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Website Performance: 4 Key Details to Focus on Each Month

Once you’ve launched a new website for your small business, how do you know if it’s generating any results? In order to really understand the impact of your digital marketing efforts, you need to measure and monitor the performance of your website and other digital advertising.

Email Marketing: How Much Contact is Too Much Contact?

When you’re planning an email marketing campaign, there are many things to keep in mind. You’ll want to come up with creative copy, and eye-catching designs, and make sure your campaigns are relevant and interesting enough to keep your subscribers engaged.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Be Using Video Ads for Your Small Business

Have you considered using video for your small business’s marketing? Video is a creative and highly-effective way for businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers online. If you’re trying to decide if video advertising is the right fit for your business, here are a few benefits to keep in mind.

Why You Should Avoid Searching for Your Own Ads

If your business is running campaigns on Google AdWords, you may find yourself wondering what your ads look like, or whether they are even showing for your targeted keywords. Whether you’re concerned about your campaign performance, or just curious, you may be tempted to Google your own ads. Many advertisers assume that as long as they don’t click on their ads, there will be no impact on their campaigns. However, there are many reasons why you should avoid searching for your own ads.

3 Ways to Generate Leads with Content Marketing

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective way to not just capture new leads, but also reach higher quality leads. In order to get the most from your content marketing, you need to have clear goals and a strategy designed to help you reach them. Here are just a few ways you can use content marketing to generate leads for your business:

5 Ways User Experience Improves Your Conversion Rate

Your website’s user experience can have a major impact on your conversion rates. When you create a quality experience for your website visitors, your efforts are often rewarded with a higher conversion rate. While there are many different factors and features that will shape the user experience, here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind:

SEO 101: For Beginners and Beyond

Chances are, you’ve already heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and know it can be beneficial to your business. However, SEO involves more than just using plenty of keywords in your content. Here are some of the basics you should know before you implement an SEO strategy for your business.

4 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Ads

Social media advertising can be a highly effective way to promote your business and connect with new customers, but creating an effective advertising strategy takes time. Investing time, attention, and creativity into your social media ad campaigns will pay off through more clicks, more engagement with your content, and more sales. Here are four ways you can improve your social media ad campaigns.

Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

Even with a small budget, you can make a big impact through content marketing. Content marketing makes it possible for you to reach new customers, build trust and credibility for your business, and increase brand recognition.