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4 Tips for Paid Ads on Social Media

Right now, at this very moment, people that fall into the category of your target audience are scrolling through their social media feeds. Customer service rants from Aunt Edna, fishing photos from Uncle Bob, cute puppies, choreographed dances; Whatever you typically find out in the realms of social media land, they’re consuming it.

One thing they could also be consuming amidst the whirlwind of content? Your company’s advertisements! Paid social is one of the easiest ways to get your brand and business right in front of the people who actively search online for the products or services you provide.

Combined with a long-term search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, investing in an ad campaign across social media platforms can help boost immediate lead-generating results while serving as a proper introduction to your preferred demographics. Research shows that online ads can generate around 200% return on investment (ROI) while increasing brand awareness by upwards of 80%!

But it takes more than simply paying for a few ads to float around Facebook to truly nail your social media ad campaign. So what are the best ways to go about generating more leads via paid social advertising?

Here are four essential tips for optimizing your Paid Ads on social media platforms.

1. Define Your Digital Marketing Goals

Every digital marketing plan essentially has the same goal, right? Make more money! But it’s also important to be specific about what digital marketing goals you want to accomplish with your social ad campaigns. There are many options to optimize your ads to address the objectives you want to focus on.

These paid advertising objectives can include:

  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Generating or converting leads
  • Encouraging customer engagement
  • Promoting specific products or services

Much of what goes into defining your digital marketing goals depends on which stage or phase your business is currently at. If you’re brand new, perhaps launching a paid social campaign to boost brand awareness in your local community is an appropriate launching point to help your target audience get more acquainted with your business. If you already have an established customer base but simply want to inform and educate them on exciting news about your company, you can tailor your advertisements to specifically focus on singular events, services, or products.

The more you can narrow down your advertising goals, the more clarity you’ll have for the design, content, and distribution of your paid advertisements.

2. Establish Your Target Audience

The next question you need to ask yourself before kicking off your social Paid Ad Campaign is: “Who is this ad for?” Advertising across social media platforms gives you so much control over the demographics you want to market your business toward, including age, gender, income, marital status, interests, and education level. You can cater your ads to all of these demographics and more through your ads, allowing you to zero in on the people most likely to connect and take action with your business.

The social media channels you choose to advertise with also play a pivotal role in marketing your business to your target audience. Trying to advertise your products toward retired married couples? Facebook is your best bet. Want to increase your engagement with millennial audiences? You should probably focus your advertising on Instagram over Pinterest.

Tailoring the content of your paid ads to the demographics that account for the majority of social media usage in specific platforms is key to ensuring you’re not wasting money advertising toward irrelevant audiences.

3. Emphasize Quality, Original Content

Alright, so you’ve established your target audience and defined your digital marketing goals. Now it’s time to launch some paid ads and see what happens, right?

Sorry, but it’s not that simple! As with all forms of advertising, creating relevant and high-quality content accompanied by stunning, original design is essential to making consumers feel compelled to engage with your business. You need to cater your content to align with your target audience’s interests and needs. That means injecting the tone or message these demographics can best relate to.

On the graphic design end of your ad, resorting to stale stock imagery will only raise eyebrows with those who scroll upon your ad. Be sure all the visual elements of your paid ads reinforce your brand, from the colors, photography, logos, etc. Through sleek design and original, compelling copy, you can create content that will make your social ad campaign stand out amidst the endless scroll.

You can also check out some of the more emerging styles of social paid ads for inspiration!

4. Obey the Analytics

The best part about social paid ad campaigns? The complete arsenal of data and analytics you have at your disposal to know what’s proving successful or what needs improvement with each of your paid advertisements.

Website traffic, lead conversion ratios, engagement levels, click-through rates; all of these performance analytics and more can guide you to make more informed decisions about every aspect of your social paid ad campaigns. Obeying these analytics will only help you better optimize the content, design, and distribution of your paid ads and do wonders for increasing your ROI in the long run.

Need Help With Your Paid Social Ad Campaign?

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