The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy for Home Remodelers


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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy for Home Remodelers

Social media has become a foundation in our society, not only for sharing experiences but also for discovering new companies, products, and services. As a small business owner, you might be wondering how social media can work toward an efficient digital marketing strategy for your home remodeling company.

Many who work in the home remodeling industry feel they are too busy to worry about things like hashtags about new kitchen counters or a selfie with a bathroom remodel. Still, there are fundamental ways a business can successfully utilize platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

There are also reasons why so many companies do not take advantage of the “free” advertising social media provides – and why some fail.

To begin with, if you don't perceive social media as an advertising option, you will conclude that it's not worth investing your time in. But even if you understand the power of social media for your home remodeling business, it can be confusing what kind of content you need to place there. Simply put, having a presence on a digital platform requires connecting and finding your audience.

Considering that 70% of the U.S. uses social media for up to 145 minutes per day, it’s easy to see why your business misses out on home remodeling customers and leads by not taking advantage of these platforms. With all the opportunities to increase your brand awareness and start building a following, it’s worth finding the time to create virtual relationships with old and new customers online.

If you want to learn how to stand out from the competition and begin attracting new leads to your brand, it’s time to start creating a social media strategy to dominate your home remodeling competitors!

Perfection in a Profile

It is essential to flesh out your home remodeling website, and the same can be said for any online profiles you might have. Taking the time to optimize your social media profiles helps create a cohesive user experience that's easy for the consumer – and Google – to navigate.

Optimizing your social media profiles offers many benefits, such as:

  • Increases the number of people accessing and engaging in your content
  • Helps you gain more likes, shares, and clicks
  • Offers insight to determine your return on investment with analytics
  • Drives traffic to your home remodeling website

Having updated, detailed social media profiles boosts your business by providing visitors with an engaging experience and easy access to information about your home remodeling services.

Here are some tips to optimize your profiles:

Cohesive Branding

It should be easy to identify your home remodeling brand on all of your social media pages, because each platform should match the aesthetic of your website. From your company logo and tagline to colors and graphics, thoughtful, cohesive branding must be incorporated into a successful social strategy.

Professional Quality Media

Copy-pasting images or uploaded pixelated video clips will quickly make your company look unprofessional. Make sure your images are sized correctly for each social platform, and consider having some company photos taken professionally.

Simple, Engaging Copy

Any information in your social media bio should be detailed but also easy to understand. Offer updates about your business and contact information, but keep in mind that you really want the user to go to your home remodeling website to learn more.

Calls to Action

Potential customers need clear instructions on how to connect with you and schedule an appointment if they like your information. Incorporating persuasive calls to action combined with links back to your website will encourage leads to contact you outside of social media.

Captivating Content

After your profile is set up and ready, you will need to create a plan to publish captivating and engaging content on a regular basis.

One of the biggest mistakes brands make on social media is posting content that has no substance, so consider why you are posting and what types of content make the most sense for your brand, audience, and goals.

Here are some quick content ideas:

  • Q&A interviews with your team “How to” video tutorials
  • Before and after photos and video
  • User engagement such as offers or discounts
  • Highlights of volunteering or community involvement

There are multiple options on what type of content you may want to share with your followers to help you establish your brand and grow your presence online.

Targeting Made Simple

Once you’ve streamlined your social profiles and you’re starting to produce engaging, original content, it’s time to make sure that content reaches the right people by putting a little money behind it.

It doesn't matter what your primary platform is – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn – paid ads can help you target the local audience most likely to be interested in your services.

There are multiple advantages for paid advertising, such as:

  • Pinpointing specific audiences
  • Tracking results to manage the campaign
  • Increasing your social media following and website traffic
  • Getting higher clickthrough rates to spread awareness about your home remodeling company
  • Reconnecting with previous visitors to your website

From boosting the content you’re posting to Facebook and creating custom landing pages to refining your audience based on specific topics and keywords, different types of paid social media can help you find more success online.

Managing Your Audience

The last thing you will want to consider to build your online community and create leads is to learn to manage your audience. You will need to ensure you respond to comments and messages quickly and professionally, and share engaging content regularly.

Failing to do these things can quickly frustrate any audience you manage to build and prevent you from reaching your goals. You want your leads and customers to feel connected to your brand, to openly express their experiences, and to know that you will respond in a professional manner – authentically.

Not responding comes off as unprofessional, and new viewers will be hesitant to engage with your profile. The more you can learn to understand and maintain your profile, the easier and quicker you will build up your network online and establish your home remodeling company's online presence.

Let’s Create a Social Media Strategy That Works for You

If you're a home remodeling company with a packed schedule, trying to implement these necessary social strategies can feel overwhelming. You might not have the time and energy to manage your business AND all the aspects of social media management, which is why Triton Commerce offers such services.

There's a science to applying the right marketing strategies for home remodeling businesses, and we specialize in customizing a plan for your company. Our marketing experts are ready to generate more leads for your company, so contact us today to get your free Digital Marketing Plan!

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