Google Ad Differences - keyword Search Ads VS Display Ads


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Google Search Ads vs Display Ads

Google ads play an instrumental role in developing a killer digital marketing strategy. However, navigating how to get the best bang for your buck can be tricky. Luckily for you, our in-house Paid Ad Campaign Specialist, Jerhad, has the in-depth knowledge needed to create a successful strategy for your business.

What's Better: Search Ads or Display Ads?

While Google Ads, such as search ads and Google display ads work well when used together, not every company might be in a position to accommodate that approach (yet). The good news is that both will generate results; it just depends on what you're looking for out of your investment. Here's some information that can help you choose the best ad strategy for your business.

Google Search Ads

As you might've guessed, Google search ads appear based on people's search engine results, or specifically what they happen to type into a search engine’s search bar. To help ensure that their products or services are returned whenever a search is performed, ad experts will bid on a list of keywords relevant to their service or product. That way, whenever a user types those keywords or key phrases into Google, their search ad will hopefully show up as a top result.

Executing a search ad campaign with Google will generally provide faster results and more qualified leads because you’re targeting potential clients who are actively searching for what you have to offer. Google search ads use a pay-per-click model, meaning your business only pays when someone clicks on your ad, which tends to be the pricier of these two paid campaign options.

Google Display Ads

Meanwhile, Google display ads are slower to show results but tend to drive more traffic to your website than Google search ads. Display ad campaigns appear in the banner or image space on a website sold to advertisers.

Google display ads target people who have searched for your product or service in the past. For example, if an individual recently has been looking into new siding, at a later point throughout the day, week, and even month, they might later see display ads for a siding contractor. This method is excellent for increasing brand exposure and increased sales as more people are likely to see your display ad as opposed to a search ad, and return to your website to close the deal.

In the end, both Google search and display ads allow you to target people who might benefit from the goods and services your business has to offer. If you're still unsure as to which paid ad campaign will best fit your company's goals and needs, but you know your digital marketing efforts could benefit from an ads strategy, it’s time to talk to the experts.

Build a Successful Google Ad Strategy with Triton Commerce

We get it,it can feel like there's rarely a clear answer to the "search ads vs. display ads" debate. That’s where we come in! Our paid marketing specialists know the ins and outs of Google paid ad campaigns and can create a strategy that best aligns with your company's goals. If you're interested in learning more about what Triton Commerce can do for you, contact us today.

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