PPC Stats Every Business Owner Should Know


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PPC Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a fundamental aspect of online advertising that enables businesses to reach target audiences effectively. Most of us click on these ads at least once a week!

The concept behind PPC is relatively straightforward: Advertisers bid on relevant keywords or target specific demographics and only pay when their ad is clicked. This model allows businesses to maximize advertising budgets by paying for tangible results, such as website visits, lead generation, or sales conversions. 

In a digital landscape dominated by fierce competition, paid advertisements offer a strategic approach to promoting products or services on search engines, social media platforms, and other online channels. By harnessing the power of PPC, companies can enhance online visibility, engage with potential customers, and ultimately drive measurable success in the highly competitive world of digital marketing.

If you’re a business owner, you should get familiar with PPC!

Do Small Businesses Need PPC?

Short answer: Yes. 

Paid advertising offers targeted reach, allowing businesses to reach their ideal audience and maximize their marketing budget by focusing on those most likely to convert. Digital ads also provide immediate visibility, allowing companies to generate brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites quickly. 

Additionally, PPC offers cost control and flexibility, allowing businesses to set their budgets and adjust their campaigns as needed. By incorporating paid advertising into their digital marketing strategy, small businesses can effectively compete in the online marketplace and achieve their growth objectives. 

A lot of nuance surrounds building a paid campaign that best fits your business objectives and your audience. While the world of PPC can be daunting, the statistics speak for themselves – it’s worth investing in. Paid strategies have become imperative to compete with online marketing competition. 

10 Shocking PPC Statistics

1. 36% of small to mid-sized businesses have yet to invest in PPC campaigns (WebFX)

2. Retargeting ads for products are successful with 70% of consumers (TechJury)

3. Over 90% of global search is controlled by Google (TechJury)

4. Google drives up to 95% of paid ad clicks on mobile devices (WebFX)

5. 75% of consumers state that paid ads make it easier to find what they’re searching for (WebFX)

6. Customers are 155% more likely to search for branded terms when exposed to display ads (TechJury)

7. Facebook ads have a conversion rate of over 9%, making it the platform with the highest conversion rate (TechJury)

8. People are four times more likely to click on a Google ad than an ad on any other platform (Clutch

9. Paid advertising has a 200% ROI (Small Biz Genius)

10. Over 50% of PPC clicks are from mobile devices (99 Firms)

Launch a Successful Paid Campaign With Team Triton

Help your company become another positive paid ads statistic by investing in a PPC campaign with your digital marketing experts at Triton Commerce. Our professionals are well-versed in various strategies and options that best suit your company’s needs. 

To learn more about how paid advertising can behoove your business, give us a call at 651-321-0587.

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