4 Ways a Plumbers Website Can Build Trust and Grow Sales


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4 Ways to Improve a Plumbing Website to Grow Sales

Trust is one of those words that is thrown out loosely with no regard. Though it’s a heavily used word, its weight outmatches its usage. Without trust, any relationships are just a superficial husk of empty promises.

When a company or business claims they are “trustworthy” or “dependable,” it should be taken with a grain of salt at first. You will see many businesses flex their dependability, but does it show up when it gets down to it?

The act of really showing your trustworthiness is a job within itself. Is your plumbing company up to the task?

Keeping your plumbing business busy requires you to establish trust within potential customers and assure the satisfaction of previous and current ones. With competition being so stiff in your area, sometimes it can seem impossible to gain the trust of someone who isn’t familiar with your work.

That’s why your website is so, so important!

Keeping an up-to-date, modern website will help your business establish credibility with the internet’s algorithms and, more importantly, potential customers visiting your site that are curious about your services.

As previously mentioned, keeping your website up to date to garner the trust of future customers and grow your sales is a task within itself. However, tasks can look a little less overwhelming as soon as you start.

of customers and grow sales!

1. Responsive Web Design

In today’s day and age, your website is the virtual brick and mortar of your business. It’s almost like your website is a storefront where potential customers can get to know you and your business before deciding to choose you for their next plumbing project.

With business’ websites being so important to stay in business, it’s imperative to create one that is maintained, visually appealing, and easily navigable. Having a slow-loading website in disarray will do more harm than good.

Start by making your website more mobile friendly! The use of mobile devices for internet searches will only continue to increase for the coming decade, so this is a necessary step.

First, compress the photos on your website to allow mobile devices to load your site easier. Next, levy your website’s cache and consider using accelerated mobile pages as your HTML.

Be sure to take into account the aesthetic of your website, as it’s a little more complicated than just picking your favorite colors. When you pick the colors of the website and the font of the text, what does it say about your business and the kind of service it provides? It may seem like a small thing, but it carries much importance when a potential customer visits your website.

Lastly, be sure to make your website easy to navigate and easy to contact you. Be sure to clearly post links to subsequent pages of service as well as your phone number on every page. You want customers to learn what services you provide and an effortless way of contact.

2. Original Content

Content makes the world go around nowadays. It’s almost impossible to look away from content and its grasp on modern society. Sure, “content” has been around since culture, but no in the way it has been in recent years.

Unsurprisingly, content is a great way to increase your website’s credibility with Google’s algorithms and customers!

Content writing is a valuable part of selling your business on the internet. With so much competition in your field, it’s hard to stand out and show that your business is different. Content writing gives customers a chance to personify your business and staff while learning some things about the plumbing industry.

Keeping original content circulating on your website helps Google’s algorithm with the communication of helping it realize your business is legitimate. Additionally, you may help out a reader who may have a minor problem with their plumbing and can fix it themselves. However, they will trust you enough to give you a call when something goes wrong with their plumbing that they can’t fix!

Having an “About Us” page can let potential customers get to know your staff before service is requested. Blogs and other pages on your website are the best way to subtly sprinkle in your unique value propositions to let everyone know what kind of service you really provide.

3. User-Generated Content

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools a business has in spreading the word about its goods or services to the rest of the general public. It’s also a great way to gain the trust of potential customers who may be on the fence about which plumbing service to choose.

Online reviews are today’s most highly used form of word of mouth. While a company can see all the flashy keywords on their website, a customer’s word can be worth its weight in gold. Through testimonials and reviews, a customer can get a first-hand reference of your products and services, making the customer’s decision an easier one.

4. Customer Engagement

Owning a business and increasing sales is by far a passive job. To truly gain success with your plumbing company and its website, you must actively follow up with past, present, and future customers alike.

Reaching out and following up with these customers shows motivation and commitment to your craft and the willingness to always be ready for them when the time arises. When you engage with customers, it keeps you in the back of their minds. When their plumbing requires their service, there will be a better chance of your business going from the back of their mind to the front!

Here are a few ways to keep up with customer engagement:

  • Develop an email marketing campaign
  • Create, maintain, and engage with customers on all social media accounts
  • Produce content regularly in the form of monthly/weekly blogs, posts, and other pages
  • Utilize analytical reporting to see which customer engagement works and which ones don’t

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As mentioned before, optimizing your website to grow sales and gain the trust of customers is a task within itself. We know it’s hard to find time to keep busy with plumbing projects and website optimization.

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