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How Search Engines Examine Links

When search engines crawl your site to determine your ranking, their ultimate goal is to determine just how relevant your content is to their users. It’s in the search engine’s best interest to provide their users with results that are highly-relevant to their search terms. If a website provides relevant, unique content that other sites are willing to link back to, search engines are more likely to see that as a quality, trustworthy site.

Search engines pay close attention to how many other sites link back to yours, but they take note of more than just the quantity of links. The quality of the sites that link to you are of great importance. Rather than focus on collecting as many links as possible, our team works to build quality, relevant links that improve your SEO and drive quality traffic to your site.

Search engines want to see links that provide users with a better experience. Acquiring irrelevant or even spammy links to your site will not only hurt the overall quality of your content, but it will have a negative impact on your SEO.

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Reaching New Audiences Through Link Building

The right link building strategy can do more than just improve your search ranking. As part of a complete content marketing strategy, link building can help you drive qualified traffic to your website. Visitors of sites that link to yours will discover your business, and potentially click through to your website. We pair link building and content marketing for an effective strategy that helps increase your search visibility as well as your brand exposure.

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