Website Performance Reports: The Metrics That Matter To Your Business


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Website Performance Reports: The Metrics That Matter To Your Business

Website Performance Reports: The Metrics That Matter To Your Business

Digital marketing is an important investment for any business. Creating a website, managing a Search Engine Optimization strategy, and launching digital ad campaigns can help your business attract more customers. However, in order to truly understand the impact your Digital Marketing strategy has on your business, it’s crucial to measure and monitor your performance.

As a complement to our range of comprehensive digital marketing solutions, we provide monthly website performance reports that summarize your results each month. While the contents of your report may vary depending on your specific goals and strategy, they generally include the key information detailed below.

Your Website Traffic

The ultimate goal of any digital marketing strategy is to reach the right audience. By analyzing your website traffic, you can get a better sense of whether you’re connecting with people who are interested in your products and services. Your monthly website performance reports will include a breakdown of:

  • Performance By Channel. Our reports show a breakdown of your traffic based on how they arrived on your site (such as through organic search, paid search, or social media), so you can better understand which channels are driving the most revenue for your business. In a glance, you can easily see where the majority of your traffic and leads are coming from and review other key performance metrics.
  • Performance By Landing Page. Beyond seeing how each specific channel is performing, you can also see how specific website content is performing. Your reports will include performance metrics for your top landing pages so you can see a breakdown of visitor behavior based on which specific page they arrived on.

Your Performance Goals

To truly understand how your digital marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line, it’s essential to use goal tracking. With goal tracking, you can easily measure how many times a user takes a specific, valuable action on your website. Goals can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and may be used to measure actions such as phone calls, submitted contact forms, or online purchases.

  • Goal Completions. The “goal completions” portion of your report will show you the total number of goals that users completed during the timeframe of the report. If you have multiple goals set up (for example, you may have separate goals for someone calling you using the number on your site, filling out your contact form, and scheduling a consultation), they will all be included in this total.
  • Goal Conversion Rate. Your conversion rate will show you the total percentage of users who completed one of your goals. Typical goal conversion rates will vary depending on industry, and may shift seasonally.

Your Paid Campaign Performance

While you can see an overview of your paid campaign performance in the channels section, each of your reports will also include a more specific breakdown of your paid campaign results. Your paid campaign reporting includes key metrics such as:

  • Impressions, Clicks, and Click-Through Rate. These three metrics will tell you how many times in total that your ads were seen (impressions), how many times a user clicked on your ad to visit your site (clicks), and what overall percentage of people who saw your ad ended up clicking on it (click-through-rate). This data can give you a better idea of how many people you are reaching, and how well your ad content is resonating with them.
  • Conversions and Conversion Rate. Your reports will also show you how many conversions resulted from your campaigns. Typically, your conversions will be the same actions as your goals, such as a phone call or contact form fill-out, but can include other valuable behaviors based on your specific campaign goals. The conversion rate metric shows how many people who clicked on your ad ended up converting.
  • Campaign Overview. You may have multiple campaigns running at the same time, each promoting different products or services. Each of your reports will include a performance overview for each of your campaigns, showing key metrics at the campaign level.

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