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The Ultimate SEO Strategy for Home Remodelers

It was not that long ago when Yellow Pages was a regular reference point for finding a home remodeling business to meet your needs, and even then, you had to hope that the person you were hiring was qualified.

Google has offered more than just ease – it has created a place that can answer almost any question you might have, from “Who sang that song?” to “What’s the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies?”

There’s no denying that Google has become a standard reference for everyday people, including your customers. With over 3.5 billion searches conducted that include the words “near me,” the usage has almost doubled recently.

How does this help your home remodeling business out of the thousands of other companies? Three simple letters: SEO.

Most owners have heard these words and understand how important it is to implement them into their website to create a strategy that gets results through digital marketing. It is also understanding what Google requires in a home remodeling website that will help grow its online presence organically to be successful.

But like any other skill, learning to become proficient at SEO placement can take some time. If you want to climb in the rankings and stand out from your competition as more trustworthy and sought after, keep reading!

Start With an SEO Audit

The first thing you need to do is assess your current SEO efforts to determine what’s benefitting your website and what is not optimized.

Here are some primary reasons you need to do the SEO assessment:

  • Look for internal 40 fours, dead or broken links, and any website errors
  • Check Google's current algorithm and see if your content is in alignment with it
  • Check meta descriptions, headings, and title tags for keyword utilization
  • Make sure your website is relevant and current
  • Check for issues such as more than one URL displaying similar content

A beneficial assessment tool is called a website crawl. The service that provides this will analyze your content like a search engine, let you know how your strategies are working, and provide feedback with insight or data in areas that need improvement.

Dive Deep Into Keyword Research

After completing the assessment and understanding what is missing from your home remodeling website, start researching the keywords that best target your ideal customers. Resources like Google Search Console or Keyword Planner can help you assess analytic metrics and traffic data, highlighting keywords and relevant search inquiries people are using when looking for home remodelers like you.

Once you understand what keywords are successful in the home remodeling business, you can start applying them to your content, including the title tags, meta descriptions, blog articles, etc.

Here are examples of ways to use keywords on your page title:

  • Home Remodeling Contractor in Chicago
  • Chicago Home Remodeler You Can Count On
  • Improve Your Chicago Home With a Sleek Remodel
  • Quality and Professional Home Remodeling in Chicago

The idea is to use targeted keywords and apply them to the content of your home remodeling website, so it shows up on Google searches more frequently.

Create Optimized, Engaging Content

Targeting keywords onto your website is not the only thing that will appease Google's algorithms; The other factor is having content that is original, concise, and engaging.

A common issue businesses make is creating content, but it doesn't translate to helping their organic rankings. So what this looks like is adding in content that isn't direct, original, and to the point.

Suppose you look at content as the outline of a story and create the overall narrative. The keyword metrics and SEO, however, would be the table of contents.

Your website's page content needs to have the personality, message, tone, and information you want your customers to receive. Once you have gone through those, it will be easier to add shareable information like blog articles, video tutorials, or anything that could be seen as intriguing or relevant. This step will help increase the online presence and searchability of your home remodeling website.

Off-Page Optimization

Some of the most significant factors that helped create an SEO strategy successfully have to do with the off-page tactics. They work to help your website increase its online visibility and make it more appealing to Google's algorithms.

Here are some essential components that go into off-page optimization:

Google My Business Profile

This is a vital resource because it allows you to streamline and display online reviews, contact information, and other important details about your business. It will also help make it easier for your company to be found online and show up in home remodeling searches in your area.


When other credible websites link to yours, that signals a good reputation with Google and potential customers alike. You can earn backlinks from your business partners, local media, or even clients who have personal blogs. It takes time to foster backlinks, of course, but they are worth the effort!

Internal Links

Creating links within your website from page to page can help create a more user-friendly experience with straightforward navigation to the services they need.


You want your company's name and the contact information to show up on websites and local directories. This not only helps your rankings but shows your credibility and increases visibility.

It can take time to cover all the bases and off-page optimization. Still, it is one of the essential resources for a successful SEO strategy to get your home remodeling company noticed.

Triton Commerce: SEO Specialists for Home Remodeling Companies

It takes time, commitment, and investment to do a successful remodel on a home. This is no different from creating an SEO strategy that will help your home remodeling company be successful.

Triton Commerce is trained explicitly in SEO strategies and is equipped to provide your home remodeling business with solutions that can help generate more leads and improve your website functionality. If you need a streamlined SEO solution for your home remodeling company, contact us for your free Digital Marketing Plan!

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