website in getting to the top of the search engine results for plumbing-related searches.

For example, a user who searches for "plumbers near me" will likely contact the first plumbing company to appear in the search results. If that's not you, it's your competitor who gets their business.

You can no longer afford to sit by idly while your competitors steal the many qualified leads that search engines like Google provide. It's time to get search engine optimization tactics added to your digital marketing strategy.

First Page Is All That Matters!

If you're not convinced just yet that search engine optimization is essential for your plumbing business in 2022, get ready to be blown away! With the three simple statistics listed below, you can easily see just how big of a difference your website's ranking is in your ability to generate quality leads from search engines like Google.

  • Over 99 percent of Google users won't click past the first page of results.
  • The top ranking website on Google organic search results has a click-thru rate of over 31 percent.
  • Moving up one spot in the search engine results translates to an average of over a 30 percent increase in your click-thru rate.

If your business's website is not on the first page of the organic search results for plumbing-related terms, you're not getting quality leads from Google. This is a big problem because the world that you live in relies on search engines like Google to find companies that offer the plumbing services that you provide.

With the first result getting 31 percent of the overall traffic from any given search, it becomes clear that ranking does matter. Just getting your business's website ranked on the first page is not enough! Your website needs to be in that top position to set your business up for gaining the most qualified leads possible.

Quality Leads Like No Other

No longer are people asking for referrals or looking in the phonebook. They're turning on their smartphone and searching Google for the plumbing services that they need. If your business isn't in that first position, you're losing a lot of qualified leads that could turn into your long-term clients. Even worse, your competitor that is sitting in that top spot is taking in all those quality leads and growing their business because of it.

Employing search engine optimization strategies provides the unique ability to connect with an audience who is ready to contact you for your plumbing services.

Afterall, typically when someone is searching for "plumbers near me", they're ready to contact a local plumber -- yesterday! All you need to do is get your website in front of them. That's completely possible to do with the right SEO strategy employed by our professionals. Without implementing this customer-getting strategy, all of those potential clients don't even realize you exist.

Your website needs to be on the top of that first page for people to know that your business offers plumbing services in your area!

Better User Experience

Ensuring that visitors on your website have a pleasant experience is necessary to ensure that they contact you for plumbing services. Paying attention to website aspects like navigation, posting quality content, having quick load times, and overall great general functionality of your site all play a role in each user's experience.

While it's crucial to provide a great experience for your website visitors, it's become even more important for your ability to rank high in the search engine results.

Google knows that keeping people coming back to their search engine all starts with providing them with great organic search results. If Google allows non-user-friendly websites to rank at the top of their organic search results, searchers will be unimpressed. Many will likely move on to using another search engine in the future.

For this reason, Google is very particular in what they require of websites that are positioned at the top of the search results. When your site is optimized correctly with a great UX, Google is more likely to position your website at the top of the search engine results for plumbing-related terms.

User experience is not only crucial for converting your website visitors to paying customers, but it's absolutely imperative to gaining that first-place ranking in the organic search results.

Unrivaled ROI

One unique aspect of search engine optimization is the ability to have real-time analytics and performance reports. With many types of marketing strategies, it can be difficult to pin down the actual increase in customers that the avenue produces.

This leaves you pretty much gambling on different types of marketing strategies and hoping that they work. You can't afford to gamble with your profits. Rather, you need to know exactly how your invested advertising funds are paying off.

With SEO and inbound marketing, you can easily see where visitors to your website came from. This means that you can track how many visitors are actually coming to your website from an organic search. Even more specific, you can see the exact search terms that provided the new traffic to your website. For example, you may find that "toilet repair" and "water heater repair" are some of your biggest entry searches.

This allows you to invest more in marketing for these specific keywords as compared to others. In addition, our marketing professionals can better optimize your business's website to be more optimized and thorough on these topics.

Having this key information can allow you to better hone in your online marketing strategies to cater to more potential clients. You can actually see your return on investment in real-time! This makes it more feasible to invest your hard-earned funds into a marketing budget that you can physically see are working in your favor.

Immediate Credibility And Trust

Two amazing benefits that come from sitting at the top of the organic search results is that customers perceive your business as credible and trustworthy. No longer do you have to work to gain the trust of new clients as you once used to as a plumber.

When people search Google, they believe that the search engine will return only quality businesses. This rules in your favor as you suddenly become an industry leader as a plumber in your area. You'll find that customers are more likely to call your business and book your services without asking many questions about your qualifications.

Specialized SEO Tactics For Your Plumbing Company

Search engine optimization is no longer just another digital marketing option that you can choose to employ. Rather, it's a must-have marketing strategy that will boost your website traffic and provide more qualified leads for your plumbing business.

This is one crucial component that makes the difference between your business surviving or thriving in the plumbing industry!

You know that being at the top of the search engine results for plumbing-related terms is the way to bring in more clients to your business. Every day that goes by where your business's website is not on top is another day that your competitors thrive.

It's time to team up with Triton Commerce to get the customized SEO tactics that your business needs to thrive. Let our qualified team use our years of experience and abundance of resources to enhance your business's online presence by boosting your rankings in the organic search results.

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